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Top 15 Tall TV Stands & Entertainment Centers for Bedroom

What are the Best Tall TV Stands & Entertainment Centers for Bedroom is a common question that everyone is looking for answers.

Tall TV Stands

Who does not have a TV? There was a time where a house would only have a TV in the family or living room. However, many people, especially parents, now like to have a TV in their room. It is something adults now enjoy. After a long day of work or chores or putting the children to bed, you would want to unwind in your room, get in your cozy bed and watch your favorite movie or TV series. Is it not a great way to unwind after a busy day?

Tall TV Stands
Tall TV Stands

You can get a TV with features that suit you, but the main thing is where are you going to put it? A beautiful tall TV stand that not only looks great but has features that catch your eyes is what you want. A tall TV stand makes it easy for you to view your TV while you lay down.  Many elegant, sleek, and stylish tall TV stands have entered the market, from which you can choose.  It can get confusing to choose from the different models of TV stands you can get.  You would want to choose one that not only has the features you want but is also long-lasting, and at a reasonable price.

Take your measuring tape out before you begin your shopping spree. Consider your TV inches and how wide the TV stand you want for the space you have. Think about your space dimensions, TV size, and weight capacity, then decide on the design and appearance and get the one that catches or interests you the most, with its features. We have the best picks set out for you. These are the top 15 tall TV stands and entertainment centers for your bedroom, which will be affordable and give you the room a unique touch.

Hemudu Universal Floor TV Stand with Mount

Let us start our list with a sleek tall slim TV stand. A tall TV stand, which will not only hold your TV but will not require any drilling in the wall, will be a fabulous accessory to your bedroom. The Hemudu Universal Floor TV stand that has a mount does not require a lot of space and is convenient in many ways.

This tall slim TV stand, made of heavy-duty steel, to last you a long time to come. It has two shelves, also made of steel, and small holes drilled for heat dispersal. You can place your TV box or laptop on there and not worry about it overheating. A 10mm tempered glass, made of high quality not only keeps the stand firmly in place with rubber feet but also adds a sleek look to the whole stand.

Hemudu multifunctional TV stand has three features that you will be grateful for:

  1. You get eight height level adjustments to choose from to help you not strain your neck.
  2. You can swivel the mount 50 degrees to the left or right, so if you are cleaning your room and not want to miss anything, then swivel to where you are and continue watching.
  3. Lastly, swivel the TV 10 degrees upwards or 15 degrees downwards for a better viewing angle.

Apart from these three useful features, there are a few other functions that one will surely love. The tall TV stand for flat screens has a safety lock to hold it in place, so you will not have to worry about it falling. Furthermore, it has a cable management system that will hide all your cords and give an overall tidy appearance.

You can place it in the corner or the middle of your room, as it will stand admirably anywhere. This tall TV stand for flat screens will hold any TV from any manufacturer that is between 19 to 42 inches. It offers remarkable features and functions, with an easy to assemble process. Why miss your chance of buying an amazing cheap tall TV stand?

Convenience Concepts Designs2Go Highboy TV

Are you on a budget and looking for something under 100 dollars? Do you want a narrow tall TV stand, with storage and style? If yes is your answer, then the Designs2GO Highboy TV stand by Convenience is the perfect TV stand for you.  Convenience Concepts are known for designing furniture that is easy to assemble, affordable, and will look great with any interior design.

Designs2Go Highboy tall TV console has a pressed wood material. However, do not be put off, thinking that it is a cheap material, as it got made with the thought of giving the customers a sturdy, reliable piece of furniture.  It has a mixture of black and white finish. The whole TV stand apart from the cabinet doors is white. The cabinet doors made of glossy plastic are in black color.  The material used not only gives a modern finish but is durable and will guarantee to enhance your bedroom style.

The feature that many buyers would like about this TV stand is the fact of how tall it is. Many reviews have said that it helped them see the TV clearly without straining their neck when laying down in their bed.  This tall TV cabinet with doors has a height of 36.25 inches. It might be tall, but at the same time, it is narrow and will not get in your way with its 15.75-inch width. Furthermore, this tall TV console has three shelves for you to put your TV components, or gaming systems, or even just a few decoration pieces. It also has cabinets, which gives you the option of having the doors attached or not.  Lastly, the most useful feature is it is easy to assemble a piece of furniture that requires no extra tools, so no headaches or handyman needed.

Our final verdict on this furniture is that it may be a bit cheap looking for many, but if you have less space or wish to put a TV stand in your child’s bedroom, then this tall TV console is the one you should buy.  It has storage space and a simple design. It is small, will hold firm in its place, and more importantly, it is a cheap piece of furniture.

