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Reasons You Need a Color Printing Service

In the world of business, color printing is no longer a luxury. Today, companies must use color printing to connect with customers, expand their market share, and make their brands stand out. First, read on to learn more about color printing and its benefits. Then, if you’re unsure whether you need a color printing service, read on. Here are some reasons to consider hiring a color printing service for your next business project.

Benefits of color printing

Color brings life to your documents. It adds extra “pop” to your content, increasing customer comprehension, motivation, and retention. In addition, color products provide a distinctive message to your audience that aids brand awareness in a manner that black and white goods cannot. The benefits of a color printing service are many. It’s no longer an option that only large corporations can afford. Even small businesses can now enjoy color printing with newer technology and machines. Not only does this improve control over their print environment, but it also increases customer comprehension and motivation.

As the world becomes more color-conscious, small businesses can even consider Printivity online custom printing services as an essential part of their office print strategy. Let’s look at some of the critical benefits of color printing for your business.

When it comes to creating an impactful presentation, color printing is vital. Colored construction documents make the presentation look more professional and believable. You can use your in-house equipment for free even if you’re not planning to hire a professional color printing service. Color printing also increases your company’s credibility and brand awareness. Your message will be more memorable if your documents are made with care and attention to detail.


The cost of color printing services varies based on the job size. Commercial print shops best handle color copying jobs that require more than 1,000 copies. However, home printers can also do the job if you only need a few hundred copies. A print store’s heavy-duty commercial printers make the job much cheaper than a home printer. To cut costs, consider purchasing an inexpensive home printer. You can experiment with different designs and then take the completed project to a copy shop.

Color Copies Today is a company that has been in the printing business for 35 years and offers free shipping on your first order. Their low prices for color copies start at just $0.06 a copy and offer bulk pricing. If you order over $125, you can expect to pay $0.027 per copy. The same applies to black and white copies but have no minimum order size. They ship within 48 hours. You can also print your color copies with a variety of paper stocks.


Color printing services are convenient for many reasons, including the ease of ordering and the convenience of instant delivery. Rather than visiting your local printer, you can order your color business cards online and have them delivered in just a couple of days. You can also use reputable online services to design your own business cards. In addition, online services offer the advantages of customization, immediate service, and templates. These are significant time and money-savers.

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