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Personal Development with Proficiency Secrets From The Empress

We believe that we without risk can state that this year has been ‘annus horribilis.’ However, we are excited about the end of the year and the Queen’s speech on the TV about Personal Development. We can learn some soft skills from the Queen herself.

When it comes to having effective leadership, soft skills are vital, and no one knows regarding this topic as much as Queen Elizabeth II, her Majesty. If you have become a fan of the Netflix series, The Crown-like we have. Then we can for sure say that you will have a changed opinion about her life.

Personal Development

In 1952, when Winston Churchill was doing his second term as the Prime Minister, Queen Elizabeth, aged 25, consented to the throne. The changes occurring in Britain, including its culture, not only changed during Churchill’s days after the WW2. The flexibility and how Queen Elizabeth adapted from 1957 when he first come live on Christmas to 2014 when she first tweeted. Business professionals can learn a lot about leadership from her.


The Queen is in her 64th year of reign. She has met with 14 PMS, starting from Churchill, more than 12 (twelve) USA presidents, and 7 (seven) popes. The question is, were you ever in a much similar position at work, where you had to meet and work with new workers or people? Did you find it tiring? What if you could create a strong relationship with your associates, new or previous ones.

The answer to getting to this stage is diplomacy. Political matters are something the Queen rarely says anything on, and it’s a good rule of hers, as they say, when you in doubt, stay quiet.

Ability to Maintain Stability

Expectations regarding Queen Elizabeth are high because she is the head of state of Britain and 15 other commonwealth realms. Many times, the Queen got criticized, because of her formal response in a situation that’s emotional. However, we should remember that the Queen- from a younger age- got trained to stay patient and calm no matter what the emotion is inside.

“When you ask questions and pay attention to the answers, it helps you to engage with others and build strong relations.”

The modern culture expects us to have an emotional outburst when we face such outbursts. However, that is not always the best possible case. People face different emotions. We can get offended, unsettled, annoyed, frustrated- we are not prone to them and can often affect and spill on our work environment.

If you stay calm, even when facing a storm, you can become an effective leader.


Many know that the Queen is strict when it comes to punctuality, and if you’re late for a meeting with her, she will consider it bad manners. If her Majesty, with busy meetings, and engagements, can be punctual, then we believe anyone can be. If you are constantly late, then it shows that you do not care about the other person’s time. You can become a manager, ensure you be on time when it comes to meets and being with your team, so they understand and feel that you consider them and their time to be important like yours.


The advice that the Queen got from her mother was: “if you consider someone to be a bore, the fault is within you.” This advice can be useful for us when we interact with others.

“Being consistently late shows you don’t have regard for anyone’s time.”

We get reminded to put in the effort we can to know someone. We should learn the other person’s concerns, hobbies and communicate with them at their level of comfort- not yours. A person gets attracted and gives you the attention you want when you find what they are interested in.

The Queen does beforehand research on the person she is meeting to ensure she can interact with them in a meaningful way and ask insightful questions. It might be difficult for you to get information on something in your daily working life. However, you can ask questions, pay attention to the answers, and not only engage with someone but build a strong relationship with them.

A Working Persona

One can say that the Queen is the representation of the royal brand. She attends many ceremonial events like the Trooping the Colour and the State Opening of the Parliament. Many call the Queen “a symbol of unity in a world of insecurity.” She ensures to remain faithful to her role of monarch, whether it good or bad time, like the time in 1992 when Prince Phillip got hospitalized during the time of her Majesty’s Jubilee.

We can learn from the Queen how to have a working persona and how it can help you to turn complicated aspects into positive aspects. One does not have to be a leader at home, to be a leader at work. You may have to face difficult employees, but you can learn to not let that ruin your day.

The Queen’s knows how to manage many challenges in her life and her family- a soft-skill style that we can aspire to learn from.

The founder and CEO at ThriveVerge, The Verge, and Thrive Revolution. He launched Thriveverge in 2016, a leading behavior change technology, business, media, and entertainment company with the mission of ending the collective delusion that burning out is the price we have to pay for success.


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