Tall Traditional Wood Universal Stand By Walker Edison

Walker Edison is popular with its modern, stylish, and effortlessly assemble furniture.  This traditional tall media cabinet by Walker Edison is a perfect piece of elegant furniture one can have in their bedroom.  Who would not want a traditional sturdy and high-standing piece of furniture placed firmly in the corner of their room? I am sure if you’re still reading, then it has caught your attention as it did ours.

This beautifully crafted tall wood TV stand made of high-grade MDF and long-lasting laminated material accommodates any TV up to 42 inches. You can choose from three different finishes; expresso, black, and a traditional light brown. It will not take too much space and will complement any type of decor. Over, it has a slight glossy finish, which gives it a sharp appearance.

Who does not appreciate extra storage, no matter where it is? You get more spacious storage in this tall media cabinet. You get two open shelves in the middle for you to put decorations, frames or TV box and two narrow cabinets on the side, for your CDS, DVDs or books and lastly smooth gliding draw for any other TV accessory you wish to hide, for a tidy look. It features a cable management system, with holes in the back for easy access, and so you don’t have cords all over the place. Furthermore, no need to get worried thinking about the assembly, and it ships ready to assemble with clear instructions.

Our thought on this traditional tall wood TV stand is that you get an exceptional, firm TV stand, which spacious storage and all without taking too much room.  It will give you a place to put your TV and all its components without it looking messy. Furthermore, you can choose any color to go with your bedroom furniture, especially if you have a traditional decor theme. A great deal for a great price you will be getting.

Tangkula Wood TV Stand

A versatile tall entertainment cabinet, with a multipurpose use and an ample sleek finish, is the Tangkula Wood TV Stand that one would want to check out. Imagine a brown functional TV stand that will look good with any room decor, no matter where you put it, whether in your living room, bedroom, or guestroom, will look exceptional and take overall less space.

This tall TV cabinet with doors, manufactured using MDF board and Pine wooden legs, is steady and reliable for its durability. It got constructed with the idea of giving buyers an elegant piece of furniture that will be compatible with any type of decor.

Four solid pine wood legs hold the tall solid wood TV stand in place while adding the durability it needs to carry the whole thing. Vintage knobs made of metal give the cabinets a unique yet simple touch, and the cabinets with magnet door hinges make it not only easy to open and close the cabinet but adds the needed elegance also. It is the perfect piece of furniture for anyone wanting a sleek, smooth home display item.

This tall TV cabinet with doors features three middle open shelves and has further two shelves behind each cabinet door for all the storage you need.

The cabinet doors made using a mixture of wood with tempered glass give the cabinet a chic look. It has small helpful features that will help to make the look last longer like it has a scratch proof and corrosion resistance surface, it’s also easy to clean and can hold a large capacity of thing.

Someone with a TV up to 45 inches and wanting a TV stand for their bedroom that is functional, saves space, and gives an organized look, then this Tangkula Multifunctional storage cabinet is for you. This tall TV cabinet is made to last you a long time to come without losing its original look.

Sliding Barn Door TV Stand by Pamari Wrangler

A must-buy tall TV console with a rustic, countryside-constructed piece of furniture is the Pamari Wrangler TV stand. If you want to add a touch of a combination of modern and traditional to your room decor, then this product is for you. It is a beautifully finished tall solid wood TV stand that you should not miss out on.

Pamari Wrangler TV stand has a sturdy design with an outlook of a rustic barn. It is a 32-inch high TV stand, making it perfect for bedrooms, as viewing the TV from the bed would be comfortable and not strain the neck.  The barn doors are the most attractive design of this tall TV console.

Furthermore, you can choose from four different colors for this traditional rustic finish TV stand to fit in with your room decor.

Apart from the most noticeable feature are the sliding barn doors, which glides smoothly on a metal slide railing system, it provides you with a lot of storage space. There are a total of nine shelves, in 3 by 3 columns. You get the option of choosing which part of the cabinet you wish to cover with the sliding barn door.

You can cover the middle compartment or side ones, or you can see the messiest section is and conceal it for when guests are coming.  It also consists of a cable management system, with holes cut out for easy access and to hide the messy cords, and have the option of putting your devices on any shelf you want.

This tall rustic TV stand with a beautiful traditional barn finish is not only sturdy but will add a fabulous touch to your room. It may be a bit difficult for one person to assemble it, so ensure you have help ready.  This Pamari Wrangler sliding door-styled TV stand will catch the attention of everyone.

