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The Oscars Suddenly Have a Bigger Mission: Help Save Movie Theaters

The Oscars were maybe looking for a better theme than just honoring the best movies and the Arclight and Pacific cinema chain closing down, just gave them the theme they needed, which is to spread the message to save theaters.

The announcement of Pacific Theaters seeing no economically best path for reopening their outlets in California, which included the noteworthy Cinerama Dome in Hollywood, cut through the industry on Monday. It caused people to rethink the movies that they saw there in the past.

The Actor, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tweeted:

“I’m so sad. I remember going to the Cinerama Dome to see ‘Star Trek IV’ with my dad when I was little. So many memories since then.”

Many people took to social media to share similar stories. Many recalled how they loved seeing “The Wind and The Lion,” when they were a kid in the mid-1970s. Many remembered watching Sean Connery, one of the standout names in this year’s Academy Awards, in the ‘In Memoriam’ segment.

The Oscars have worked and gotten known as the primetime commercial for movies, celebrating the past, present and promoting everything on a global level.  The year of the Pandemic may not have let people’s excitement down for going for entertainment. However, when it comes to the future of the theaters has got gloomy clouds over it.

Many people loved going to theaters as a change of pace but if the public-health concerns continue regarding gatherings and crowded indoor events, then surely people will start forgetting and become out of touch with theaters.

The social media conversation about recalling the times at the theaters quickly turned to “save” particularly the Cinerama Dome. One can only hope that a consortium or a company like Netflix (that brought Egyptian Theater last year) will recognize the theatre and come to help it and increase its chance of surviving.

A question that still remains a mystery is what will happen to movies or going to movies? An encouraging sign like the box-office results on the pandemic-best for Godzilla vs. Kong in the US, a movie that needs a screen as big as you can get, has gotten delayed released or some other issue is like taking a big step backward.

This environment is also making Awards shows suffer. The Grammys and Golden Globes faced disappointing show ratings, and it has gotten said that Oscars, which is to air on April 25, may have even more bleak forecasts.

However, the event organizers have not given up and thought ahead with a less virtual presentation, which they think will help lift the spirits and get people excited again.

Nonetheless, the reaction towards the Arclight and Pacific news shows that the movie industry is an unsubstantial crossroad, giving the celebratory event a more needed and urgent mission.

The movie to win the best picture of the year will achieve the most exposure that they will ever get from people watching from home rather than at the theater seat. The movie industry is getting ready for the summer and fall and has higher hopes of what will happen to what got offered to them in 2020.

They hope to remind people of what they are seeing and what they are missing, and it could be one of the most important tasks to get accomplished by the Oscars.

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