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UWatchFree “Is it Safe to Watch Free Movies and TV-Series on UWatchFree”

No matter where you are, UWatchFree is the only website for the latest TV series, watching popular movies. Not everyone has access to watch every film released in the cinema.

The most popular and free way to watch your latest and Favorite movie for free these days is to stream it online. You may have heard of platforms like Netflix, Amazon, or HULU. The thing with these platforms is the fact that these services are not free and you have to pay $$ for their services.

The question is, who does not look for a free way to watch the latest movies?

You could buy a subscription to a platform, but it gets too expensive to pay each month. Furthermore, one platform will have movies that others don’t. Let’s be honest here a bit; not everyone on the internet can afford to pay 3 to 4 different subscriptions per month.


That is where UWatchFree comes. What is UWatchFree? How does it work? Is its service is safe to use, and most importantly, is it legal? Continue, don’t stop reading our article in detail to know more.


Before We Continue

We do not support such sites. We are only giving information. Therefore use such sites at your own risk.

What is UWatchFree?

A free website that allows users to watch all latest movies and TV shows and download them in HD quality.

The website first started in 2012, when it uploaded a Bollywood movie Tere Naam starring Salman Khan. People went crazy that they could watch this movie for free, as this was a popular movie.

According to the WHOIS, this online movie website is running from Pakistan.

UWatchFree gives you access to all types of movies, from Bollywood to Hollywood, to Tamil and Bangla cinema, and much more.

People who do not want to pay to watch movies or TV shows and want something that has high-resolution can do so by using this site.

However, you should know that this website is illegal and does not have the copyright of the movies it publishes. Therefore it got banned in many places, including India.

Features of UWatchFree

UWatchFree has wondrous features that users love and use to watch and download movies.

This includes premium features:

  • A user can make their free account
  • You can search for the TV show or movie, whether old or new, in the search bar provided.
  • You can watch free and latest movies, famous TV shows, and web series for free.
  • This website has more or less than 20 million titles.
  • It does not support ads, making it easy to watch without getting disturbed.
  • It has a wide range of genres and categories from all over the globe.
  • You can request a movie or TV show by going to the ‘Movie Request’ section.
  • This website is compatible with all devices including, mobiles, Smart TVs, Laptop, Xbox One, and so on.
  • It offers users a friendly and interactive interface.

Available Categories & Movies Genres

Action Adult Adventure
Animation Bengali Biography
Comedy Crime Documentaries
Drama Dubbed Family
Fantasy Featured HD
Hindi History Hollywood
Horror Kannada Malayalam
Marathi Musical Mystery
Punjabi Romance Science & Fiction
Short Sports Tamil
Telugu Thriller TV series
Urdu War Web Series

Downloading UWatchFree APP/APK

UWatchFree also has an app for people to download n to their phone without getting into too much of a legal issue.

You do not download it through the play store. You actually download it from a third-party app.

It’s an APK file that you can download as millions of users from around the world have downloaded it.

You can download it to your phone, computer, or TV and free access, through Different .apk sites.

Available Movies File Sizes

UWatchFree has many different file sizes users can choose from to suit their needs.

The different files size of movies and dimensions include:

  • 4GB
  • 2GB
  • 600MB
  • 300MB

UWatchFree Alternatives

If you want legal sites where you can watch movies without being scared of getting caught, you can choose from the list below:

  • Netflix
  • HULU
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Sony Live
  • Disney
  • PopCornFlix

However, if you want free alternatives, which are also illegal, but you can watch from if one site gets banned, the list includes:

  • MoviesFlix
  • Soap2day
  • MoviezWap
  • CinemaVilla
  • PlayTamil
  • 123movies
  • A2Movies
  • Klwap
  • Moviesda
  • FilmyWap
  • HindiLinks4U

If you are to use these sites, then use them at your own risk.

Movies Leaked this Year

UWatchFree has gotten known for releasing or leaking recently published movies. If you go to the “Featured” area of the site, you can watch newly released movies there.

