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The Best Ways to Drink Bourbon

Bourbon is a type of whiskey and has a three-hundred-year history with ancient production traditions. Therefore, it is very important to drink this noble drink correctly. We decided in this article to talk about the basic recommendations for drinking and tasting bourbon.

Best Tips for Drinking Bourbon

Here are some simple tips to help you get the most out of bourbon and enjoy it:

  1. Drink only from thin-walled glasses.
  2. Warm the drink in your hand to intensify the aroma and taste.
  3. Choose glasses with a thick bottom, such as tumblers and rocks.
  4. Enjoy slowly – tasting American Peerless Bourbon whiskey is not rushed.
  5. Add large ice cubes, they will make the drink softer due to its slow melting.
  6. Use only young bourbon to make cocktails.

Every connoisseur of corn drink has a favorite and the best way to enjoy it. But for those who are just starting to learn about this product, it will be interesting to know what ways of drinking American whiskey exist.

TOP 5 Ways to Enjoy Bourbon Properly

Bourbon can be drunk in different ways, everyone chooses the most suitable option to experience each unique note of the drink. Now we will look at the top 5 of them.

No. 1. In its purest form

Experienced bourbon lovers drink whiskey in its purest form, without mixing it with other drinks. Before use, it is never put in the refrigerator. It is ideal when at room temperature. For example, if Peerless Small Batch Bourbon is chilled too much, it will not convey the pleasant rye flavor and turn into a clumsy drink.

The dishes can be different, for example, rocks, glass or glenkern. The latter is considered the main glass for drinking whiskey, because. has an ideal shape and volume, especially for tasting.

No. 2. With water

Just a few drops of water can dramatically change the profile of bourbon. In this way, you will make the drink softer, and remove the pungency and excessive sharp notes of alcohol. Sweet notes will also begin to play brighter in it. Be careful with water if you’re not ready to dilute the flavor.

No. 3. With ice

Many connoisseurs enjoy chilled Peerless Small Batch with one or two ice cubes. It is better to use whole balls or large pieces, then the ice will melt slowly, and the bourbon will not have time to cool too much. If you use ice crush (shavings), then the melting will occur faster and the drink will become “watery”.

No. 4. In a cocktail

Mixologists often use bourbon to make cocktails. It gives an unusual, stylish, and aromatic drink in combination with a variety of ingredients. This method allows you to appreciate the broad profile of the bourbon itself in more detail. The brightest traditional representatives of the cocktail menu: Manhatten, Mint Julep, Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour, Boulevardier.

No. 5. Using gastronomic combinations of products

Bourbon has also found wide use in gastronomy for the preparation of various dishes and sauces. It will add a delicious flavor to many of your favorite dishes. His profile perfectly adapts to any experiments. For example, you can add one of the Peerless Bourbon variants to pie, fish and meat sauce, candy, caramel, and marinade.

Bourbon tasting rules

Bourbon has been nicknamed the “Spirit of America” for a reason, as it has become an unshakable classic in the world of national spirits. He was loved and loved by the great jazz and blues performers, poets, and great public figures.

We can’t just pour 50 grams of Peerless Bourbon Small Batch into a glass and drink it. Many experts believe that all five senses are involved in the tasting. It is necessary to test each note of whiskey by ear, color, smell, taste, and touch.

Before you take your first sip, pay attention to:

  • label – here they reflect the purity of the bourbon and the raw materials from which it was made;
  • age – the older the drink, the better and deeper it tastes;
  • alcohol content – it can vary from 35% to barrel strength, the lower the percentage of alcohol, the softer the drink will be.

Whiskey tasting is a fascinating and interesting process, with experience it becomes even brighter. For example, when you try several varieties of bourbon at once, it is easier for you to learn how to distinguish them. You will immediately notice the difference between them, as opposed to evaluating them with a time difference.

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