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15 Best Table Under Mounted TV

TV mounts are becoming a popular thing now a day. People prefer to mount their TV to the wall for a theater feel or because they can adjust the height and tilt to view the TV better without lights coming in the way. The only problem that one might face when it comes to having a TV mount on the wall, is the space you are left with below the TV and no place to put your TV-related components, your media or gaming systems, which can cause inconvenience and the empty floor space does nothing good for you. How to decorate around a TV stand?

That is where we come in. We have researched and come up with the best TV stands, cabinets, and consoles and put them all together into this list.  Having a table under wall-mounted TV can be helpful in many ways. It covers the floor space, gives you storage space, which you don’t have to use for only TV components. The thing with TV stands is that they will adjust nicely to any room, whether it is large or small, or is the living room, office, or bedroom. So, why leave that floor place empty?


1. Modway Render Mid-Century Modern TV Stand

A mid-century TV stand has a well-built structure with tapered legs. If you want a vintage feel or touch to your living room, then the Modway Render modern low-profile TV stand is a good choice to buy. It has an expensive feel even though it costs less than 200 dollars. This vintage-styled media console table with storage will look appealing yet wondrous.

Modway Render modern low-profile TV stand has clean, splayed lines and profile. It is a handy, less space for taking a piece of furniture.  It has a frame made of particle board with a walnut grain veneer finish, with sumptuous accented sliding doors. It has enough space with a robust structure.  Having cable management is always a plus point, and this beautiful piece has holes that partially keep your cables hidden and give them easy access to the outlet behind the stand. It has two shelves, which you can adjust to your need, which if you want, you can hide by closing the slatted doors shut. It is a low profile, meaning it has a 17-inch height and is, so if you are tall or prefer tall things, then this product isn’t for you.

A piece of furniture that will not take a lot of space, especially if you live in an apartment, compact place, or a dorm then, this cabinet under wall-mounted TV will be a great pick for you.  It has a design that allows you not to worry because it will complement nicely with all kinds of decor.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Slatted sliding door
  •  Amazing construction
  • Has an expensive feel


  • Does not have much storage space
  • Low profiling/small

2. Kings Brand Furniture Dedham Chrome Metal with Glass Shelves

Kings Brand furniture gives you products that will make your room have a royalty feel. Who would not want that? This modern TV stand décor idea has an innovative, new design that will give your room a unique touch but with a minimal design is what we think of as a perfect table under a wall-mounted TV. The Kings Dedham Chrome furniture is something that looks expensive but costs less than 150 dollars. Again, who would not want that?

This creative TV stand idea has a chrome finish with added tempered black glass, will go with both art or modern deco aesthetics. The metal used is curved to give it a half-circle shape with wide legs, to ensure that you get a firm TV stand that will stay in place. Even though the overall design is compact, that does not stop it from giving three storage shelves made of tempered black glass to accommodate decorations, TV, media, or gaming elements.

Quick and easy to assemble is always a plus point. It does have a small dimension that measures 38 x 18 x 24 inches, making it not a great TV media console if you have a large TV or Large space. However, if you have a TV up to 42 inches and live in a compact place, then this would be the perfect addition to your room. It is a stylish TV stand that you can get to put under your mounted TV.


  • Affordable
  • Modern
  • Easy to Assemble


  • Small Stand
  • No cable management

3. Modway Transmit Modern Mid-Century

You might be wondering what TV stand ideas for a small living room? You are living in a compact place and have a living room, which doesn’t allow you to have a lot of furnishings, but you have a TV on your wall and all this space underneath it, what do you do? You look for a TV stand to put it under the TV, which does not take a lot of space and gives you storage space in which you can put in all your personal or TV-related things. It is a perfect TV storage idea for small spaces.

The Modway Transmit Mid-Century low profile console table under wall-mounted TV is the perfect choice for you if you can relate to the above scenario.  With a spectacular organic aesthetic, with rounded corners and a flared profile, the retro-modern console table under the TV stand will transform your room. Modway made this TV stand using a particleboard frame with walnut grain laminate and has a white lacquered full-extension drawer.  Two shelves and one drawer give you open and closed storage.  Furthermore, it has a cable management hole for easy access to the outlets. It has splayed and tapered legs to give you the whole retro design.

