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RV Travel Guide: Everything You Need To Know For Best Tour

RV Travel Guide

If you’re one of those people, then we hope our article on ‘RV travel guide; Everything you need to know’ helps you make a decision.

RV traveling is becoming popular on a daily basis. Many people dream about seeing their country on an RV.

Don’t be put off thinking it’s hard or too overwhelming because trust us it’s not. You have to believe it, because if that was not the case, then why so many people would be taking this route?

Imagine packing your favorite things, not leaving a thing behind, to travel with comfort. You can travel without it breaking your bank or without you getting limited to one place.

Let’s get on with everything you need to know.

Things You Should Plan Beforehand

Before driving off, here are a few things you have to plan beforehand.

Buying or Renting the RV

The first decision you have to make is whether you will be buying the RV or renting it? If you’re planning to travel often and as much as you can, then buying your own will be the best option.

You don’t have to buy an expensive or massive one. You can find a small one within your budget.

However, if you’re planning to do it once or sometimes, then renting will be a good option. Why buy something expensive just to put it away in your garage.


Choosing and researching the destination you wish to travel to is important. You should know how far it is your stops and all about the area your planning to visit.

RV allows the freedom for you to stay anywhere. However, knowing where the campsite is or where RVs can park without a problem is always a plus point and will make your life easier.

You can decide on the destination and whether you want to be in a place that’s closer to nature and beautiful green scenery near shopping malls. It all depends on you, as there is no limit.

RV Checklist

You must note down everything you will need on the trip, not only your things but the RV accessories also. That is why having a checklist on hand can be beneficial.

You would not want to get halfway and see that you forgot to lock your doors or leave the RV antenna in your garden. At times, one can forget essentials because of the hurry.

Similarly, if you plan to cook in the RV, ensure you have everything in place. Check the water level, your fuel, and such small things that people often forget.

Have two checklists, one for going and one for coming back. Whichever way, you would not want to forget anything.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of RV Travelling


  1. Cheaper

Traveling by an RV is much cheaper. You save on hotels, food, and so much more. You even save on plane or bus tickets. TV trips can cost anywhere up to 3000 dollars, and if you vacation by other means, then you can spend around 5000 dollars. You can cook yourself and travel anywhere you want. You can spend the money you save on your shopping and so on.

  1. Get the home comfort

You will not get homesick or wonder who before you have been sleeping in the hotel mattress before you or how many germs it carries. You can use your own toilet and shower. You will know everything is clean and get surrounded by your cozy comfort things. It will be like staying in your traveling home. Not worry about your children making the place dirty or breaking anything.

  1. Spontaneous

The best factor about an RV is how you can camp in beautiful sites and stop anywhere to sightsee. You can even stay park at a beautiful place and stay the night there (of course making sure you’re allowed, and it’s not illegal).

You get freedom on where you stay, and not limited or worry about going back to the hotel or food or toilet. You might make new friends, and you could hang around where you want with them. Maybe you love a place, like a park or so, you can stay there without a problem.

  1. More Family Time

RV makes family spend time with each other. It puts everyone in a compact place, where you can play board games, watch movies together, or talk and joke with one another. Family time has become harder to get, as technology takes place and children wanting privacy and wanting to stay in their room doing homework or so. So, if you wish to spend more time with your family, then RVs the way.

  1. Fun campsites

Campsites are always fun and social. You meet others traveling the same way and they are often more social. You stop at the campsite and your children will find people their age to hang out with, and you will find someone to hang out with.

If you have stayed at motels and hotels, then you will know that it’s not that social; you generally don’t even know who is in the room next to you. Campsites have activities, playgrounds, and pools to make you have a great time with your family while making new friends along the way.

  1. Charging facilities

One excellent advantage is that RVs have electrical outlets. It means you can charge your laptops, iPods, Wi-Fi hotspots, and most importantly, your phones. That is a plus point because you wouldn’t want to go on a trip where your camera or phone battery runs out and you cannot capture memories or so on.

  1. No baggage limit or carrying

Traveling in an RV means you don’t have to lug around your luggage or worry about your belonging as they travel with you. You can take your or your children’s favorite toys, games, clothes, movies without having a limit. You must ensure you know your cargo carry limit. Other than that you get a lot of limits. No pain in the shoulders after carrying luggage to and from the hotel or up and down. You travel stress-free.


  1. Compact Place

RVs are small and compact. You have to think long and hard about how many people are going and what things you wish to take, and what things you have to take as you cannot spare space for extra clutter. Yes, it has a shower and kitchen, but they are ever so small. Therefore, planning meals and how you take a shower should depend on the space you have.

