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Top Games like Mystic Messenger

Are you looking for games like Mystic Messenger?

Do you want to know what the Mystic Messenger game is, or maybe you like playing that one and want to play games like Mystic Messenger?

You have landed on the right page. We will look at what the games like Mystic Messenger and what are other games like Mystic Messenger.

What is Mystic Messenger?

A South Korean game-creating company, Chertiz, created the game Mystic Messenger.

Mystic Messenger comes under the Otome game. You are probably wondering what that means.

It means the video game revolves around a female’s story.

This simulation game can be a bit complicated for many players as they have to complete various challenges.

One should play Mystic Messenger regularly as the game activities require performance on a daily basis.

Games Like Mystic Messenger
Games Like Mystic Messenger

Main Idea of Mystic Messenger

The main idea behind the Mystic Messenger game is for you to make your own character.

Once you make your character, you interact with other characters in the game.

You have to read and react to texts that will appear in the game as an instant message.

If you plan to play this game, you will have to make time for the game regularly as the instant messages appear on a real-time basis in Mystic Messenger.

Your character in Mystic Messenger will develop according to your instant message replies.

How you play Mystic Messenger?

Mystic Messenger is gameplay that takes 12 days.

In those 12 days, you will have to interact with many characters, do some activities and make the best choices you can.

Mystic Messenger is a complicated game and often hard to complete for the ending you wished for.

However, people often use different Mystic Messenger guides like character guides, email-interacting guides, and so on.

You will interact with many interesting characters with their own backstories and backgrounds.

You will have to make your character plan and host parties to get other characters to like you.

You get many chances in the game to develop and get a lovely ending. However, you will have to be aware of the whole story from every side that you can.

Games like Mystic Messenger 

Other games like Mystic Messenger are amazing, complicated game to play.

It has visual storytelling and interactive gameplay.

However, it can become too complicated, and at times players have complained about facing technical issues.

Therefore, we have listed 10 games like Mystic Messenger that you can play.

1.    Dandelion- Wishes Brought To You

A game like Mystic Messenger is Dandelion.

This game also got developed by Cheritz, and it is an Otome game.

In Dandelion, you play Heejung Kim, the main character, with a stressful like.

She lives a busy and maddening life when she moves away into another city because of her dissatisfied mother.

However, things change for her when she wakes up to a basket of cats and rabbits.

She loves them, and they make her laugh and appreciate them.

One day these five animals magically turn into the most beautiful boys.

In Dandelion, you have five different ways which represent the boys.

You will interact with these characters, satisfy them, and make a relation with them.

You will have to ensure your pressure level and stress level do not rise. You get to do many activities in the house, go on dates and develop interests with the characters.

It’s an interesting game, in which you develop with Heejung and see how she changes along the way.

2.    The Arcana

In our list, the magical game like Mystic Messenger is the Arcana.

Nix Hydra Games produced the Aracana.

This game is a visual novel with a mixture of romance and fantasy.

You begin this story in Vensuvia city, where you’re a traveling magician Asra’s apprentice.

When the magician, your mentor, goes on a journey, you will get a unique magical Tarot card deck.

As you have the gift of telling the future, you will get many experiences and interact with many other characters.

Unlike Mystic Messenger, the Arcana gives you the option to choose the name and gender of your character.

You will be able to choose who your romance will be with and solve murder-mysteries.

You start with three various routes and as you play on, more routes get added.

Each route will have an ending according to the choices you make.

If you want a game like Mystic Messenger that has romance, interaction, mystery, and magic, then the Arcana is the one.

3.  Liar! Uncover The Truth

The game with many similar features to Mystic Messenger is Lair! Uncover the Truth.

This game is an Otome game that Voltage Inc developed.

Like the Mystic Messenger, this game has gotten revolved around text messaging and party events.

The main idea of Lair! Uncover the Truth is to analyze and catch the laird amongst the characters.

The story gameplay of this game starts with you discovering that your boyfriend is cheating on you.

You lose him as soon as you find out and start going to matchmaking events to find a suitable husband.

You meet a fortune teller at an event who tells you that you will meet 10 good-looking men. However, only one will be the most honest and one for you.

This is where the story game begins.

You start to analyze the men and interact with them. There are three routes to this game, liar route (gotten based on the lairs), lover route, and sequel route.