Add a clean look to your room, and make it easy to clean under as well. A TV up to 55 inches will look perfect on top of this TV stand. Buyers claim it to be easy to assemble and takes no more than 20 minutes to assemble. Moreover, It has a sturdy, firm structure, and buyers loved what they got for this price.


  • Expensive look at an affordable price
  • Drawer
  • Choose from two different sizes


  • Too low for some people
  • Might be too small for some living rooms

4. Walker Edison Furniture Fireplace TV Stand

Having a fireplace always adds a cozy, homey feel to a room’s ambiance. However, for a fireplace, you need a chimney, but that is not always the option, like when you live in an apartment or when you do not want to go through the whole construction mess and money spending. The table to put under wall mounted TV we have for you; you get a heating source and TV stand, both in one.

Only if one could the fireplace ambiance, and look by using an outlet, right? Well, now you can. The Walker Edison furniture fireplace TV stand does exactly that. WE gives you a spectacular fireplace that will not only give you the appearance but also heat up to 400sq.ft.Furthermore, you have four shelves for storage, and it’s up to you whether you want to put decorative pieces, TV components, books, or CDS. You can also adjust the shelves to your liking. This console table under the TV has a mix of traditional style and rustic farmhouse look. It has a simple yet classic design, which will look great under a TV up to 70 inches. No need for technicians, or electricians, as it will work into any standard outlet.

Imagine sitting in your living room with a movie playing on the TV, and a fireplace ambiance underneath it, with the lights dimmed, isn’t that just perfect? If it is, then what is the wait? Buy this marvelous creative TV stand idea of a cabinet with a fireplace.


  • Has a built-in the fireplace
  • Heats your room
  • Solid/practical
  • Various colors you can choose from


  • Large
  • On the heavy side

5. Fitueyes Wall Mounted Media Console

You have a mounted TV and want to put a TV stand under it, but something that leaves the floor space clear and also mounts to the wall like the TV, like a floating TV stand, then the Fitueyes wall mounted media console is a fantastic option to choose. A simple design with a floating shelf under the TV makes it minimal yet stylish and frees up valuable floor space, excellent if you have children or pets.

This floating shelf under TV made with MDF gives it a sturdy, stable construction, and the rounded corners; protect you from getting injured if you or your children collide with it. The high-quality wood makes it not only sturdy but durable and can support more weight. A cable management design; holes made one the end of the shelves to keep your messy cables in place and hide them at the same time. Furthermore, when cleaning, you can cover the cable hole to clean it better and easier. It gives three open storage spaces, where you can put decorations, remotes, a projector, a DVD player, a TV box and so on.

Some might be skeptical of buying it, with the fear that it will fall or not stand firm in its place. If that is something you fear, then we can assure you that nothing like that will happen, as it has brackets with tightly fitted screws to ensure that it stays firmly in one place. The Fitueyes wall-mounted media console has a simple perfect design and a TV stand décor item to ensure that the floor place under your TV stays clear and at the same time provides you with storage space.


  • Saves Floor space
  • Intimate protection
  • Cable management with covers


  • Not so great assembly instructions
  • Takes a while to assemble

6. Monarch Specialties White with 1 Drawer

Having art-deco-inspired furniture always adds a stylish modern touch to a room. If you are willing to spend just under 150 dollars for a unit wall-mounted TV, then the Monarch Specialties White with one drawer TV stand is something you should consider buying. It has an eye-catching, spectacular design and comes in three amazing colors you could choose from. You can get it in White, Dark taupe, or cappuccino.

The use of the MDF board makes the console table with storage more strong and substantial. Furthermore, the melamine layer on top makes it water and dust-resistant, plus you can use it in any setting and clean it using a damp soft cloth or paper towel. It has three shelves of different sizes and in different places with one spacious drawer for you to put things you wish not to hide.  Each shelf has 47 inches in length, and the height of the top shelf to the middle shelf is 6.5 inches and from the middle shelf to the bottom shelf is 9 inches. The storage draw has a 12-inch length and 11-inch depth, and 8.5 inches in height.

