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Valuable Tips To Care For Your Elderly Parent

Caring for an aging parent is a major responsibility and, of course, an absolute honor. Your parent raised you and devoted their lives to ensure you get everything you need, and now it’s your turn to return the invaluable favor. But even so, it’s not easy to watch a parent gradually become frailer and frailer over time.

But with the right approach and enough insight, caring for your senior parent will be more rewarding than challenging.

So, we’ve compiled this list of valuable tips to help families care for aging loved ones at home.

Make Your Home More Accessible

Accessibility is fundamental when caring for a frail senior. Unfortunately, if your home is not suitable in this regard, your aging parent will be a lot more prone to accidental injuries like slips and falls. Moreover, a seemingly minor fall can lead to severe injuries in seniors.

Falling prevention is critical. With this, you’ll need to modify the bathroom by installing a walk-in bathtub or shower, a raised toilet seat, and grab bars in key points. It’s also wise to add grab bars and railings throughout your home in key areas like hallways and near steps and slopes. In addition to this, add non-slip flooring to the same key areas.

Invest In A Medical Alert System

Beyond fall prevention, it’s also wise to invest in a medical alert system that acts as a guardian angel for your parent by detecting falls and various health conditions like heart attack, stroke, and more. With a medical alert system, help will be dispatched the instant the system detects a concern, so your parent will be watched over 24/7.

Consider Live-In Care

It’s understandable if you don’t have the time to supervise your senior parent every minute of the day; with work and other responsibilities, caring for aging parents can be challenging.

And if you don’t have the available funds for assisted living or a nursing home or don’t want your parent to move away during their last years, live-in care is a suitable solution.

Live-in care is pretty affordable, and a caregiver will help your parent through daily tasks and help them hold onto their independence for as long as possible.

Encourage Independence

As your parent gradually loses the ability to care for themselves, it’s up to you to help them hold onto their independence for as long as possible.

Even if your parent is increasingly frail, encourage them to help out with some easy chores, include your parent in the process of making dinner, and let them do things they want to do.

Regardless of their frailty, there are many ways to help seniors hold onto independence, even in small ways.

Prioritize Health And Wellness

Health checkups, prescription medications, a balanced diet, and some exercise are all crucial for aging adults.

Be sure to prioritize these responsibilities and consider physical therapy when regular exercise routines are no longer suitable.

In addition, it’s also important to keep up to date with your parent’s needs. Attend doctor appointments with your parents to stay in the loop and be aware of changing healthcare needs.

Spend Quality Time With Your Parent

Whether you opt for live-in care or not, it’s essential to still make a point of spending quality time with your parent.

Even if you feel overwhelmed with the seemingly endless list of responsibilities, take some time out of the weekly care schedule to spend time with your parent in a meaningful way. Consider outings like dinner, the movies, or even walks in the park. Bonding with your senior parent will help prevent feelings of isolation and more concerning mental health conditions like depression from degrading your parents’ health more rapidly.

Remind Your Parent That They Are A Blessing

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the responsibility of caring for an aging parent and forget how they might be feeling from time to time. Losing independence and relying on your children for care is often difficult for parents too.

Remind your parent often that they are not a burden to you by telling them you are happy to have them with you in their time of need. Even if you think your parent is aware of this, validation can make a world of difference in this situation.

Caring for your parent doesn’t have to be a stressful challenge. Be kind and understanding, and know when to reach out for additional help from a professional caregiver if you feel you are unable to provide your parent with the level of care they need.

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