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Top 10 Dumbest Animals In The World

There are around two million animals in this world. You can consider some to be smart, intelligent, while some are solely the dumbest animals. Humans can are a combination of smart, feeble-minded, and lazy animals. However, when it comes to lazy or dumbest animals, it’s like they have no brains because of their low mental capacity.

Dumbest Animals

One believes them to be stupid or dumb because of the way they act and behave. They might be the prettiest animal but so dull-witted and dumbest animals, it’s unbelievable.

Below are the most feeble-minded dumbest animals you will find in this world:


Speed: 0.27 km/h (Maximum, When threatened)
Daily sleep: Brown-throated sloth: 15 – 18 hours
Length: Brown-throated sloth: 42 – 80 cm, Pale-throated sloth: 50 – 75 cm, Maned sloth: 55 – 75 cm

One cannot make such a list without adding the slowest animals and dumbest animals, the Sloths. They have to get added to the top because not only do they sleep the whole day on trees but did you know to poop, they climb down and then climb back again to sleep.

Once a week, they will climb down to do anything needed and go back. The funny thing is, at times, they think that their limbs are the tree branch causing them to fall and often die. Stupid, is it not?

Cane Toads

Lifespan: 10 – 15 years (In the wild)
Clutch size: Female: 8,000 – 25,000
Length: 10 – 15 cm (Adult, Snout to vent)
Rank: Species

You can find many of these in Australia. They are the dumbest animals you will find. The dumbness even stays with them during sex drives. Did you know they will hump any animal, dead or alive, whether it is snakes, mice, lizards, or anything else?

They would even hump their female partner if it got run over by a car. Amazingly, one female cane toads can lay around 30,000 eggs all at once and unleash so much dumbness into this world. No wonder we have the expression ‘dumb as a cane toad.’


Lifespan: 95 years

Mass: Male: 2 – 4 kg (Adult)
Rank: Species

Kakapo, a parrot own from New Zealand, has an interesting name, but nothing when it comes to intelligence. This dumbest bird often loses its life because of its not so intelligent mind. When a predator comes its way, it does not run for its life- it gets scared and freezes in one place- getting eaten. Did you know it eats berries that only grow once after every four years?

It also lacks intelligence when it comes to reproducing. The males try getting the female’s attention by letting out a booming call- confusing the female. That is the main reason for there only being 150 dumb Kakapos left in the world.


Lifespan: Domestic turkey: 10 years
Rank: Genus

Turkeys are one of the animals one not only keeps as a pet but also eat enjoyingly. They are shockingly dull and mindless. You can see how stupid they are. After all, they will often die trying to drink rainwater because they only drink water that falls from above them.

They have a condition called Tetanic Torticollar Spasms that causes these full-witted birds to stare at the sky non-stop, even if it’s raining. Can you imagine being so mindless that you stare at the sky to your death? A stupid male turkey has such a high sex drive that it will have sex with the head of a beheaded female turkey.

Goblin Shark

Conservation status: Least Concern
Size: 12 Feet long

Did you ever think you would see a shark on such a list? When you think of sharks, you think of a smart, quick-witted creature. However, shockingly goblin sharks are disreputable to their shark family. Goblin sharks are not only slow and lazy, but they do not even hunt their food. They stay in one place and wait for their food to approach them. These disgraceful sharks can get found near Japan’s coastlines.


Mass: Female: 70 – 100 kg (Adult)
Lifespan: 20 years (In the wild)
Trophic level: Herbivorous

Many people don’t realize how dumb these cute creatures are. When it comes to their foolishness, they are actually quite legendary. Did you know pandas are carnivores, yet they only eat bamboo? They are also the most boring animal when it comes to romance.

Sex does not make them happy or excited, therefore, arming their population. If they do happen to have kids, mothers will not care for them and often kill them due to irritation. You wouldn’t think them to be so unaffectionate and selfish. Cute but unfunctional animals.


Family: Phoenicopteridae; Bonaparte, 1831
Class: Aves
Kingdom: Animalia

If you have been to East Africa, you can agree with how attractive and gorgeous they are. However, that beauty is nothing when you see how unintelligent and stupid they are. Even though they have two legs, they only use one leg when sleeping or even eating. They try to catch and eat fish upside down- another example of their dumbness. Pretty dumb, right?

Lilac-breasted Roller

Mass: 110 g (Adult)
Species: C. caudatus
Higher classification: Coracias

The national bird of Kenya is the Lilac-breasted Roller. It is the most majestic and amazing looking bird, but its actions indicate its witless mind. It’s unintelligent because it tries to build its nest in high places where it’s almost impossible to do so.

It gets killed by poachers because of its sluggishness and lazy thinking- it does not run and stay in one place-getting killed. This animal is a favorite of hunters and poachers because of this trait of theirs.


Lifespan: 13 – 18 years (In the wild)
Mass: 4 – 15 kg (Adult)
Family: Phascolarctidae

The animal that has the smallest ratio of their brain to their body are Koalas. You can find them in Australia. Did you know they have four stomachs to help them digest eucalyptus leaves that they eat for nutrition?

When it comes to their health, they know nothing about it and sometimes even starve to death because they fail to recognize their food. It also estimates that 90% of Koalas have Chlamydia.


Lifespan: 2 – 3 years
Speed: 24 km/h (Maximum, Running)
Family: Dipodidae

These are dumb rodents that have sparrow legs, how-no one knows. You can find them in Asia and Noth Africa. It does not have much energy. However, you will get surprised to know that the British Army used these Jerboas as their 7th Armored Brigade mascot.

This creature has this weird jumping skill that does help their predators away from them. However, these thick brained animals are not exactly good at finding or storing the food they gather.

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The smartest pet?

Border collie
German shepherd
Golden Retriever
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To be continued… 

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