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Top 9 Games to Include in Family Game Nights

When it comes to spending quality time with friends and family, there’s nothing that beats a good game night. It’s fun, engaging and not to mention very exciting too. You get to piece together some of the best types of games in the row and bring together your family to have the most fun around.

However, if you are in charge of arranging a game night, be assured that things can get complicated fast. Finding suitable games that everybody can take part in can be a challenging situation. But, don’t worry because we have sorted that issue for you in this guide.

Following are the top game night games you can pick for your family.

1. Poker

Poker is a family-friendly game, something that takes the cake off among the family members. Not only do you get to indulge in a fun exchange of healthy money staking, but you also get to make the most out of the poker hands chart in the process. Despite what you think, we’d recommend that you ensure that everyone in your family is interested in poker before including it.

2. Never have I ever

When you have friends and family together, this is a spicy game that can lift people’s moods and allow everyone to let loose and have fun. It is an alcohol-based game but you can always switch it up with some juice in a shot glass. The rules are yours to make and change. In this, the player has to provide a statement saying ‘Never Have I ever _____’ and if someone from the family has done it, they’d have to take a shot.

3. Chinese Whisper

If you want to add a bit of fun to the evening, we’d recommend this game 100%. In this, your family has to sit in a circle and then one person from the group has to whisper a sentence to the person beside them. They will then pass what they heard to the next person and this goes on until the last member has to say what they heard. 9 out of 10 times, it comes out bizarre by the end.

4. Balloon Tennis

This is a fun game and very popular among the younger people in the family. Instead of playing with actual tennis balls, you get to replace them with balloons. You can then divide the players into two teams and then hit the balloon back and forth until one team wins. It sounds like an easy game but becomes quite difficult when you play it.

5. Indoor Bowling

Not everyone will enjoy tennis, so why not include bowling. You don’t even need the staple pins but you can use anything that you have at your disposal at home. It could be a stack of books, a few bottles or even pieces of small showpieces in your home. Stack them up and get on with the game. However, if you want to make it more believable, there are indoor bowling sets available in the market.

6. Paper plane contest

Another popular game night game that is popular among the younger generation is the paper plane contest. Not only do you have to come together to show your origami skills, but you also need to them fly the planes at the same time to see whose one flies out the most and finishes the crossing line.

7. Charades

There’s nothing that beats a good family night other than a game of charades. Not just movies, charades can even include random phrases and events and animals or names that the teams have to enact and their team members have to guess what they are enacting. It is hands down one of the most fun and engaging games in the lot.

8. Spoons

If we have mentioned Poker in the list, it goes without saying that we’d have to mention Spoons too. It starts with a standard 52-card deck and the dealer has to deal four cards to each player. The players then have to draw a card from the pile and either keep or exchange it. This has to go on until they have four cards of a similar kind.

9. Board games

If you have a small family, Monopoly is a pretty great board game to try out. There are a variety of board game options, including Scribble, Chess, Ludo and so many more. You can pick out the one available at home or one that will mesh well with your family.

Family game nights are worth cherishing. So, if you are in charge of the games, these are some of the best options that you should include in the list. Make sure you always keep everyone’s best interest into account so no one in the family feels left out.

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