Rustic Wood and Glass Fireplace TV Stand by Walker Edison

To create a cozy environment, we have always seen that having a fireplace is almost a must. Even in cartoons, the snuggest room had a fireplace. However, adding a fireplace to your bedroom is expensive, and if you are living in an apartment, it is impossible. So, what about getting a tall entertainment center with a built-in fireplace? If that caught your attention, then we have the rustic wood fireplace stand by Walker Edison, a perfect furniture piece to add to your bedroom.

This tall rustic TV stand comes in seven amazing colors that you can choose.  Walker Edison constructed this TV stand using high-grade MDF and gave it a durable laminated finish for a smoother design. This tall TV stand for 60 inch TV has an electric fireplace in the middle to give your room a cozy, homey ambiance. Moreover, the construction got made with the assurance that it lasts for years to come and well-built.

The astounding fireplace feature does not only give a fireplace look. It heats up to 400 square feet if you wanted.  You can choose heat and the LED design, or choose just one, like for hot days, switch on only the LED Flames. It requires no extra handyman or electricians, as it is easy to assemble and plug it in, and the fireplace starts.

It has storage open and closed storage: two open shelves on the top and a cabinet on each side of the fireplace, giving you more than enough storage to place your media or TV components and anything else you would want.

We cannot think of a more homey addition one can have in their bedroom. This tall TV stand for 60 inch TV, with a fireplace, gives you something different to add to your room. Whether you want it for the heat or the heat ambiance, it all depends on you.

Imagine yourself, on a cold winter day with this fireplace on and you laying on your bed with the lights off, watching your favorite Christmas movie. Sounds perfect?

TAVR 4-Tiers TV Stand with Mount.

Do you want a tall TV stand for a 55-inch TV that has a mounting bracket attached? What is more convenient than having a TV stand that will hold your TV firmly at a height that will give you a clear view of the TV? The TAVR 4-Tier TV stand is the simplest yet smoothest design you can get. It is suitable for any TV that is up to 55-inch and weighs 110lbs.

The simple designed narrow-tall TV stand has four shelves made of thick tempered glass. The glass used is matte, not give a too extra glossy look. There are three rods that not only present the stand with the support it needs but also make it sturdy and firm, so you will not worry about the TV falling on you or over.

The construction is in a wide to slim shape, where the front is wide and gets slim at the back, for your convenience if you wish to put it in a corner.

This tall TV stand with mount gives four open shelves to put in your audio, video, and TV components. It also has wire management solutions that not only organize wires and the cords but hide them at the back, which is better than not having to worry about tripping over cords.

The TV stand has a built-in mount, so no drilling any walls or doing extra work. It has safety lock screws to hold the TV in place, ensuring it doesn’t fall or slip. The feature that we loved is how you can adjust the height from 51-inches to 56-inches to meet your bed height requirement, so whether you’re sitting or laying down, you can view the TV easily.

Furthermore, you can swivel the mount in a 45-degree direction on each side, so wherever you are, you can swivel the TV and watch it without missing a thing.

Who would not want a more than 50 inches tall TV stand with mount, height adjustment, and swivel feature? Exciting and getting your interest? If YES, then ensure that you will not regret this purchase for your bedroom.

Sauder Beginnings TV Stand

Sauder, have you heard of this company? Or are you a lover of buying sustainable furniture? Sauder is an American Company that is family-owned and known for making all its product in America, using a sustainable process in each step, from the electricity they use to the material they use. The Sauder Beginnings for 40 inches tall TV stand interested us with its simple look and its manufacturing process.

This narrow-tall TV stand has a beautiful highland oak surface. Sauder manufactured it using strong, durable engineered wood, using high-quality trimmings and post-milling leftovers. The elegant design with a height of 21.3-inches, a width of 15-inches, and a length of 39-inches gives you a tall, narrow lengthy designed TV stand.

It is suitable for any TV up to 42-inches and weighs around 70lbs. The structure of this tall solid wood TV stand makes it great to put in your bedroom, your children, or your guestroom.

You get seven open storage spaces, nothing complicated or over artistic, just simple seven storage spaces for you to put your family pictures, decorations, books, media components on.

The shelves are adjustable, so you can decide the height you want between each or leave them out completely if that is what suits you. Furthermore, it has easy cable management, easy access to the cords, and all at the back, so no cord or cable mess at the front.

When we first saw this tall slim TV stand, we had to include it on our list, as it gives us an item of traditional furniture vibe, with its design and color. It does not have any modern touches or anything new it is a simple open-aired design that one would not want to miss on.

