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Sad Meme, 90 Best Sad Memes that Will Change your Mood When Your are Sad or Depressed

We all have those days where we feel sad, down, and depressed. For such days, what can help us get through it? Sad Meme. Yes, Sad Memes, especially relatable memes.

Everyone faces life problems, challenges, frustrations, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. You need to have a good cry, do so, or if you want to eat, sleep or watch movies, do so. Do whatever you want to feel better.

Furthermore, to uplift your mood, we have memes you can go through, relate to and have a laugh about your situation and see you’re not the only one going through such a situation. This is the right place to uplift your feelings and feel happy.

Table of Contents

90 Sad Meme for Sadness & Depression

Was This Meant to Make me Happy?

Sad Meme

You should think going to the doctor will help you with your sadness or depression. However, for me, it always becomes worse after I get my bill! Is it the same for you or are you from one of those places where they do not charge you for being sad?

When You Just Want to Be Sadder

Sad Meme

I don’t know about you, but there have been days where I am sad and want to have a good cry but nothing seems to work, so I put on sad music, which makes me sadder and I do end up then crying. Am I just crazy, or is there someone else like me also?

I Just Want To Sleep!

Sad Meme

There are times where you are sad and overthinking and tired at the same time. So, what do you do? You go to bed early thinking you will go to sleep early, but you lay there thinking everything and various scenarios. I know this does not help me with my sadness, it makes it worse. What about you?


Sad Meme

You know when you are sad and you tell your family and friends and they simply say “don’t be sad!” You just want to hurt them, you know like I didn’t even think about not being sad, thank you for telling me. Do you have friends like this, that make you want to smack your forehead?

I Think I’m Going To Be Sad About

Sad Meme

Does this picture illustrate you and when you have those rushes of wanting to be sad, so you think about all the things in your life you can be sad about? I know I am like that, unfortunately! Are you?

No Energy To Hide My Sadness

No Energy To Hide My Sadness

I know I am in this picture (not the mammoth) but the sad situation. I am a sad person, but at times have no energy to hide it. Are you in this picture? Do you lack in energy to hide your sadness?

Drained Energy!

Drained Energy

Have you ever noticed how when you are sad or depressed you automatically have no energy within you? I have those days where I am drained and see all the messages I get but do not want to be social at all. Do you become unsocial when sad?

Sad For No Reason?

Sad For No Reason

This might sound crazy, but I have everything in life, yet at times I feel Sad. Literally for no reason at all.  Do get what I mean, or is it just me?

Like A Burst Pipe

I look cool; I am cool but broken from the inside. I could not find a better reference than a refrigerator with a burst pipe. For some reason, this is so relatable!

I Repeat When I am Sad

I Repeat When I am Sad

When you are sad, you want someone who will listen to you. Most of the time the things I want to talk about when I am sad are repeated stuff and I be thinking I am going to annoy the next person. Do you know what I mean?

You Okay/You Good?

SpongeBob is showing exactly how I am when I am trying to hold it together until someone asks “You okay or You good?” Can you relate to poor SpongeBob?

Sad For No Reason

This is the most retable meme for sad people. The brain decides you are going to be sad, even though you have no reason.  I know that’s how my brain is telling me to be sad, have you ever got sad for no reason?

Need to Hold it together!

Do you ever be so sad and just wish to cry, but got to hold it in like poor SpongeBob here because you’re in public? I have no idea about you but I find it had to act like everything is fine.

Do You Get It?

Do you get this, or am I the only one? It’s not as complex as it seems but it’s the most relatable one! If you get it, you get how hard it can be for a stressful person to relax.

What is Going to Ruin My Sleep Today?

Any sad or depressed person knows the dread night brings, especially when you can’t sleep. This meme represents what my brain does night when deciding how to keep me sad and awake till 3 am. Aren’t such nights the worst?

Help A Friend Who Is Sad

Everyone knows the best way to help a sad friend is to send memes their way. Are you even their friend if you don’t?

I’m Sad Be Sad With Me!

This meme represents me when I am sad and with my friend. You know you are not my friend unless you are sad with me. Am I mean for thinking this way?

Boring Life Sadness

What is sadder than having the most boring life on earth? The worst thing is you don’t even know you have a boring life until someone asks you “What do you do for fun?” Do you agree?

Who’s Not Crying?

I know we all have to die one day, but I have been sad all my life, and if I don’t see you sad or crying at my funeral then what is the point? Trust me when I say, I got my eyes on you, so you better be sad about my death!

Depression’s Home is Me!

Any sad person has heard the above line. When you do, you die a little inside thinking depression lives in me, believe it or not! Are you like that?

When Life Pushes You Down

Life pushes me down, and when it does, what do I do? I sleep! What do you do when life pushes you down?

