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Steven Crowder Net Worth 2021 | Net Worth in 2021

If you love comedy or spend a lot of time watching YouTube, then you would probably know Steven Crowder, a Canadian-American actor steven crowder net worth of $3 million.

ProfessionActor, Comedian
BornJuly 1987, Detroit, Michigan

Steven Crowder, a dual-citizenship holder, is a comedian, actor, and political commentator.

Many would know him from the hosting he did on the YouTube show ‘Louder with Crowder.’ You may also know Steven Crowder as the person behind the popular meme ‘Change My Mind.’

If you know him or not, you have landed on this page because you want to know more about him.

If you want to know about Steven Crowder, his career, height, weight, personal life, and most importantly is steven crowder net worth in 2021, then continue reading.

We cover all the aspects we can to give you all the details we have on Steven Crowder.

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steven crowder net worth

Steven Crowder Birth/Family

Steven Crowder, full name is Steven Blake Crowder.

Steven Crowder was born in Michigan, U.S, on the 7th of July 1987.

However, when he was a toddler, his family moved to Quebec, Canada. Therefore, he holds Canadian and American citizenship.

Francine and Darrin Crowder are the parents of Steven Crowder.

He has a brother, Jordan Crowder, who runs his own production company and is an actor.

Steven Crowder and his brother got brought up in a conservative Christian household.

He is a practicing Christian.


Steven Crowder married Hilary Crowder in 2012.

Not much has gotten known about Hilary, as she is a very private person. However, we do know that she did political science and graduated in 2010 from a college in Michigan.

We also know that she is an interior designer that many known.

Apart from that, not much has gotten known about her.

Similar to Steven Crowder, she’s a practicing Christian.

Steven Crowder does not have any children. However, he announced on Twitter that they are having twins. Congratulations to them!

Did you know that Steven Crowder listed the advantages of practicing sexual self-control before marriage?

Steven Crowder announced on Twitter that he and his wife waited till after marriage to get physical.

Height/Weight/Zodiac Sign

Steven Crowder is 84 Kg.

He’s 1.88m tall (that’s 6 feet an inch).

The zodiac sign of Steven Crowder is Cancer.

Steven Crowder Career

Steven Crowder started working at the young age of 13.

He got hired to be the voice actor of ‘Alan Powers’ in the children’s show Arthur. He did the voice-over for 13 episodes of the show.

In 2001 he appeared in a live-action TV show ‘Yo Awesome Awesome!’ on the episode ‘Birthday.’

When we talk about his stand-up comedy, Steven Crowder tried at the age of 15.

However, Steven Crowder worked through by becoming an Actor. He got many roles in various movies.

His most famous role was the role of Doug Moore in the ‘To Save a Life’ movie, in 2009.

From 2009 to 2013, Steven Crowder worked as an opinion panelist on the FOX News channel.

However, after some remarks he made on a radio interview, he got terminated from Fox News. Mainly because of public criticism.

After the termination, Steven Crowder started expressing his views on politics and other things on his Youtube Channel.

He has a huge fan base on his YouTube channel. Steven Crowder has around 5.3 million subscribers on his channel.

Apart from YouTube, his fans can follow him through other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In 2012, Steven Crowder’s name got highlighted in many news segments that were talking about the December 2012 union protest.

He also was the voice of ‘Alan’ in ‘The Brain,’ the animated show.

Steven Crowder has starred in many movies like:

  • Love Written in Blood
  • To Save a Life
  • 3 Needles
  • The Covenant
  • Two Summers
  • and many more.


Did you know Steven Crowder has a deep enthusiasm for Mixed Martial Arts?

He takes part in many MMA competitions.

In 2011, he rose to victory in the Heavyweight Jiu-Jitsu World Championship.

There are no prestigious awards with Steven Crowders name as of yet.

However, one can know that he has risen to the opportunities that life gave him.

Steven Crowder is a clever individual who has experimented with various endeavors.

The fan base that he has on his YouTube channel is a huge success in itself and an award.

Steven Crowder Net Worth

Steven Crowder net worth, as of March 2021, has a net worth of $4 million.

He got there from his successful career in acting and as a political commentator on his ‘Louder with Chowder’ podcast.

Steven Crowder has not stopped working, and we believe he has much to come in his future. People believe in him, and his YouTube channel shows it.

Is Steven Crowder Gay?

There have been many speculations regarding Steven’s sexuality. He has not come forward to deny or accept this allegation.

Does Steven Crowder have Children?

No, he does not. His wife did get pregnant but faced a miscarriage. However, recently he has announced that they are expecting twins.

Does Steven Crowder have pets?

Steven Crowder has a dog name, Hopper. The love that he has for his dog can get seen on his Instagram.

What is Steven Cowder’s YouTube Channel Name?

His YouTube channel name is StevenCrowder.

Why does Steven Crowder get trolled?

He gets trolled for his conservative and unfavorable opinions on politics and minors.

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