Monarch Specialties Taupe TV Stand

Are you a fan of furniture that has a chic modern design, inspired by art-deco furnishings? One of the most stylish tall TV stands is the Monarch Specialties. If you want an eye-catching, spectacular design to put in your bedroom, then this would be one for you to consider. Moreover, it will not hurt your bank.

This tall TV stand with drawers, made using a thick MDF board, and Melamine ensures to give you a solid, reliable piece of furniture. Monarch Specialties designed this furniture, having been inspired by art-deco. It will enhance the decor of your bedroom, without looking too overcrowded or too extra.

It offers a simple reclaimed look finish. The melamine layer makes this tall TV stand water and dust-resistant, so it will not lose its glossy look with time. You can choose from three amazing colors: white, Dark Taupe, or Cappuccino.

You get three open shelves and a spacious drawer for things you wish to conceal. The shelves, having been constructed in a C shape design, for a different appearance.

The drawer is one side out of the way, not spoiling the outlook. It is not only tall but long also. So if you wish to put a tall entertainment stand on a wall which is around 12-inches or more, then this would not only fit nicely but will also look great.

If you have been looking for a TV stand for your bedroom that is long, has open storage with a glossy, clean look, then the Monarch TV stand is for you. We like it for its art-deco-inspired design as it’s a different look from what you would normally get when looking for a TV stand.

Convenience Concepts Big Sur Highboy TV Stand

Another Convenience Concepts TV stand that we had to add was the Big Sur Highboy TV Stand. It is one of the most conventional tall TV stands for bedroom, which one can buy for a smaller TV. So, if you live in a compact place, or an apartment, and wish to place a TV in your room, then getting a small TV and this TV stand would be a perfect choice.

Why? Because it will take less space and give you the length you need to place the TV on and view it without straining your neck.

For a refreshing touch to your room decor, this modern traditional style tall TV stand is the one to buy. The clean lines and the exquisitely contrasting finish will grab everyone’s attention. This tall solid wood TV stand crafted using solid pine with a gorgeous birch Verner finish and tempered clear glass makes it durable and easy to sustain. Once in use, it will become your favorite piece of furniture for sure.

This 40-inch tall TV stand offers you the storage you may need, with holes cut at the back for easy cable and cord access, to be done all at the back and cable mess at the front.

It has one open shelf on the top and two shelves at the bottom that get concealed with the tempered-designed double cabinet doors. The cabinets have smooth round knobs and hinges to not only add to the elegant design but to make it easy to open and close it without sound.

This product is not only loved by us but by many other customers also. Many reviews have said that they would buy it again and recommend it to family and friends. This Big Sur Highboy TV Stand is easy to assemble and worth the buy.

Farmhouse Wood Corner TV Stand By Walker Edison

Do you want to buy a tall corner cabinet with doors, to put in your bedroom for your TV? Something that has a minimalistic design but will look exceptional. The farmhouse, wood corner TV stand by Walker Edison will give you these features if that is what you want.

You can choose from ten different colors, to see that one that matches your room the best.  Walker Edison crafted this 50-inch tall TV stand using high-grade and quality MDF, with a durable laminate finish and a wood graining detailing.

It has two double-door cabinets made with tempered glass panels, which give you a combination of transitional and modern farmhouse style. It saves space while giving you a TV stand that is both functional and artless. Do not be put off by that word, as it means it’s the most basic design you can get.

Two large shelves constructed in this tall entertainment cabinet give you the storage space you need, with doors to hide and give it an overall neat look. It has no extra features or anything extra. However, if you are a person that likes uncomplicated things, then this TV stand is for you.

You might be thinking, why add a design like this to your list? The thing is, we like how the design has a homey, pure appearance, which adds a beautifully simple touch to any room you put it in. Imagine your TV on a TV stand that has a simple design, nothing messy, nothing over, nothing complicated.

SimpliHome Acadian Solid Wood TV Stand

A tall TV stand with drawers, which has rich color and a wonderful close to authentic wood feeling material, is the Acadian SimpliHome TV stand. If you wish to add a beautiful glossy rustic look to your room, then you can consider this item.

SimpliHome is one of the most fabulous tall TV stands for a bedroom you can get, with construction using pure Acadian wood, making it not only more attractive but more popular than competitors’ items. Moreover, the stand has a Dark color finish, which adds more elegance to the wood structure. To provide an extra shield, it even has an NC lacquer coating.

This tall entertainment cabinet has the durability and long-lasting shine that one would want in their furniture. Furthermore, the dense structure can hold a TV that is heavyweight, without a problem or collapse.