A decorating under a wall-mounted TV console table with a storage unit accommodates all TV sizes and will look exception wherever you put it, whether it’s the living room, den, or basement. It will not fade over time, and the silver feet lift it from the floor to give you enough space to clean from under without extra effort.


  • Art-deco style design
  • Thick panels
  • Hollow MDF board
  • Easy to maintain


  • Doesn’t have a glossy finish
  • Hard to assemble

7. Martin Svensson Home Aspen

The best rustic designed furniture under a wall-mounted TV, which is easy and quick to assemble, taking less than 10 minutes, is the Martin Svensson Home Aspen. It has a steady, resolute construction, which will last you a long time to come.  It has an overall farmhouse-style console under a wall-mounted TV appearance, with a sawn wood texture, making it beautiful.

New Zealand pine is what made the Martin Aspen TV stand. It has a blend of the farmhouse, distressed loft, and rustic looks. Instead of using glass, they have added mesh-style windows to the side doors, which not only give it a unique look but also protect your stored things from insects and airborne debris. It has cutouts for cable management to not only organize but to conceal the wires. It has two sliding barn door styles for the middle two shelves. Furthermore, it has a fantastic feature, which allows you to completely remove the shelves or adjust it to give you various storage options to meet your needs. To give you the surety that it will not tip over, it comes with an anti-tip kit.

This cabinet under wall mounted TV has a beautiful antique white finish and will go with all types of decor. Its small yet effective features make it a useful piece of furniture to put under your mounted TV.  Buyers have had good things to say about its sturdiness, stability, and style.  They loved the barn style with the anti-tip kit, making it amazing if you have children or pets.


  • Has mesh/metal side doors
  • Amazing cable management
  • Removable and adjustable shelves
  • Made using solid pine wood


  • Heavy
  • Two-man job for assembly

8. SIMPLIHOME Kitchener Solid Wood Tall TV Stand

If you are willing to splurge money to get a perfect contemporary style Tall TV stand with various storage spaces, then the Simply home Kitchener is what you should consider. It is a wide, tall TV stand with will implement ideally under a 55 inch TV.  A media console that will blend nicely with all types of furniture and color rooms that you may have.

The best furniture is the one that can blend with all décor and is spectacular to look at; in short, it’s the Simpli home Kitchener. Handcrafted using the most exquisite quality pine wood, with clean lines and a durable structure, which will ensure it lasts you years to come. This under TV table idea has a hand-finished with a stain in dark walnut and protective NC lacquer to emphasize and highlight the grain and its uniqueness. It has two open shelves with cable management holes at the back for all your TV, media related components. This under TV storage cabinets has three central draws with metal glide for you to put things like your remote, gaming consoles, and such small things, which often create a mess in it.  Lastly, it has two side cabinets with tempered glass doors and two shelves on each side, where the middle shelf you can adjust or remove if needed, making it a prominent place for you to store books, decorations, and so on.

An extra-wide and high under tv storage cabinet is great for people who want a lot of storage under their TV and something that will complement nicely under their TV, up to 60 inches. This Simpli Home Kitchener TV stand is a bit expensive, but it is worth the buy.


  • Contemporary style
  • Solid pine wood construction
  • A lot of storage space
  • Glass doors


  • Can take a hour or more to assemble


Are you a minimalist kind of person? Do you like things that have a simple, effortless design, with nothing complicated? Are you looking for furniture with a finish of credenza for under wall mounted TV? You have all that floor left under your mounted TV, and now you are looking for something which has a simple yet stylish look and will look great under your TV. If that is the case, then the VASAGLE TV table stand is for you.

The under TV storage shelf table has a simple industrial style, with rustic brown shelves and a steel matt black frame, giving your TV space a rustic, cozy atmosphere. It has a design to provide you with strongly structured furniture. Storage is not a problem, as it has three large wide shelves.  The top two shelves, made of particleboard with a load capacity of 132.3 pounds each, and the third shelf, made of mesh, has a load capacity of 22 pounds.  You not only get shelves with lots of storage place, but you also get shelves that can hold a lot of weight, which is a plus point. To make it durable and robust, it has six steel leg frame and an X design on both sides to ensure it has strength and will not collapse on you.

The little features are what counts, as this table to put under the wall-mounted TV has adjustable feet, which allows you to adjust them on uneven floors. Overall a great pick for someone who has a 70 inch TV.


