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The Quick Look at What the Logo Design Process Actually Looks Like

Have you ever wondered how the biggest brands create the most prolific logos? Here’s a look at what the logo design process actually looks like in practice.

We all recognize just how invaluable logos are to successful businesses.

A logo can be anything, but making the perfect logo for your business that speaks to your customers is no easy task.

If you have ever wondered what exactly goes into the logo design process, look no further, because we are breaking down what it means to develop the perfect logo, and how you can get your own.

How Logo Design Development Works
Logo Design Development: Start to Finish

Logo Design Development: Start to Finish

For the purpose of this exercise, we are breaking it down into 7 steps that a logo designer would go through in order to deliver the best results for your business. From discovery right through to delivery.

1. Discovery

The vital first step is to explore the business and dig deep into its goals, products, mission, and identity.

A logo should be an accurate representation of the business and its identity. This can also be referred to as brand evaluation as some aspects of the discovery stage may open a business’s eyes to new sides of itself.

2. Research

Looking into the competition can be just as important as looking at the individual business.

If you are a company that sells shoes, you need to make sure you stand out amongst other brands, but also that you fit into that category at a glance.

3. Brainstorm

At this stage, a logo designer should be brimming with ideas and it is time to put that all on paper, or at least record it somewhere.

Write down everything you know about your company and product, write down everything you know about your customers and write down everything you want your brand to be recognized for or say.

4. Sketch

Then we create the all-important rough drafts.

Physically drawing out these ideas may help you to see new ways to display the image and get your message across.

Invest a decent amount of time playing around with several different ideas and really trying to flesh them out.

5. Design

With the above steps completed, a clear idea and shape should exist.

Take some of the best sketches from the previous step and develop them into a more refined image to see how it works and fits in with the message and brand marketing.

6. Present

Now it is time to present the initial design or designs and get some feedback.

Share it with the people in charge, or with others who have some design experience.

Is there anything that can be made simpler? Does it deliver the message you were aiming for?

7. Deliver

Feedback is taken into account and edits are made, your logo is done. Great work!

Alternative Options

The above is the best way to create the ideal results, but if you don’t have the time, money, or talent to produce a high-quality logo, there are other options for you.

A logo generator is a great way to build a logo from scratch with minimal skill in the fastest time.

If you have a lot of killer content and you want to get your brand going as fast as possible, sometimes it is better to have something like your logo done, than it is to have it perfect.

You can make changes later, but you can’t start any earlier than now.

Logo Design Process Made Easy

Designing a logo isn’t hard, but there is a lot of time and energy that goes into the logo design process. Follow the above steps to do it right for your business.

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