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14 Trends Affecting Consumers Behavior in 2022

Mintel has identified best trends for affecting consumers behavior with impact the global market for consumers behavior. These top 14 trends are predicted to affect consumers’ behavior worldwide in 2022. Mintel offers some suggestions and ideas for companies and brands to help them if they act on them in the next 12 months or so.

The 14 Following Trends Affecting Consumers Behavior in 2022

1. Health non-specific

Every consumer’s center of attention nowadays is about their health. However, there are no instructions or books that will help them in regards to their well-being. This situation gives brands an opportunity to accept new obligations and set new rules by which consumers will be comfortable.

2. Mutual Empowerment

Consumers have made it clear that they want fairness, power, and rights. It’s not one country, but the whole world, where consumers are pushing brands and companies to accept these and give them the rights and equality they want.

3. Superiority Transfer

Customers are taking a new interest in re-visitation the fundamentals. They have their attention on adaptable possessions and are rethinking what is that gets meant by ownership.

4. Coming Together

This pandemic has gotten consumers from all around the world looking for people, communities who have similar minds to them, to get that connection and support from anyone they can.

5. Virtual Lives

This pandemic has caused people to get separated from their family and friends. This situation has pushed people in desiring an escape to a dream world by using technology and moving forward with many different virtual experiences.

6. Sustainable Places

Consumers have become more aware of their connection with the places they live in because of COVID-19. Therefore, it has increased their interest and demand when it comes to sustainability and self-sufficiency.

7. Digital Dilemmas

Technology and the digital world have proven to be crucial and giving consumers many advantages during this pandemic. However, one cannot deny that it also has negative impacts, causing confusion and concern amongst consumers.

“Mintel are specialists when it comes to the wants and whys of consumers. Mintel has a way to foresee consumers’ behavior and how that will affect brands,” stated Simon Maroriart, the director of Mintel Trends, EMEA. “The 2021 future predicts are secured in our system in the Mintel’s 7 Trend Drivers and their shielding shafts. They keep in mind the speed of changes that got occurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation. Furthermore, they analyze the changes occurring in the way consumers think and how brands respond during this time. They also summarize the consumer’s future globally, and it’s something brands can use to build their goals and strategic objectives during this pandemic.”

8. Health non-specific

Consumers are searching for a well-being experience that will bring them comfort in this time of uncertainty of not knowing when life will turn to the normal routine. This situation pushed consumers to drive for a routine and comfort from anywhere they can get it.

Brands are changing their ways and setting new structured and tones. This situation gives brands a chance to make consumers purchase a product or service related to their health. Furthermore, it’s getting brands to get to know the effect and value innovation and curiosity holds.

9. Mutual Empowerment

During this pandemic, the consumers, the mutual mentality has gotten them to have a more community-centered mindset- Even when it comes to people who like being alone or used to like their individual culture. This mindset puts forward common support and aid at the cutting edge of different consumer practices. The ascent of the Black Lives Matter development and the Global Climate Strike show how individuals are ready to gather energetically for positive transformations.

Brands have a chance of getting ahead of these issues, and if they fail to do so, consumers will think that they are part or cause of the issue.

10. Superiority Transfer

This pandemic has put uncertainty in the economic matters, which has caused consumers to hold back and set limits of their spending and monitor carefully on essential things and not spend freely or carelessly. It has caused a mixture of vulnerability and resilience in people when it comes to spending money. That’s why consumers want affordable things and things that are durable and secure.

Brands should make the most of this chance to become specialists of positive change and demonstrate that they can offer great worth and substantial outcomes.

11. Coming Together

People are craving for relations and intercommunications, which is bringing back the community-concept, all because of COVID-19. The concept of being a community and supporting each other, whether you know them or not, is coming back because many people from around the world have no choice but to stay inside and follow the social distancing rules.

This new arise of community concepts gives brands a chance to help consumers fight loneliness and offer them different ways of support and relations.

12. Virtual Lives

The developments and changes in the reform of technology -with the influence of the pandemic- means that technology has become an important part of every person’s life. The digital world is adding to the positivity and helping connect people through this tough time.

Gaming and esports have risen in popularity, giving brands a chance to collaborate with different creators to give consumers collectible gaming items, coming up with innovative gaming, or creating products that will help them remain comfortable during gaming sessions.

13. Sustainable Places

As consumers now have a lot of transparency and access to information, more than before, they want brands to show the same kind of transparency in their plans and their ways in helping to tackle sustainability challenges.

As consumers become more aware of issues around the world and regarding nature, brands have a chance to show consumers that they care. Brands can create innovative products and services that have a positive influence on consumers and the world. To ensure they focus on localism, communities and give a positive push to consumers for better habits, giving a perfect combination for brands to attract more consumers.

14. Digital Dilemmas

During this pandemic and time of uncertainty, the main help and support consumers have gotten is from technology. Even though technology is improving lives and helping people through this tough time-one should note how many consumers feel about how crucial technology has become in our daily lives.

eCommerce and transactions online have become a common thing and have a way of remaining that way. Brands should use innovative online ways to give consumers what they need while maintaining a connection between online and offline worlds, so consumers can rely on and stay consistent with them.

The founder and CEO at ThriveVerge, The Verge, and Thrive Revolution. He launched Thriveverge in 2016, a leading behavior change technology, business, media, and entertainment company with the mission of ending the collective delusion that burning out is the price we have to pay for success.


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