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What Are Some Advantages Of AirPods?

advantages of airpods

Around 3.5 billion (44.69% of the population) own a Smartphone. After the high trend of smartphones, the next trend in the market is AirPods. Around 85 million AirPods got sold in 2020. That comes to show AirPods are all the rage nowadays.

Whether you own an Android or an iPhone, the thought of buying AirPods has crossed your mind, or you are going to be buying them. The main question that will come to your mind before the whole buying process is:

What are some of the advantages of AirPods?

Some of the Advantages of AirPods include:

  • No wires, no worrying of having to untangle or broken wires.
  • It has a five-hour battery life, and one can get three hours charge using the case in 15 minutes.
  • They offer high-quality audio and can win over the standard headphones any day.
  • They have a sleek, flawless look and comes with a box for easy access for storage and charge at the same time.

Now, these are overall some advantages of using AirPods.

If you own an Android, you would want to know the advantage of using AirPods with Android and the advantages of using AirPods with iPhone. The trend of buying AirPods and using them has been intriguing to everyone. If you are one of them, then you would want to know whether it will work with your android phone – or should you get an iPhone to use AirPods.

Below are some points we discuss to help you make a decision regarding the advantages of using AirPods with Andriod and the advantages of using AirPods with iPhone.

Setting up the AirPods

The main thing is setting your AirPods, whether it is with an iPhone or an Andriod.

When it comes to the advantage of using AirPods with an iPhone, the first and foremost thing is the fact of how easy it is to connect to the Airpods. All you will have to do is open the AirPods case and hold it near your Apple device. The device will detect it, and a popup will appear to connect to the AirPods, and that is it- Magic, isn’t it?

When it comes to connecting to Android, it isn’t as easy. You will have to ensure that Bluetooth is on and press the back button on the case and hold near your device till you see the Airpods on the connected list.

When it comes to setting up both are easy, but the iPhone takes the lead.


One advantage of using Airpods with Android is how the Bluetooth connection means that it will have a wider connectivity distance range when you compare it to the iPhone.

As AirPods is an Apple device, it has an easy switching connection. It means whether you which to use the AirPods with an iPad, iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch, you can easily switch between them because of the Airpods link to the user’s iCloud.

It does not mean that android users can’t use it on their laptops or tablet, they will not have the simple switching, but they can connect to anything with Bluetooth.

Voice Assistant

The voice assistant is one main advantage of using AirPods with iPhone.

Android is limited to listening and talking to talk or such, but iPhones are not. Like with an iPhone, you have easy access to Siri, and one only has to say “Hey Siri”-Siri gets activated. However, when it comes to Google assistant; this feature is not yet available for android users using AirPods.

You can use Google assistant but not as easy as saying, Hey Siri. You will have to turn your phone on and click Google assistant.

Again, using it on an iPhone, one can consider it easier and quicker than an android.

Extra Features

When it comes to iPhones, they have the advantage of using Airpods with many different extra features, like double-tap customization, which allows you to tap for play/pause or to change tracks.

It also has a battery feature that allows you to ask Siri how much charging it has on the Airpod.

Lastly, it has single AirPods use and automatic ear detection, which allows it to pause anything if you remove it from your ear and use only one if needed.

No need to be put off- you’re an Android user-because even you can enjoy a few such features by downloading apps like AirBattery or Assistant Trigger. It can help you set the google assistant much like Siri, with better levels and ear detection features when using it on an Android.

Apple AirPods Alternatives

Yes, Apple AirPods are all the rage, simply because Apple started the trend. However, did you know you can get other company AirPods as well? AirPods from Apple will cost you a lot, and if you’re an android – it will limit your use.

An advantage of using AirPods with Android is not having to buy expensive ones. You can buy any and get many similar functions like the apple one. However, when connecting to other Airpods rather than Apple ones, you will have limited use and access compared to the Apple ones.

So, why buy expensive ones, when you can use other company ones with many similar features?

Advantages of Using AirPods With iPhone

When it comes to the advantages of using Airpods with iPhone, one has to remember that Airpods and iPhone come from the same company- Apple. Apple created Airpods to make it easy for their consumers and ensure others also get interested.

Who would not be interested in buying an iPhone and AirPods to get the ease that comes with it? From talking to Siri – the apple assistant- without having to take your phone out, to using hand gestures to pick the call or change tracks.

Airpods got made for the ease of the iPhone users. Therefore the reason for many smartphone users, whether Apple or not are getting interested in it.

Advantages of Using AirPods with Android

The advantages of using Airpods with android may not be many but there are enough to get people interested. There are overall features like them being wire-free, and easy to travel and store, and the fact that you can charge it using its case.

There are some inbox features that are not there for Androids, but as we mentioned before, you can now download Apps to get the missing features and make the most of the AirPods.

The fact that Android can use an Apple-designed product is the biggest advantage. Now even android users will not have to worry about wires getting tangled or broken. Androids also have the advantage of having a wider connection range.

Android or iPhone – Airpods are for everyone!

Final Words

The important thing that you have to understand that there may be more advantages of using Airpod with an iPhone because Apple is the creator of it- the one who came up with it. So, of course, it will have more features linked to the iPhone to get more consumers and give their consumers with iPhones more reason to buy it- as one only buys something that makes their life easier.

There may not be as many advantages of using an Airpod with an android, but that does not mean you will have to change to the iPhone. You can get alternatives or install apps to give you the extra benefit that you will not get without it.

Whether you use an Android or an iPhone, you have to agree that Airpods can be work buying for its overall features.

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