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Smart Supplies and Essentials Required for Your Pet Bird

Birds are among the most widely kept pets in the United States, with some 9.9 million households keeping one between 2020 and 2021. And anyone who has had a pet bird will tell you they make brilliant additions to the family. Each species and even individual has unique traits and behaviors that make them fun at home. And depending on the species, birds may live from four years to as long as a hundred years.

But, how long your little (or big) feathered friend will live depends on many other factors.

The biggest factor is the bird’s general health. And that depends on their health biases, diet, habitat, and health treatment. That is why supplies for feeding, habitat, and medication are a must-have. But, most people don’t know how best to take care of their birds or what supplies they need to do so. So, if you’re one of such, be at ease.

You may already keep a bird, or you plan on doing so. We’re here to help you know what you need to keep your pet bird healthy and lively.

Essential Supplies for Your Pet Bird

As with any other living thing, taking care of a bird is a delicate affair. It takes care and informed use of all the needed supplies and extras. The bird supplies you will need to make sure your bird lives in health and comfort can be split into four classes:

  • Birdcage, accessories, and toys
  • Feeding and clean-up supplies
  • Food and Treats
  • Health and Grooming

We will look at each of these classes and their elements.

1. Cage, Accessories, and Toys

Cages are very crucial for small and medium birds. Ideally, bird cages should be as large as possible. This is because birds like to walk around and flap their wings.

Image Credits: Pexels

It is advised that the cage be at least wide enough for birds to flap their wings without hitting anything. It must also be tall enough for birds that have long tails. Plus, you want to have enough space to fit the needed cage accessories. Experts advise that the ideal cage length and width for small birds is 18 inches by 18 inches. For medium birds, the ideal minimum is 24 inches by 34 inches. For large birds like emus, though, you will need a much larger cage and lots of space for them to roam.

Cages should also be wider and longer than tall since tall cages tend to fall over easily.

Needed cage accessories and toys will depend on the type of bird, but the following are generally required for small and medium birds:

  • Ladders, swings, chew toys and perches for exercise
  • Bedding and Litters
  • Birdcage covers
  • Activity walls

2. Feeding and Clean-up Supplies

Bird feeding supplies are essential for comfortable bird feeding, and good clean-up supplies will ensure a healthy and clean habitat for your bird.

Now, the first thing you need to understand is that bird feeding and clean-up needs may vary from species to species. For example, an emu’s precise feeding and clean-up needs will differ to some degree from that of a parrot. Likewise, the exact kind of feeders needed for one bird may differ from that needed for another. Nevertheless, birds generally require the following feeding and clean-up supplies:

  • Feeders: The ideal type of feeders will vary from bird to bird. For instance, bigger birds like emus require larger and sturdier feeders. This can be anything from a large wooden or metal trough to just a good-size container. Smaller birds, on the other hand, will need more elaborate feeders. For birds the size of a goldfinch, tube-style feeders are usually recommended.
  • Waterers: Birds need a supply of clean and fresh water they can drink and bathe in. For this reason, birdbaths and watering troughs are necessary. Again, the type of watering equipment you need will differ according to what type of bird you’re keeping and the type of habitat. But in general, the bigger the bird, the larger the watering equipment.
  • Clean-up Supplies: Dried bird droppings quickly become powder and get airborne during cleaning. Wetting them with bactericides before cleaning will prevent this and kill any bacteria they may contain. Bactericides will also sanitize surfaces after clean-up and leave a clean small. Other necessary supplies include scoops, brushes, bags, and detergent.

3. Food and Treats

It is essential to give your bird a varied diet rich in essential nutrients. These will afford healthy skin, strong immune response, good feather production, and a generally positive mood. Now, in the wild, birds have access to a wide variety of foods like nuts, leaves, fruits, insects, etc. But in a domestic setting, they can mostly only eat what is available.

Therefore, you must make sure that what is available is as balanced as possible to ensure their continued health and nourishment.

To that effect, it is advised that you go for a natural blend of bird feed. These usually contain a blend of various types of:

  • Nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Seeds

You should also try electronectar for hummingbirds and other birds that feed on nectar.

4. Health and Grooming

Birds need regular grooming and medical attention to stay healthy like other pets. Birds in the wild may use their flight feathers for getting around while wearing down their nails by landing on rough edges. But, your domestic bird does not have such means available to it. It will require your assistance in grooming. The important supplies you need for grooming your bird are:

  • Sterile cotton swabs
  • Bird-specific nail clippers and files
  • Blood-stopping powder
  • Pair of scissors for trimming feathers
  • Tweezers to pull out accidentally cut blood feathers.
  • Bird shampoo
  • Sizable bath dish
  • Chew toys and cuttlebones to help them maintain a healthy beak.

The medical and health needs of your bird are also very important. Birds may get sick or injured due to accidents or harmful habitat conditions. Because of this, a bird first aid kit is an absolute necessity. A first aid kit will usually contain catheter syringes, gloves, and a thermometer, among other things. You should also stock up with a good array of drugs for common bird illnesses and injuries. Tablet cutters and medication needles are also good to have on hand.

Closing Remarks

Your pet bird’s health and well-being are important not just to it but also to you. When your bird is healthy and well cared for, it adds to the positive atmosphere of your home. On the other hand, when unhealthy and poorly cared for, it imperils your home’s positivity and puts you and your family at risk of contracting some infection or the other.

But, you’re now armed with the needed knowledge on bird supplies and their necessity. So, put this information to use now and savor the joy of your household pet.

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