  • Three large wide shelves
  • Has a lot of load capacity
  • Adjustable feet
  • Sturdy and strong


  • No cable management
  • Only one color option

10. Walker Edison Minimal Farmhouse

Are you looking for under TV storage ideas? The first Walker Edison TV stand we included had a fireplace, and if you know Walker Edison, then you know they have many great products, and if it could, we would love to mention all of their products. However, for now, the second product that we like was the Walker Edison Minimal Farmhouse TV stand. This furniture under wall mounted TV is simple, stylish, and does not take too much space or be heavy on your pocket.

Walker Edison made this product using a high-grade certified MDF to give their consumers furniture that is long-lasting and durable. It adds character and gives you simple, aesthetically pleasing furniture, which will display and catch your personality. Furthermore, if you are someone who loves clean-lined and appearing furniture, then this you will love. You can choose from eight amazing colors, and get the one that suits your room.  You get spacious storage space, with four shelves, which are 25-inch long. You can take the middle shelf, or adjust it to a different height if you wish to put something long. Each shelf space has cable management holes at the back for a cleaner look and easy access from the cords to the outlets.  Overall, its dimensions are 24″ H x 58″ L x 16″ W, making it a good size that supports 250 pounds of load and will look great under a TV up to 65 inches.

Walker Edison is a TV stand which you can use for many purposes. You do not necessarily have to put it under a TV. If you want, you can put it in your hallway, your bedroom, and its sturdiness and firmness mean you can even put it in your children’s room.


  • Many colors to choose from
  • Minimal farmhouse design
  • Looks great


  • Not enough wood glue you get with it

11. South Shore Munich Mounted Media Console

Floating shelf under TV is a trend that is in these days. It not only looks great but saves floor space. The South Shore Munich wall mounted media console is a strong, easy to assemble furniture. It’s ideal furniture for someone who wants a minimalist living room interior. It is an amazing addition, which has a modern design, functions, and enough storage space.

If you want your room to have an atmospheric look, then this wall mounted media console is what you should buy. It has an industrial design made with particleboard, metal handle, and contrasting metal brackets. Three adjustable shelves, constructed to hold your electronics, sound system, consoles, and anything you want. Furthermore, suddenly guests are coming, and you get no time to clean a messy part of the console, then you can slide the door to the messy part and conceal it. Moreover, it has small cubic storage shelves on each side, where you can store your DVDs, CDS, and books. It will not hold your TV but will look great under a TV up to 75-inch screen TV.

You may be wondering if I put electronics, then what about the cords? It has easy cord management, which features holes, which allow the cords to go through it and not leave a trailing mess. You can get this floating TV stand knowing that your purchase has a five-year warranty. You can assemble it easily, but you will need another person to give you a hand when you have to mount your shelf. It is whole new modern TV stands decore idea.


  • Rustic clean design
  • Perfect combination of wood and metal
  • Easy to install and assemble


  • Heavy

12. Tangkula Wood TV Stand

Who would not want a multifunction TV stand? Do you wish to have an under TV storage cabinet that will give you enough storage space and become likable furniture, which looks cutesy and simple? Are you thinking what to put under wall mounted TV in bedroom? Do you want a one of the best TV stand ideas for small living room?  If yes, then do have a look at the Tangkula wood TV stand.  It will not take a lot of space and give you a functional, resolute piece of furniture.

Tangkula under TV storage cabinet has a beautiful simple, yet stylish design. It has a modern touch that will look great wherever you put it, with lovely green plants on top. You can fit this uniquely designed Tangkula TV stand in any housing space, and it will seamlessly match the surround of any decor, interior design, and furniture.  The dimensions are 43 x 16 x 30 inches and weigh 57 pounds. The tabletop can hold up to 66 pounds of weight.  It has three open shelves with the dimensions 15-inch length, 7.5-inch height, and 14.5-inch width. It also has two closed cabinets with two shelves for storage. The cupboard has vintage metal knobs, and a magnet base makes it easy to open and close the cabinet door. The cupboard doors made with tempered glass makes the door look chic.

