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Use PDFBear’s Password Protect PDF to Secure your PDFs

One reason you might choose to lock a PDF file is to protect the information in it from copyright infringement. For this reason, locking the file usually entails adding password protection to prevent unauthorized users from copying or printing the document. Password-protecting a PDF file can also be used to prevent unauthorized people from opening and reading the document.

If the document contains confidential information, a password-protected PDF can help protect that confidentiality. The credibility of a document can be safeguarded by locking a PDF. Locking the PDF from formatting can prevent others from making changes later. Incorporating a password on a PDF allows you to control the level of security, allowing certain actions while restricting others. PDFBear provides the most effective PDF protection system for your PDF files.

Protect PDF Tool of PDFBear

Use PDFBear’s password protect PDF to secure your PDFs. The PDF Protection tool allows you to set a password for your PDF file using cutting-edge technology. When it comes to adding a password to your documents, PDFBear’s cloud-protection solution is easy to use. When it comes to preserving or concealing your documents, this tool is the best option.

PDFBear is popular for being an excellent converting tool, but many people have no idea that you can password-protect your files and documents. This site will protect the confidentiality of your data. This website saves you both money and time because it is completely free. When it comes to PDF file protection, the password scope is set to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing your data.

Users should keep at least nine typed characters, which should include uppercase, or capital letters, alphanumeric numbers, and a combination of signs. PDFBear also has a multitude of features that anyone can use. This program makes it simple to protect your PDF files, and you won’t have to worry about anyone gaining access to those personal and confidential PDF files.

PDFBear is entirely free to use. Their service is the quickest and most effective way to keep your data private and secure. PDFBear’s slew of security features assures security, whether you use the Free or Pro version. If you use the Free version, once you’ve finished converting your files, the server deletes all of your converted files from their database within 60 minutes.

Procedure in Adding a Password to PDF using PDFBear

Check that your device is connected to an internet service. Visit the website and select “Protect PDF” from the list of services. Choose the files to be safeguarded. PDFBear can protect documents in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, and PowerPoint. You have two choices for submitting your papers. Select the files and browse your drive. The other method is to use their readily available feature, which is the drag and drop approach.

There are two boxes labeled “Select Files” on the PDFBear screen. These boxes are open to the public, and anyone can enter the passcode they want to use to protect their sensitive documents. You can think about your password for as long as you want, but to ensure full and reassuring security, you must use a combination of alphanumeric input, capital letters, and symbols.

PDFBear is a system that securely protects your data in Excel, Word, PDF, PowerPoint, and other formats. Creating a password is risk-free. The first box reads, “Type a password,” and the second reads, “Repeat Password.” The purpose of retyping your password is to ensure that you entered the correct and accurate password that you recall. You can also write your password on a secret note in case you forget it.

This site employs a 256-Bit encryption scheme when establishing passwords for your files, which means that once you’ve set up your password, it will be impossible to break or hack. Upon completing the second step, click “Protect PDF,” and your PDF file will be protected and secured from others who wish to use it for their own benefit.

Because PDFBear is known for its fast processing capabilities, the protection process will be completed quickly. Once the PDF protection phase is complete, all you have to do is click the “download button,” which appears when your file is ready to be saved or transferred. When you press the download button, the data is immediately saved to the devices or gadgets you use.

Other Tools You Can Use For Free

  • Converter Tool

When you want your document to be safe from unintentional changes or if you also want your document to look better, use the PDF converter.  You can convert any document into a PDF, whether it’s a word document, a spreadsheet document, or a picture.

  • Compress PDF

PDFBear can help you shrink the size of your PDF file. This website makes important documents lighter by compressing them to the size you specify. Simply click on “Compress PDF” and select the PDF to be compressed. There are two types of compression available to pro users: “Basic” and “Strong.” You can send that high-resolution file to your boss without having to deal with that mistake from your client.

  • to PDF Conversion

If you are a web designer, one of the distinctive features of this site is the ability to convert any HTML file to a PDF. Simply paste an HTML link into this PDF converter and let it handle the rest.

  • Adding Page Numbers

Page numbers can be added to your PDF file. To begin, choose or drag your PDF file to PDFBear. Then you can specify where you want the page number to appear. To avoid any confusion in your file, you can also separate your cover page from the first page of your book.


PDFBear protects your PDF files by encrypting them with a password. The site uses a simple process to encrypt or add a passcode to your chosen document. If you’re looking for a simple and quick way to protect your data, this website guarantees 100 percent protected documents without leaving a trace or compromising the quality of your submitted files on their system. And apart from being dependable and secure, PDFBear is available to anyone for free. It’s simple to use, and more people are using it nowadays. The instructions for its functions are straightforward, and the interface is uncomplicated to use.

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