You need to unlock them with tickets as the game’s currency. Besides, you need to earn cool points to keep up with the game.

You will interact with many characters and even lie at some places.

Whatever decision you make will affect the ending you get in the game Lair! Uncover the Truth.

4.  Lifeline

Another text-based game like Mystic Messenger is the Lifeline.

This game is a unique and adventurous story game that got developed in 2015 by 3 Minute Games.

In Lifeline, you will play the game by interacting and communicating with characters using a chat window.

You will get two options to choose from every response and move in the game.

This game has old-fashioned type graphics but the style it tells the story and the elements in it will make you keep going through it.

Lifeline starts with Taylor crashing into a moon. He will make a transmission device, using which he will be able to communicate with you.

The interaction you have with Taylor will route the game, and every option will have an effect.

Your communication with Taylor will get based on real timing, and for Taylor to survive, you will have to help him manage his survival.

When you start playing this game, you will get a thrilling adventure

5.  Nameless- The One Thing You Must Recall

If you love Mystic Messenger then you will love the game Nameless- The One Thing You Must Recall.

This game is an Otome game but has a darker theme.

Nameless-The One Thing You Must Recall got developed by Cheritz in 2013.

This game beautifully represents the bad and good life in the character’s life, especially about their love life.

In this game, your character is Eri. Eri lived with her grandpa because her parents are working in another country.

After a year, her grandpa dies, and she has to live alone.

She has to adjust to loneliness and develop habits.

She collects five dolls for the company. Suddenly one day, they turn into beautiful boys, changing Eri’s life.

You will go through many scenarios, which will be funny, heartbreaking, and overwhelming.

Each boy has a past and takes you to five different paths.

The mystery in the game is a character referred to as ‘???’.

As you play the game, you come to know of this character.

Nameless will give you many endings depending on your choices some will be creepy, some daring, and some darker than expected.

6.  Golden Hour

A game like Mystic Messenger that is fun to play is the Golden Hour.

It is a visual novel that Matchaa Studio created in recent years.

The company first released a demo version and then released the full version.

Golden Hour has romance, lovemaking, and conflict.

The story begins when you have to move to Haraya island city because of your mother’s job.

You have to transfer to a new high school in the middle of the semester, where you meet new people and adapt to the new place.

There are many characters, but you interact and develop relations with four amazing young men.

At the same time, other girls in the school want to develop a relationship with those men also.

You can play the visual novel mode or the social media mode in this game. Furthermore, it has four storylines with different endings.

It has humor and difficulties, and you progress in class while maintaining your relationships.

The ending with a guy and your life progress will depend on your choices.

7.  Love Signal: D-Mate

Love Signal: D-Mate got developed by a Koren sim dating company, Day7.

It is an Otome game.

This game has many specifications and is not limited to being a romantic game.

D-mates are robots, which have gotten programmed with different personalities. However, they can feel human emotions.

This game got built in a robotic world where they have the emotions and feelings of humans.

You will play as an Android girl who gets found in the rubbish by a mechanic.

Once you get activated, you cannot feel anything, have no emotions or memory.

Six men with different roles help you learn about yourself and your emotions.

Each man loves and interacts with you really well.

This game has only one ending but with many twists and turns.

Therefore, if you want to play a game that has love, jealousy, adventure, and desire, then you should check Love Signal.

8.  Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice

A visual game like Mystic Messenger that Paper Games, a Chinese company, developed is Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice.

This game is also an Otome game, where you will chat, call and text different players and progress in your career.

Mr. Love revolved around a fantasy world with a superpower. You will play a single girl who gets involved with four different men.

Each man will have a superpower, like you.

This game has a romantic story and gets taken to an unbelievable level because of the superpowers.

You play this game in episodes, going through conflicts, passion, desire, and mysteries.

Mr. Love is a complicated yet interesting game. Once you start playing, you do not want to finish till the end.

9. Miraclr – Divine Dating Sim

Miraclr-Divine Dating Sim is a romantic workplace visual simulation game that got created by Woodsy Studio.

In this game, you play the human who helps angels in heaven.

The Archangels of heaven have been producing a miracle and planning to use it after 400 years.

You talk with the archangels and help them make decisions and develop relations based on how you respond.

This story takes place over a week’s time, where you will assist the angles to decide and implement their divine miracle.

