TikTok Has a New CEO

A new permanent chief executive has finally got selected by TikTok.

Eight months before, TikTok’s previous chief executive resigned when the app got threatened by the United States government in getting banned.

TikTok Has a New CEO

On Friday, it got announced by the company that the new CEO is Shouzi Chew.

Earlier this year, Shouzi Chew had joined TikTok as the financial officer of  TikTok’s Chinese owner,

According to his LinkedIn profile, he was a chief executive at a Chinese smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi.

The role of a chief operating officer of TikTok has gotten given to the previous TikTok interim head, Vanessa Pappas.

Yiming Zhang, the CEO of ByteDance, in a statement, said:

“The leadership team of Shou and Vanessa sets the stage for sustained growth…Shou brings deep knowledge of the company and industry, having led a team that was among our earliest investors and having worked in the technology sector for a decade. He will add depth to the team, focusing on areas including corporate governance and long-term business initiatives.”

Chew lives in Singapore. It shows that the company does not feel a requirement to have a CEO based in the US.

Last year, they had gotten Disney’s veteran Kevin Mayers for its American executive job to try and win over the lawmakers of the US.

However, TikTok got entangled in many months of battle with the US. Trump Administration threatened the company to ban them unless they sold their business in America to a US entity.

The thought of the Former President of the US was to claim that the TikTok app and become a national security risk. TikTok called this statement uncalled and unfounded.

After three months of doing the job, Mayers resigned because of the change in the political environment.

The company could do nothing but promote Pappas, the general manager of TikTok for the US operation to that position, temporarily.

Around 100 million users in the US use TikTok.

Since Joe Bidden took the office, little action has gotten taken and the company is staying out of the spotlight.

Biden administration asked the federal court to hold the action that Trump took to ban TikTok from the US after they looked at what approach the previous administration has with the social media company.

Last year the chief policymaker had concerns that ByteDance would get forced by the Chinese government to give all the US users TikTok data under their country’s national security laws.

TikTok has explained that all the American user’s data get saved on servers that have gotten based in the US and back up in Singapore, which means that the Chinese law does cannot subject them.

However, many argue that the parent of TikTok is ByteDance, which is basically a Chinese business, which has to oblige to Beijing laws.

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