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Why You Should Always Build your Own PC

There are so many options for gaming out there, from laptops to consoles to mobile phones. But for those who are really keen on getting into video games, the best option hands down is to build your own gaming PC from scratch! Here are our top three reasons why.

Total Control

Easily one of the biggest reasons why building your own PC is the best choice is that you have total control over all the elements. You’re selecting everything yourself, from hard drives (like these on Lenovo.com), to graphics cards with the latest specs. You can weigh up your options between price, cost, flexibility, and anything else that’s important to you, so you can choose the right piece.

Not only this, but you can also adjust and swap these parts over time. As you’ve built the PC yourself, it’s not difficult to dip back into it and replace parts without worrying about not understanding the build or model (and damaging an expensive computer). Not only can you optimize your PC for your own needs, but you can keep it optimized over a long period of time.

Cheaper than Pre-Built

Building your own PC also usually ends up a lot cheaper than if you were to buy a pre-built PC. This is because you can quickly remove the costs of labor and things like that involved in putting it together. You’ll also find that you can source each individual part much cheaper too though, especially if you search around for the best price or use second-hand parts.

The fact that you can adjust the computer as you go and make improvements is also a positive here for price. Taking the time to figure out which part is at fault means you can simply buy a new part and replace it, and save a lot of money paying for repairs (or worse, buying a whole new PC!). Considering most parts won’t cost you a lot, this is a much cheaper way of obtaining a PC that will also last over time for relatively cheap maintenance.


Another reason why building your own PC is a great idea is that it’s also a lot of fun! It’s easy to forget that one of the biggest draws is that you can learn new skills and have fun experimenting and building something that is completely yours. It’s an incredibly satisfying process, and the time and effort is more than worth it.

You can also learn plenty of new skills building a PC too. You can learn the ins and outs of electronics and the use and benefits of each part of a PC, helping you better understand how it works and affects your performance. You can also, if interested, get down right to the circuit level, and you can improve your problem-solving skills by figuring out why something may not work properly.

Building your own PC comes with challenges but there are so many reasons why it’s something you should try, whether that’s to save money, gain more control, or simply have fun!

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