Trying to be Strong

“I am a Strong Woman!” However, my face might not show it.” Have you ever tried to keep it together and be a strong woman? If you have, you know, this is the perfect representation.

Maybe I wasn’t

This is me overreacting whenever something does not go my way. It might sound stupid, but it’s out of my control. Do you ever just get done when things go wrong?

OH, Child Thoughts

As a child, you see people in movies depressed and crying and you think that how it is. However, as you grow, you realize, that’s not it, because you go through it and find out it’s all a lie, a lie! Can you relate?

Helpful Coping Mechanism?

I don’t know whether it’s a healthy coping mechanism or not, but I do know, it’s how I deal with it. How do you deal with sadness or depression?

Never Really Thought it Like This…

Have you ever thought of it like this? Cleverly funny is it not?

I Could be an Actor

I know I am great at acting like I am okay and nothing is wrong with me. I think I will make the best actor. What do you think? Have you acted in ensuring to show your okay?

Definitely My Situation

It’s the same with people who keep reading depressed memes and end up feeling depressed because you relate to it so much and now you have no idea what you should do. Is this your situation?

Still In Pain…Why?

I think this is my ultimatum. No matter whether I am alive, zombified or dead, I going to be in pain and sadness. Funnily true! Are you understanding what I mean?

Never Again…

I hate it when you open your feeling to someone and they just say to get over it or your only sad and you crawl back your feeling thinking “what a big mistake!” Do you also hate it?


You ever get confused about whether you are just tired or depressed or both? The worst ever type of confusion.

What Am I Feeling?

Another confusion meme. When you know you’re feeling something, but what, you have no idea! Get it?

Nothing can Shake Me

This Family guy is me, getting unhook by anything as I have faced everything and nothing will affect me. I can stay chill even in a burning fire. What about you?

Where is The Damage Repair?

I thought my shampoo is for damage repair but I am not seeing any difference in my broken self. Am I using it wrong?

Getting Used to It

As life goes on, you change from the outside, but still remain stressed and depressed from the inside. Are you seeing this type of difference in yourself?

I’m Good

This girl is me when someone asks me if I’m okay. The face says it all.

What is it exactly?

Someone, please tell me if I’m depressed because I am not doing anything or is that that I’m doing nothing which is making me depressed? I’m confused, are you?

Who’s Ruining Your Life?

Who is the one behind ruining your life? Surprise, it’s you!

It’s always “Continue Watching”

What do we all do nowadays when sad, depressed, and lonely? We watch Netflix.  And after some time, Netflix asks you a question, sounding much like this one. Am I right?

HAHAHA, Nice Try

Hahahahaahahhahah, you want to hurt me? Nice Try, not happening!

I’m Everything!

It’s time again to be the three things as one! Is it your time yet or not yet?

Guy Depression? Not a Thing

Any guy can understand Mr. Crabs and his feelings. For many, depression is not for guys. Are you one of those guys who are depressed and can relate to Mr. Crabs?

The Award Goes to….

People who say stuff like that need to get medals for simply how clever they are you know. (Obviously, saying it sarcastically) They need to get whacked in the head, personally, I think that!

But Are You Really?

It is so frustrating when someone says oh you depressed then tell me what depression is, what sadness is, and so on. And when you can’t, they simply say, “you’re not depressed!” Have you met people like this?

Get Fresh Air (You Will be Fine)

If I am depressed and you tell me to get fresh air or go outside, this is how I am going outside. Is this what you would do? Because I would definitely do that!

Depressed Poem

As we grow, we change, so why not change out nursery rhymes to make it more relatable. Similarly to this one. Do you agree?

I Eat to Be Happy

Is this you? Do you eat thinking it will stop you from being sad? Are you a sad eater?

Perfect Representation

A person who says “don’t be sad” is as helpful as this drain. Do you agree?

I See No Difference

I don’t see any difference, but maybe that’s just me. Can you see anything different? For me, both are the same things.

I Found My “Soulmate”

I have friends who understand and at times feel the same sadness and depression as you, you get excited as these skeletons and stay together until you become such skeletons. Am I right?

Here Comes The Random Wave

Often I will be chilling and relaxing and my depression and sadness think, we need to hit him when he’s least expecting! Why did the random wave get to hit when your least expecting it?

I Want Only This

I don’t need you to listen to me or talk to me, just be there for me when I am down. Do you ever want someone to just be there with you?

My Secret

This is for my fellow memes, posting depressing and sad memes. I get you, I understand you!

Let Me Help Others

This meme is a perfect illustration of me. I am literally dead, but carrying an imaginary wand, trying to make other depressed people happy and brightening their days.  Lalala, I’m sad but let me make others happy, is this you?

My Reasons

These are all the reasons why I don’t enjoy my life. What are your reasons?

Keep it Together For Now

This meme is me when I am depressed and need to go for a job interview. Squidward is me trying to keep it together for a couple of hours. Do you get how he feels?