  1. Expensive Fuel

The motorhomes’ fuel tanks are extra-large, which means fuel will cost you more. RVs do have three times more weight than a family car. If you plan to travel far and think that one full tank won’t last you the whole trip, then you will have to rethink the money you will need for the fuel.

  1. Where to stay?

One downfall is finding a place to stay because hotels and motels are much easier to find. Some apps and websites can help you find a place to stay. However, there are only 1,600 campgrounds in the US. Before traveling out, ensure you do your research on where you will stay with your RV, and whether the place you’re planning to travel to has an RV campsite or not.  You can find a place on (interactive map), (color-coded map).

  1. Limited Parking

RVs are hard to park anywhere, which means you will have to ensure you know where you will be able to park when shopping or sightseeing. You could always park in Wal-Mart but somewhere where it won’t be a problem for the shoppers. You need to ensure you remember your roof height. Also, you will need to ensure you park away from building entrances, tiny parking spaces. You have limited parking spaces, making it hard at times.

  1. Time-consuming ins and outs

RV has a lot of time-consuming ins and outs. A simple task like water gets harder. You have to find a place where you can fill in your water tanks and keeping a check on the water levels. Then you have the draining the sewerage. Another thing, as it’s a compact place, it will clutter faster, so you will have to tidy everything quite a bit. Therefore, RVs can be time-consuming for basic things.

  1. WI-FI miseries

Wi-Fi not exactly top-notch in fact, it’s worse than hotels. Campsites have only 1 router in an office far. If you’re lucky, maybe you can connect; if not, then you have no connection. What’s the point if you can’t share your pictures and all? However, there are TEP Wireless Hotspots all over the US. Hopefully, you are in such spots. If not, then it can get frustrating.

  1. Packing at the end

The worst thing is packing everything up at the end of your trip. You have to ensure you collect all your outdoor accessories and everything from inside. Packing is not only hard at the end it’s hard to even during. You are at the campsite, and you want to go somewhere, you will have to ensure you pack everything away before going. Pain in the ass, right? You could get used to it, but it still is hard, time-consuming, and exasperating.


  • How far can you travel in a day in an RV?

You can travel around 500 miles in a day. You should never travel more than 500 miles per day.

  • What is cheap traveling by RV or staying in hotels?

Traveling by an RV is the cheaper option. An RV trip can cost around $860 to $3077, and a traditional vacation (car/hotel/plane) can cost anywhere between $1433 to $4466. The difference is quite clear. If you buy a small RV, it will be the cheaper option for traveling.

  • Is an RV hard to drive?

No, RV, or also known as motorhomes, are not hard to drive. It would not be rising in popularity if they were hard to drive. However, motorhomes’ size can sometimes affect the driving, but practice makes perfect. If you practice and have a good sense of driving, the motorhomes will become easy for you to handle.

  • Can you use the bathroom in an RV while driving?

You can use the bathroom while on the move. As the car is on the move, the electrical systems work, which means you can use the bathroom as normal, and the water pump will work.

  • What is the easiest RV to drive?

The easiest RV to drive is the class B Motorhomes. Class Bones are compact, cozy, and easy to drive.  You will not have to lug around another vehicle, making it perfect for day trips and outings.

  • Can passengers drink alcohol in an RV?

Similar to other vehicles, the driver should not drink and drive. You can drink in an RV as long as you’re not planning to drive it shortly after. The open container law applies to drivers and passengers of an RV. The law says that while traveling on the road, no one should drink.

  • What RV brand is most reliable?

The most reliable RV brand is Jayco. Jayco is not only a loved but also a trusted brand. Jayco manufactures comfortable motorhomes with many slide options and living quarters. As Jayco becomes popular, they continue to develop and innovate new campers.

  • What RV club is the best to join?

The best RV clubs to join, which will save you time and money are:

  • Good Sam. Membership Price: $29/year
  • Passport America. Membership Price: $44/year
  • Escapees RV Club. Membership Price: $40/year
  • Boondockers Welcome. Membership Price: $30/year
  • Harvest Hosts. Membership Price: $79/year


Traveling or vacationing in an RV is a great option. Like we said before, it’s like traveling with your home. You do not have to worry about germs, carrying luggage, or not take everything you want with you.

We think many people will agree with us when we say RV traveling is stress-free. You can travel safely with family or friends. While traveling, you can explore different places and meet new people. In simpler words, traveling with an RV can be the best and cheapest option.

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