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What Are the Factors That Impact the Rent of a Car in Dubai?

Dubai is the most beautiful place to spend the vacations or to work. Driving in Dubai’s heavy traffic might put you in a bad mood as the emirate remains congested, particularly during peak hours. For starters, finding an affordable car is a task in itself.

You can find luxury cars in Dubai easily, but not every option meets your budget. Even you may come across “rent a car in Abu Dhabi” advertisements. But, this may not always be the case.

To make things easy for you, we are sharing some essential factors that affect the cost of renting a car in Dubai:

Factors that affect the car rental in Dubai

Getting a low-cost car rental in Dubai is becoming increasingly important, as there are various occasions when you want one. Whether you go to Dubai for a visit, honeymoon, or business, you need to satisfy a few basic requirements to rent a car, and the vehicle will be yours for a fixed period. However, the cost of hiring a car in Dubai is influenced by many factors. The following are some examples:

The age of the car

One of the most important aspects that can impact the price of a rental car is its age, which implies that renting an older model will cost you less money. This is dependent on the car’s model and when it was acquired. The new model will cost more than the older model of the car.

The car’s model

A huge factor in renting a car is the type of car. The rental car rates are also influenced by the car’s model, version, and color. Compared to a luxury or SUV vehicle, a small car will cost less. Choosing an appropriate car size for your needs is essential to saving money. A luxury car will cost you more compared to a standard vehicle.

Fuel consumption and the engine type

Another significant aspect determining rental car rates is the type of engine used in the vehicle and the amount of fuel consumed. If the car uses less power than comparable cars, it will cost more because it will save you money on gas. However, at this point, you need to make a wise decision on which car you want.

Rent duration

Renting a car for a short time will cost you less than renting a car for a long time. It is wise to rent a car at the airport to avoid any unpleasant experience on your visit. Renting a car for the long term can help you bargain the price. But if you rent a car for days, it will be costly.

Different companies

With the growth of rental automobile services in recent years, several companies now provide this service. There may be opportunities to lower rental vehicle pricing in a specific place to improve their client base. You can find a car rental agency that offers affordable options with a bit of research. However, make sure the agency is well-reputed and credible. You must read reviews and testimonials before opting for them. This may seem a daunting process, but it is worth the hassle. Or you can skip it all and choose One Click Drive. It’s the best car rental agency in the emirate.


The company would charge higher for those cars covered under the insurance or any such facilities. It depends upon the buyer whether he wants to purchase a risk-free car at higher rates or a risk-prone vehicle at lower rates.

Extra services

Any additional services required throughout the car rental procedure are another aspect that influences the pricing. These options include having the car delivered to the customer rather than picking it up from the car rental lot. The price of a car rental with a driver vs. a self-drive option is also affected. Most rental companies charge additional costs for luxury cars; nevertheless, consumers may be required to pay for other services.

A final word

Renting a car gives you the freedom to move anywhere without any discomfort with public transport. Furthermore, rental car agencies provide you with the vehicle you wish for and amenities like free fuel, 24/7 assistance, insurance, and other legal papers for the rented car.

However, the best part is that these companies give you a lot of perks. If you are a tourist, it will provide you with instruction on the country’s norms and regulations and some crash courses to familiarize you with Dubai’s roadways.

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