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Rank at Google SERPs

Rank at Google SERPs

Having a top, solid, and reputable link building to your content can definitely take a while. Rank at Google SERP is something that didn’t happen in one night or in one day, but it requires a lot of smart/hard work and has no specific time frame or limit.

Search Engine Result Pages SERPS)

SERPs are pages you get from search engines containing results to queries you send as a user. When you carry out a Google search, the pages you get are referred to a SERPS! Now that you know you probably have a clearer understanding of why you would want to rank at Google SERPS? If Google thinks you are number one and your site is top of their search result what do you think happens to your site?

There is no better way to boost your business, increase traffic to your site or blog than ensuring you come out of the top list when a user enters a query relating to your business niche.

SERP features are used by Google to assist users in finding answers and providing solutions to their problems and the whole point of Rank at Google SERP is to satisfy the user’s need in terms of search intent.

 Checking your SERP

Tracking your SERP is very important, especially when you have been making improvements to rank better and you need to find out if your efforts have started yielding positive results. You can check your SERP by using a SERP checker.

Improving your SERP

SERP features are mostly programmed using an algorithm to identify a user’s search intent and determine how best such intention can be met. This means that there is really no direct way of making sure Google generates a SERP feature that links directly to your website but you can definitely work towards ensuring you use keywords that can trigger a SERP feature.

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Here are ways and methods of improving your Rank at Google SERP:

Acquiring Backlinks: Backlinks are an integral part of Google’s methods in determining the quality of your site. Content marketing is a great way to get more backlinks, create quality content that people can find more easily and will eventually lead them to your site. Writing for other sites can be effective for getting backlinks too, especially when your delivery leaves the reader curious about you, the author.

Keyword Optimization: It is not just sufficient to have great quality content; your keywords contribute a lot to determining the kind of viewers you attract. If you are not careful, you might end up drawing a lot of useless attention to your site and ranking is not so profitable when you are ranking for the wrong words! Choose your keywords carefully with the user’s search intent in mind. Consider keywords with a high search potential and make sure they are diverse. Doing some research too in this aspect will definitely earn you some rewards.

Domain Authority: This is another part of the Google Algorithm for rating a site’s reputation that you should look out for. Your domain authority largely depends on your backlinks, site history, and some other factors, if you have great quality content you can have a fairly good domain authority but the higher you go, the more difficult it gets.

Cleanup Backend: Clean up your site, increase your user experience. If people find it difficult to get on your site, Google will think you have a low-quality website and will keep you off their top search results!

If this is too much for you to process and you don’t want to do all the dirty work, consider getting a Search Optimization establishment to do the work for you!

Oake Search Engine Optimization, for example, can ensure keyword density to improve your site’s presence in search results without compromising your site speed and general user experience.

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