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Types of Magnetic Stirrers

Magnetic stirrers are quite efficient when it comes to creating homogenous mixtures. There are several types of stirrers that you can use depending on the type of experiment you are carrying out. For instance, you can use submersible stirrers to measure photosynthesis or portable magnetic stirrers to just create a homogenous mixture. Here are some types of stirrers that you should know about.

Portable Magnetic Stirrers

The portable magnetic stirrer, also known as the mini stirrer, is a compact-sized stirrer that allows users to regulate stirring speed with great precision. These stirrers feature different controls that can be used to adjust speed. Portable magnetic stirrers have been carefully designed to resist harmful chemicals usually encountered in lab setups. Apart from that, they also feature a speed regulator that helps you ensure that the device doesn’t exceed maximum speed.

Timed Magnetic Stirrer

As you might have guessed from the name, a timed magnetic stirrer features a timer that enables the device to automatically shut off the motor once the set amount of time has been reached. As soon as the selected time is reached, the stirrer will then reduce the speed automatically, and the load is also removed.

Heavy-Duty Magnetic Stirrer

Magnetic stirrers can generally work on solutions that don’t exceed four litres. However, not all of them can handle that type of volume. In fact, the majority are quite small. Heavy-duty magnetic submersible stirrers, on the other hand, have better chemical resistance, and they are a lot more durable than smaller ones. Additionally, they also feature an internal electronic control device that automatically regulates the speed with respect to the load. These stirrers are perfect for labs in the manufacturing industry.

These are some types of magnetic stirrers that you may encounter. Each type is suited for specific applications.

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