This TV stands tall, with a few useful storage features. It has two drawers, two side cabinets with three shelves on each side concealed using tempered glass cabinet doors.

It also has two open shelves in the middle, which give you the option of removing the middle one or adjusting its height to meet your component’s height.  Overall, you can store many things on the stand. Also, for the ease of the user, it has cord management cutouts at the back for easy media and TV installation.

The ideal tall TV stand for 65-Inch TV the SimpliHome. It has small details that add elegance to the whole construction, like grooved sides, and tapered legs, and rounded square knobs brushed with nickel. Sounds elegant, looks elegant, and adds elegance to the room decor. Isn’t that what a person wants?

Walker Edison Mid Century TV Stand

The mid-century TV stand from Walker Edison, with tapered legs, is an item you would not want to miss out on it.  To add a vintage touch to your bedroom, this tall TV stand for 65 inch TV is an ideal choice. It not only looks appealing but has a divinely designed structure.

Walker Edison designed this tall Tv stand for the 65-inch TV, with a mid-century design, because of how popular it has become. It not only fits any decor but also adds a sleek touch. It measures 60 x 16 x 25 inches and has adjustable rubber pads connected to the slanted legs to prevent it from sliding and for adjustment on an unleveled floor.

It can hold any TV up to 65-Inches, and its weight capacity is 205-pounds. Overall it has a minimalist modern design that will appeal to anyone and go with anything.

This tall TV stand crafted using a mixture of wood, glass, and metal creates a beautiful look. It has two open shelves in the middle, with one shelf made of tempered glass, which you can adjust or remove, whatever suits you. It also has side cabinets with two shelves for you to put things that you wish to conceal. Furthermore, you get a choice of 11 different beautiful colors that you can pick from.

It might not seem like much, but the finished product in any room would add a gorgeous vintage ambiance to it. If you are a lover of vintage items, then this would be the one to buy, without a doubt.

Tribesigns Vintage TV Stand

Do you consider yourself to be a minimalist person who likes simple, offhand designed furniture? Or are you an artsy person, who likes to create and design things for their furniture themself? If yes to either, then we have the Tribesigns industrial TV stand for you.

This tall narrow TV stand has an industrial style design, which is in trend these days. It will add a touch of vintage industrial notion no matter where you put it. It got constructed using particleboard that is 0.58-inch thick, which enhances durability and strength.

Furthermore, sturdy metal with 0.98 thicknesses holds the whole thing. The frame is made of this thick steel to ensure a more weight baring product that will last a lifetime.

This tall TV stand has four open shelves to provide the storage you need, whether it’s for clutter, books, magazines, or TV components. It is an open canvas, and by that we mean, you can leave it as it is or add touches of your own and turn it into something you like.  You can add lights, or cushions, or baskets as it’s an open canvas, and if you want something simple, then you can leave it as it is.

Overall the Tribesigns Vintage Industrial TV stand with a gold and white finish is yours to do whatever you wish. Now, furniture that you can transform to your liking is always attractive. So, whether your artistic or not, both ways you can put this stand into conventional use.

Perlesmith Mobile TV Cart with Wheels

How do you find the concept of having one of the astonishing moving tall TV stands for bedroom? The Perlesmith Mobile TV Cart is a modern, unique new styled design for people looking to shift their TV anywhere they want. The last item is moveable, which we found as a great feature.

This portable TV stand has a sturdy and smart design. It has a 20.8”x 15.7” base and

four wheels with locking features, so you can move it to anywhere you like and clasp it into place. It is the perfect item for people with two portion houses. You can keep this cart upstairs and move it to any room you want; yours, your children, your office, or even the guestroom if needed.

It ensures to give buyers stability and durability. This tall TV stand for 55 inch TV or less, is compatible with all types of TV weighing up to 55lbs.

For storage, this tall TV stands for the flat screen has a tray with adjustable features to hold your DVD Player, gaming device, or laptop. You can adjust it from 12-inches to 24-inches from the floor. Furthermore, you can adjust the height of the TV mount to the best viewing feature for you. Overall it has a firm, sturdy hold so that your TV does not fall, and when locked, it stays in one place.

If you cannot afford to buy a TV and TV stand for every room, then this mobile TV cart by Perlesmith is the product for you. This TV stands tall and gives the buyers the advantage of moving the TV anywhere, without much effort.

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Final Thoughts

The top 15 tall TV stands & Entertainment center for the bedroom list we created was for people who find it confusing or challenging to find the best TV stand. We would hope that you now got the idea and purchase a TV stand, which will give you a better viewing experience and add a glamorous touch to your room.

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