It’s gaming that you will love if you’re into angels and Lucifer!

10.  Otome Game: Love Dating Story

An interactive story game like Mystic Messenger with many good-looking characters is the Otome Game: Love Dating Story game.

Nivisoft developed this game.

As the name suggests, it an Otome game.

Where you will meet and date many characters and pick a boyfriend to enjoy in that virtual world.

It allows you to chat with the character you have a crush on and find romance and love.

This game has pleasing and fantastic sound and music effects.

If you want to play a game with love, dating, and romance story, then Otome Game: Love Dating Story is the one for you.

Characters of the “Mystic Messenger”

  • Zen, the handsome but narcissistic musical actor.
  • Yoosung, a student with a gaming addiction.
  • Jaehee Kang, the reluctant assistant to her cat-obsessed boss.
  • Jumin Han, the wealthy cat-lover and co-operate heir.
  • 707, the happy-go-lucky hacker with a tragic past.
  • Ray, a kind member of Mint Eye who likes flowers.
  • MC, the player.
  • Rika, founder of the RFA who mysteriously died.
  • The Saviour, the mysterious Founder, and Leader of Mint Eye.
  • Chairman Han, Founder of C&R International, and Jumin Han’s father.
  • Driver Kim, Jumin’s chauffeur.
  • Echo Girl, the spoiled and flirty idol.
  • Sarah Choi, Jumin’s arranged fiancée.
  • Glam Choi, sister of Sarah, ex of Jumin’s father.
  • Vanderwood, secret agent, and Seven’s “maid”.
  • V’s Mother, V’s loving mother.
  • Chief Kim, V’s father.
  • Saejoong Choi, the morally bankrupt politician and father of 707 and Unknown
  • Lucy, V, and MC’s adoptive daughter.
  • Mika, Rika’s childhood friend, encouraged Rika to do wrong.
  • Rika’s Mother, the hyper-religious woman who adopted Rika.
  • Pastor, a corrupt religious figure from Rika’s childhood.
  • Mother Choi, abusive mother of 707 and Unknown.
  • Yoosung’s Mother, the loving mother of Yoosung.
  • Sally, Rika’s deceased dog.
  • Elizabeth 3rd, Jumin’s cat.
  • Lisa, Yoosung’s Cat.

Mystic Messenger Alternatives

  1. Love and Order
  2. Star Project
  3. Cinders
  4. My Candy Love
  5. RE: Alistair
  6. Roommates
  7. Katawa Shoujo
  8. Frozen Essence
  9. Other Age
  10. Date Warp
  11. Lucky Rabbit Reflex
  12. Spirited Heart
  13. The Flower Shop: Winter in Fairbrook
  14. High School Story
  15. Surviving High School
  16. Episode
  17. Episode: Choose Your Story
  18. Seduce Me the Otome
  19. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors
  20. Long Live the Queen
  21. Persona 5
  22. Princess Maker Refine
  23. My Horse Prince
  24. Magical Diary: Horse Hall
  25. Cute Knight Kingdom
  26. Campus Crush
  27. Princesses Maid
  28. Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
  29. Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony
  30. Doki Doki Literature Club
  31. Tricolour Lovestory
  32. Dramatical Murder
  33. Shrink ‘High
  34. ACE Academy
  35. Magical Diary
  36. Demon Master Chris
  37. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
  38. NEKOPARA Vol. 1
  39. Choices: Stories You Play
  40. Coming Out On Top
  41. EVE: The Fatal Attraction
  42. True Love: Confide to the Maple
  43. Always Remember Me
  44. School Days HQ
  45. Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair

What should you play after mystic messenger?

  1. Steins; Gate (2009)
  2. Golden Hour (2019)
  3. Liar! Uncover the Truth (2018)
  4. Digital: A Love Story (2010)
  5. Lovestruck in New York (2016)
  6. Antioch (2018)
  7. A Normal Lost Phone (2017)
  8. Ice Void (2016)
  9. Lifeline (2015)
  10. Emily is Away (2015)


The above games got recommended by us if your looking to play a game like Mystic Messenger. Mystic Messenger has many games and features, but often you face loading and technical problems.

Whether you facing a technical problem or already played the Mystic Messenger and looking for similar games, you should try the ones we mentioned and let us know which you like to play and why.

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