The four solid pine wood legs make the whole thing steady, durable, and adds the stability the cabinet needs. This Tangkula Wood TV stand has a smooth, sleek finish and comes in a beautiful white elegant color and a chocolate brown color to choose.


  • Sturdy
  • Classic Design
  • Large storage space
  • Multi-function use


  • Comes in only two basic colors

13. Pamari Wrangler Sliding Barn Door TV Stand

A rustic, traditional countryside-inspired designed furniture is always a must-have.  It brings a mixture of traditional with a touch of a modern feel to a room. The Pamari Wrangler TV stand is a product you should get if you want a cabinet under your TV that has a traditional outlook.

The barn doors are the most noticeable feature of this stand.  These barn doors slide across the three columns styled shelves, in total giving you nine total shelves; within the three columns. The sliding doors give you the choice of deciding which compartment you wish to conceal, so if you have books and CDS on the sides, you can close the middle compartment and show off your collection.  The rail system made of metal is a feature, which gives the whole original barn door feel. It has an Ashland Pine and Sargent Oak rustic finish to make the farmhouse even more real.  It also has cable management holes behind each shelf, so you are not limited to where you put your devices.

You do not have to worry about it falling over or tipping, as it has a sturdy design with tipping kit hardware to hold it firmly in one place. It might be off-putting to some people because of its 32-ich height. However, if you have no issue with that, then this rustic barn-style cabinet will look great under your mounted TV.


  • Spacious storage space
  • Barn designed doors
  • Traditional rustic appearance


  • Taller than other

14. DEVAISE 2-Piece Versatile TV Stand

Who would not want one of the best modern TV stand décor ideas or a vest creative TV stand? A flexible and modular designed TV stand is the Devaise 2-piece Versatile TV stand, which will look great in a compact and large place.  You can customize it to fit any space and has more storage and display space than most TV stands.  Furniture, which you can change and create into different things, is always a plus point.

This clever-designed 2-piece TV stand enables you to reconfigure the individual pieces in many different ways, making them more flexible than many TV stands. You get two identical L-shaped shelving units, which means you can join them together in many ways and create something that you would like. It has open shelving, which gives you spacious storage to fill it will decoration pieces, books, TV components, and anything you would like. It has an easy assemble feature and takes no more than 30 minutes to put it all together.  The shelves but using hallow fiberboard and supported by honeycomb interior is more substantial than it sounds. Furthermore, you can adjust it, so it fits perfectly under a 45-65 inch TV. It is sturdy, durable, and is scratch and water-resistant.

This Devaise TV stand is the best unit for under wall-mounted TV. People who have all the floor space, often have a design of what they want to put there but never find it, well not with this furniture, you can make something that will suit your need and to your liking.


  • Innovative, unique design
  • You can configure the shelves to fit it best in the space you have
  • Easy to assemble


  • You have to get the hardware to secure the shelves separately
  • Come in two basic colors; white and black
  • No cable management

15. FURINNO Turn-N-Tube TV Stand

Often when there is a product list of some sort, most of the time, they do not add a product that is under 100 dollars, unless the basis of the article is that. We should not forget the people who are on a budget and what something that will look amazing and expensive under their TV. The Furinno Turn-N-Tube is the thing for them. So, if you are on a budget, then do not worry as we have got you covered.

The Furinno Turn-N-Tube is a piece of furniture that will add a fresh look to your room. It has a minimalist design with a clear-cut appearance, and the best part it takes only 10 minutes to put the whole thing together. It is the best piece for someone who is not that good at DIYs. This stand can withhold 60 pounds worth of weight because of its construction, made with medium dense engineered composite wood and PVC. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain and clean.  It has three large shelves with ventilation, allowing you to store devices without the worry of them overheating.

The open display rack, simple design, and the use of E1 grade composite wood make for a spectacular table under a wall-mounted TV.  It is lightweight and perfect for the price, so if you are on a budget, consider buying this stand.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Inexpensive
  • Simple open rack design


  • It is low


Whether you are looking for a mounted console or a table under a wall-mounted TV, we have you covered.  We would hope you find what you were looking for. Why leave the space under your mounted TV empty when you can add a cabinet or shelf and get extra storage. A space under the TV looks not only empty, but you get a feeling of something missing. You can add a nice rug with a beautiful storage stand or shelf.

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