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What Is A Flexi-desk and What Are Its Benefits That You Should Know About

Dubai is one of the world’s business hubs. In order to foster the development and creation of more local businesses, Dubai offers special economic zones called free-trade zones, which grant tax concessions and customs duty benefits to entrepreneurs. In these free zones, there are publicly available business facilities. In order to access these facilities, one must sign up for a Flexi-desk package.

This post will explore what Flexi-desks are, in addition to explaining what all of the benefits of signing up for it are.


The Flexi-desk system is relatively straightforward. It is essentially just a facility that gives you somewhere to run your business. You are given access to a desk and a chair, in a large office building. The Flexi-desk Dubai scheme also offers you residency visas for employees, on-site business facilities, and high-speed Wi-Fi. You aren’t given a private office or a cubicle, however, which means that you have to share with other businesses. The Flexi-desk initiative is starting to take off all around the world, under other names. Since more and more people are working remotely or starting their own businesses, these facilities are popping up so that they have somewhere to work. Working from one’s home can be very distracting and isn’t suited to everybody. A Flexi-desk gives you somewhere to base your business, without having to rent a large office space or a store.

Business Facilities

One of the benefits you can expect to derive from Flexi-desks is the additional facilities that one is given access to upon signing up for a Flexi-desk. When you rent an office, you don’t just have to pay for the office itself, you also have to pay for Wi-Fi, parking, security, and other things. When you rent a Flexi-desk, all of this is covered. You don’t have to pay for anything other than the Flexi-desk package itself, which allows you to get more for your money.


When you are starting a new business, it’s always good to have a workstation, where you and your team can sit down, talk, and work. Unless you own property in Dubai, it’s very unlikely that you will have anywhere to do this. Most cafés and restaurants won’t allow you to conduct business meetings there. When you apply for a Flexi-desk, you are given somewhere for you to sit down, work, and have meetings. A workstation is essential if you want to be able to concentrate and focus on the work that needs to be done.



In addition to business facilities and a workstation, many Flexi-desk facilities will also give you access to videoconference rooms, where you can hold meetings. These same rooms can also be used for physical meetings. Businesses that don’t have workstations and entrepreneurs that work from home often run into problems when they are trying to meet with new people because they have nowhere that’s professional in appearance to take them. A Flexi-desk meeting room gives you somewhere to take people that makes your business look professional. These rooms also aid in concentration and focus. Meetings in restaurants and bars can be very distracting.


Starting a business isn’t cheap. As mentioned in a previous section, when you rent an office, you also have to pay for things like Wi-Fi and parking. You don’t have to do any of this when you rent a Flexi-desk. In addition to saving money on parking and additional necessities, you are also able to save a fortune on rent. The cost of a Flexi-desk is nothing compared to the cost of an actual office in Dubai. This means that you are able to still get a professional workspace, without having to spend a fortune, which you would on an office.


When you work from a Flexi-desk space, you are going to be surrounded by other people doing the same thing. This makes it possible for you to network and meet new people in Dubai’s business community. Networking is absolutely essential. If you want a successful business, then you too will need to network. By networking with other business people from Dubai, you are able to forge industry connections, make new clients, and find suppliers. You can even find people to collaborate with projects on. You do need to make sure that you don’t intrude on people’s personal space in Flexi-desk facilities though. People go to them to work remember, not just to network.

If you want somewhere professional to base yourself in Dubai, then a Flexi-desk space is definitely worth considering. The benefits of Flexi-desk spaces are many. The most prominent of these benefits is the fact that Flexi-desks help you to save money.

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