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The 7 Timepieces Worn In Korean Hit-Show “Vincenzo”

Song Joong Ki has again made another successful series with his new action-packed story – Vincenzo. Though the series just recently ended, audiences and hard-core Kdrama still could not get enough of the story. If you’re one of those who wanted to recall moments of your favorite Korean Drama and savor every morsel of the details then you will love to know the different wristwatches Vincenzo along with Hong Cha-Young has worn in the story. If you want to know what wardrobe details you missed out then here is a list of the watches spotted during the Vincenzo series.

1. Hublot Watches 

In the fourth episode of the series, Vincenzo wears a watch from Hublot, the Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Titanium. Hublot Classic Fusion models have a design philosophy of mixing the perfect blend of classic and modern styles. With the mixtures of different forms and textures, as well as, comfort and luxury. This watch is perfect for Vincenzo, a character who is classy but violent, and vengeful but prim. In the same episode, Vincenzo wears another Hublot Classic Fusion, this one, however, is a Racing Gray Chronograph similar to the first one he wears but matched with a clasp made of 18karat King gold. King gold is a special kind of gold Hublot developed for their watches. This type of gold is a mixture of components from gold, platinum, and copper, which makes it more scratch-resistant and durable than the usual gold, hence the name King Gold.

But even at the very first episode Vincenzo already wore a timepiece from the brand Hublot Big Bang Unico King Gold. Big Bang is another line of design from Hublot with a bold and powerful presence and this attention-grabbing piece is the skeletonized dial in matte black that exhibits an elegant yet sexy appeal. The next Hublot Watch Vincenzo wears has a more classy look to it-the Hublot Classic King Gold Green. This timepiece has a black plated stainless steel buckle and a matching green alligator strap and embodies a toned-down yet cool persona of Vincenzo with a rich royal green dial.

2. Tag Heuer Watches 

In the fifth episode, Vincenzo wears a Tag Heuer watch which is a Tag Heuer Monaco caliber 11 Automatic Chronograph. Tag Heuer Monaco caliber 11 is an iconic timepiece that draws its classic square case from its historical role in sports racing and in fast-phased accurate timekeeping. This watch is a beloved timepiece found in any serious watch enthusiast’s collection, who loves the Chronograph complication.

3. Zenith Watches

Vincenzo also wears several Zenith watches with the chronomaster El Primero Open. This watch features an automatic primero column-wheel chronograph movement with iconic colors of the legendary historical El primero Zenith Chronomaster with the silver dial. Another chronomaster El Primero Open watch seen in the series is a steel design with a silver dial. It bears the tri-color chronograph counters and an opening that reveals the regulating organ, with a silicon escape wheel and lever. Another watch from this brand is the Zenith Defy collection Defy classic. The Defy Classic has a modern skeletonized dial in by an elite automatic manufacture caliber zenith. The second model he sports in the Defy collection is classic titanium. This open-worked timepiece in a 41-millimeters brushed titanium case has a blue skeleton dial paired with a blue alligator leather strap with rubber backing. 

4. Breitling Navitimer 

Vincenzo also wears a Navitimer B01 chronograph 46. Vincenzo wears the Navitimer chronograph 46 which makes a bold style statement thanks to its impressive 46-millimeters 18karat red gold case. The watch is equipped with Breitling’s legendary bi-directional rotating bezel with a circular slide rule. The transparent case back reveals a chronometer certified high-performance self-winding chronograph manufactured Breitling caliber BO1 and looks crisp as it comes with a 70-hour power reserve. Breitling caliber o1 a true emblem of reliability and performance makes this legendary watch stand out. The aesthetics of the watch is clear to see through the subtle attention to detail that Breitling has made from the vintage-looking case, the flared looks, and the iconic navitor bracelet with its stunning polished finish. 

5. Swarovski Crystal flower watch

While Vincenzo’s ally in his vendetta Hong Cha-young played by Jeong Yeo Been mostly wears jewelry pieces in the drama she can also be seen sporting some timepieces including this crystal flower watch from Swarovski. As its name suggests the watch takes a floral form as a case with the bezel featuring two intertwined rows of bright crystals on rose gold-tone PVD coating. Among the sparkling lines, a grey sunray dial is adorned with crystal index markers and the brand logo at 12 o’clock. 

6. Cartier

In the first episode, Hong Cha-young also wears a Cartier Ballon Blanc de Cartier with 18 karat pink gold in 26 millimeters diameters. The timepiece has a brilliant-cut diamond at four o’clock and a black alligator-skin strap. The almost perfect round shape of its “balloon” case gives a quirky elegance to a wrist.A relatively recent addition to the Cartier brand, it was introduced just in   2007, but has already become a modern icon, and is poised to be a classic just like the Cartier Tank.  The timepiece is perfect for Hong Cha-young, and shows simple, timeless elegance which is shown in how she dresses. Solid yet refined, Cartier Ballon Blanc de Cartier is the watch of a woman in charge and yet also does well in emphasizing its sophisticated appeal as a dress watch.

7. Tiffany 

Part of the Tiffany square series this stainless steel watch is inspired by the 27-millimeter square case in the 1920s which were designed, crafted, and produced in Switzerland by Tiffany watch masters; it’s a limited edition watch available in only 450 pieces.With the cathedral hands in the dial, the compact and the vintage, refined square design,  the watch from top to bottom  is a beautiful original execution of a classic  dress formula. This brand of watch represents both jewelry brand and a timeless reliable timepiece for revolutionary women that  suits Hong Cha- youngs personality as a bad-ass lawyer. 


In Conclusion 

If you’re looking for a way to feel bold and elegant, now you know which timepieces are fit for the occasion. Whether you are still in a Kdrama hang-over with Vincenzo’s journey or simply love to enjoy the little details the series put into play to actualize Vincenzo’s Character and persona, you’ll appreciate the little touches made by the presence of wristwatches. If you’re curious about where you can buy the timepieces Vincenzo wore visit Watch Shopping. Watch Shopping is a certified and authorized watch dealer of luxury watches that has superb customer support that can assist you in your search for the perfect timepiece to fit your budget, taste, and need in a timepiece.

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