The movies that recently got leaked by this site were:

  • The Kissing BOOTH
  • Who’s Your Daddy
  • A Trash Truck Christmas
  • Wander Darkly
  • The Bee Gees
  • Dom and Adrian
  • GetAway
  • Psychopomp
  • Frozen II
  • The Old Gaurd
  • LUDO
  • Hard Kill
  • and many more

Whichever movie you have in mind that you wish to see, just type on the search box. and it will appear.

Access UWatchFree without Trouble

As we mentioned before, UWatchFree is an illegal website because it has pirated content.

That is the reason why it is blocked in many places by the government.

If you get caught using such a site, you can get sued and fined. Therefore, many people use a VPN to access the site and because it hides the user’s IP address.

You can do so by three different steps:

  1. Download VPN: A VPN allows you to change your IP address to access blocked sites and hide your IP.
  2. Select IP Adress: Choose the IP address of the country you want that will allow you to access the site.
  3. Get access: Once the IP address changes you can open a secure browser and access the site.

Torrent Content Download Domains

If you wish to download content from a torrent website, then the following are the working proxy TLDs for UWatchFree:

  • .in
  • .watch
  • .ac
  • .com
  • .bid
  • .org
  • .asia
  • .me
  • .pro
  • .pw
  • .win
  • .od
  • .mobi
  • .ws

Is UWatchFree safe?

UWatchFree is not a legal website. It is safe to use apart from two drawbacks. The first drawback being you might get hacked and the second being your PC or mobile may get a virus.

The movie industry is facing a lot of losses in regards to its revenue because people now watch the movies on such sites rather than going to theaters.

Is UWatchFree Legal?

All online free websites that stream movies and TV shows are illegal.

This website is illegal because it releases movies and TV shows without permission from the owner.

This isn’t a criminal offense, but a civil one.

If you get caught watching or downloading from such sites, you can get sued and fined up to 100 thousand dollars.

It has gotten banned by various governments many times, but they come back with different domains. If you do not want to get into any kind of trouble legally, then we recommend you to stay away from such sites.

Are Web Series Available on UWatchFree?

Yes, you can watch and download web series on UWatchFree. You can download the latest web series in 300MB in HD format.

Are there any impediments to UWatchFree?

Yes, legally, there are many drawbacks. If someone gets found downloading, uploading, or sharing pirated content, they can get fined and prosecuted. The film industry can lose billions because of such sites. Another issue/drawback; the fact that it can harm your PC and Mobiles. Hackers often use these sites to hack people's devices and steal data. Your mobile or PC can even get viruses.

How long does it take UWatchFree to release a new movie?

UWatchFree is known for releasing the latest movies and web series from all around the world, and in many languages. Once a movie gets released in the theatre takes a day or two, and you can find it on the website. You can search all types of movies, even the inclusive ones made by platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

What categories are available on UWatchFree in 2022?

You can find all categories on UWatchFree. It has a massive compilation of Horror, Drama, Romance, Action, War, Sports, Thriller, Mythology, Documentaries, Biographies, comedy, and many more, all in HD.

The way that UWatchFree generate revenue?

UWatchFree gets money through the Adverts it shows. When you visit the website to watch a movie and you click on the movie title or poster, a pop-up window ad will appear. That pop-up ad helps the site to make money. If you were to click on that ad, the site would earn double the money.

Who is responsible for Upload web series or movies on UWatchFree?

The person who owns the UWatchFree platform can upload movies.

Why is UWatchFree Popular?

UWatchFree is popular for two reasons. The first reason is that you can find any movie, web series, or TV show you want there, no matter what genre or category. The second reason is the fact that it's free. No monthly payments! It also has an easy, friendly user interface, allowing users to use the website clearly.

Final Words

Once again, we would like to clarify that we do not condone or encourage piracy or illegal online activities. Therefore, do it at your own risk. Its a risk watching free movies and TV shows like this. Yes, itis free, and you get a wide range of categories, but it’s still illegal. Watch your favorite shows and movies on legal sites and apps, so you don’t have to worry about the consequences.

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