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TIP on how to keep headband from slipping

Headbands not only look great but are also the most practical hair accessory. The fact is the keeping headband from slipping! I can praise how effective and efficient a headband can be all day long.

When your hair tie does not do the job of keeping your hair away from your face because you have too many layers or are at a transitional stage where they are not long enough, then you go for a headband. You can choose from plastic, cloth, or metal headband type in various colors and designs. Moreover, it can be great for hairstyling when one works out, as it swings back all gross and sweaty hair from your face. Disgusting, yes, but true!

The only problem with the headband is that it can be hard to keep it in one place. They slip and slide out of your hair by falling backward or on your eyes, even when you do a simple hair flip.

Nonetheless, you do not need to get put off them. I have a few tips on how you can keep your headband in Place.

How To Keep Your Headband From Slipping

Do you ever think of ways to keep your headband in one Place and keep it from slipping? If you are, you are not the only one. You can be driving, running, or at work, and your headband will pick the most ill-timed time to make a slip. Fortunately for you, I have a great few tips on keeping your headband in one Place and not worrying about it slipping.

Tips to Keep Your Headband From Slipping

Grip-On To It!

One of the best tips for keeping your headband in Place is by creating some headband holder, something your headband can hold on to. How?

You can make a headband holder without showing it by using a hairspray, hair gel, pomade, or any texturizing spray. You spray it on the places where you want your headband to stay on your head and put your headband on and see it last all day without slipping.

Another thing would be to use hot glue or something rubber-like on the inside of your headband to create a grip handle on it, as it will drip onto one Place.

There you have it! A no-show, non-slipping headband holder. You could always buy the headbands that already have non-slip solutions on athletic headbands because they will already have grips on them!

Hold it In Place

Maybe you are wearing a headband, but you have no plan to wear it all day, and you do not wish to put on hairspray, pomade, or a gel to any area of your head or have the time to create a holder within the headband, what do you do? We understand that. So, the next tip is a solution to this problem. And all you will need for this solution is bobby pins or hair clips.

Once you put your headband on, you put your bobby pins on in a criss-cross style on your hair and your headband, ensuring your bobby pin or clip points downwards. You can place them anywhere to secure them in one place.

If you happen to let your hair down, you can cover the pins and clips by placing them at the back or side of your head. This solution requires no science. You need to place pins and clips, be comfortable, and see what works for you!

Use An Adjustable Headband

Your headband might sometimes slip from your head because it is too tight for you. That is why we would suggest you try an adjustable headband. An adjustable headband has either an adjustable strap or a ribbon tie that you can personalize and fit according to your head every time.

A super cute adjustable headband option is the knotted headband from Headband of Hop, as it is a custom-fitted one. For workouts, you can get the adjustable Athletic Headband.

Final Thoughts

No matter what style you have, headbands go with everything. The headbands that look amazing and stay in Place are the headbands from Headbands of Hope. They have a collection of trendy and traditional headbands to make you or your child happy.

Follow the tips above and let us know what tip helped you the most in keeping your headband in Place. Moreover, what tip do you use to keep it in Place?

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