Here They All Come

Remember Teletubbies, the happy show with the smiling sun. However, now, this is the whole gang now, ganging up on us adults. Do you relate?

Friend Cheering me Up?

Do you have friends who try to cheer you up when you’re unhappy and you’re just there like Squidward is? I know at times I am like that because nothing can cheer me up.

This is me…Me!

How did I get on this picture? Where did this picture of me come from? Can you see yourself in this picture, or is it only me?

Not the Best Idea

Ironic, is it not? When you think you’re making life easy, but then you end up turning it worse for not only you but people around you also? Get me?

The Saddest thing in the world!

I don’t think anything is more depressing or sadder than this. Do you agree?

Sad and Bad Luck!

Why is it when you’re depressed or sad, bad luck comes knocking on the door to make things worse? Have you ever had those days? I am depressed, sad and bad luck is with me.

Why Does This Happen?

Some days I am depressed and sleep more in the daytime than nighttime, why, I have no idea why? My sadness creeps up more at night. Is it the same with you? What do you do?

I Got My Phone, I’m Fine

I think some days my depression gets pissed at my phones and memes because I feel better and not getting sad like my depression wants me to be. This is the perfect representation of what my depression thinks and looks like.

Okay, then Tonight, It is!

Why brain you do me like this?  Does your brain do you like this?

Sad or Happy?

My face, when I do not know if I am happy or sad with life or the situation. That is my face. Would you say that’s you?

Already Tired

I don’t know about you but I get the feeling I am already tired for tomorrow. What are you feeling tomorrow?

A Thing To be Happy About

If you’re feeling down, this will get you happy. You won, maybe not in anything else, but from millions of other sperms. Lucky are you not?

Low Feeling?

Poor owl feeling and looking like exactly how I feel and look like when I am sad. Are you similar to this owl?

Free Hugs

Have you ever felt so down that needed a hug from anyone, literally anyone? I would not mind hugging this clown and getting cookies and milk for free. Would you?

Let Me Help

Why does Homer, so beautifully represent me? I am emotionally drained but I will help you. The worst coping mechanism, don’t you think?

Easy Said than Done

I admire and am jealous of those people who can pick themselves up after they feel down, similar to this girl. Are you like her or more like me, who takes time and finds it hard to pick myself up when I am down.

Depression Solutions

When a person is depressed they need love and care, something hard to find these days. Do you think these solutions would be perfect for you and help you get happy?

I Wouldn’t Mind

Believe me, when I am down, and someone bugs me, I would not mind throwing a hot cup of coffee or tea on them? Is that too extreme? Or Would you do the same?

My Smile

I hate it when people tell me to smile more. However, they don’t understand what how my smile is. Is your smile like that? Do people tell you to smile more, even though you are?

I Can’t Help It

You say something nice when I am down, better believe my eyes will get misty, for real. If not, I might even shed a tear or two. Is that weird?

Are you Sadder Then Sam Winchester?

If you know, you know. However, would you believe you are even more down than Sam Winchester, who has lost everything, including his shoes?

I am Here For You

This is what couples need from one another when one is feeling down. Do you get provided with something like this when you’re down, or do you need to send this meme to your partner to give them a hint?

A Way to be Happy

We need to do this more often when we feel down, as it shows there is someone, somewhere having it worse than you or is stupider than you, don’t you think so?


I am sorry, I forgot, I need to carry a sign with me, to prove I am depressed. What do you think depression looks like? People are weird are they not?

Run it Out

Let us run, run, and run away from all problems and sadness! Are you running?

I’m Fine…Everything is Fine

Another one for memes hiding their depression behind their meme pages.


Creepy but true representation of how I am from the inside, compared from the outside. Would you say, that is you also?

Talk To Someone…Naahh

Okay, depressed and anxiety Kermit! I do exactly like that. Bad idea, I know. What do you do, sleep or talk to someone?

My Plans

This is me and my plans every night because I am sad and depressed nearly every day. Let me drown in chips and movies. Leave me alone. Does this sound like you?


When you are happy all of a sudden after a long time and you’re normally depressed. What do you do? You say “Is this what happiness feels like?”

Other Than that I’m Good

This is me, me, definitely me. Is this you also? I mean everything is great, I’m just sad, you know?

I’m Good!

Can you see how I am holding everything together with the self-adhesive bandage? It is hard believe it or not. However, do you get it?

YA Ya!

What can I say about stupid people asking stupid questions?

Let me Just Roll My Eyes

Do also hate, “just think positive” saying, people? I know I hate it. If you do not know how it feels you, got no right to speak on it. Am I right?

Thank You

“Thank you so much for your advice, I never thought it like that. “ (Again, Sarcastic)

Do you know someone who has been feeling down or sad lately? Why not send them these memes and have a laugh with them and get them through it? Which were the most relatable for you?

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