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PDFBear: How to Easily Convert Your PDF Files Online

The Word format is a document format that both people and companies extensively use. This is a reasonably widespread format that is found on every computer that runs the Windows operating system. Word files are unsuitable for online transmission and sharing. Therefore, many people and businesses prefer the Portable Document Format or PDF. 


PDF is easy to communicate, save, transfer, and receive information and data in this format, unlike the Word format. We need PDF converter software to convert a word document to a PDF file. This freeware makes the conversion process painless and straightforward. The PDF is suitable for uploading, downloading, and publishing documents on the internet. 


Being a more secure format is one reason we need to convert word documents to PDF. The most significant advantage of using a PDF file is that it may be password-protected. This ensures that only the person who knows the password has access to read, copy, edit, or print the files. 


If you save these papers in Word format, the files will be huge and challenging to share. Aside from that, the data will be insecure, and anyone will access it. That is why converting Word to PDF is critical. 


How to convert Word to PDF?


It’s simple to convert Word to PDF with the help of an excellent piece of software. All you have to do is follow a few simple directions, and you can now convert your file without issue. 


To begin, you must first get and install converting software. A Create PDF icon will show on the Word toolbar. This will occur once the software installation is successful. And, when you open the word file that you are going to convert. 


To save your converted file, click on this icon and choose a destination folder. Your word document will turn to PDF and store to the location you specify. 


The layout and the components of your document will be kept in the converted file. This happens if you use easy-to-use and capable PDF conversion software. As a result, using software for your conversions is not only necessary but also prudent.


Using PDFBear to convert your Word file to PDF

The Word to PDF converter makes a lot of things more accessible in a variety of ways. You don’t need an expensive, cumbersome, all-encompassing suite of extra tools to use it. You only need to go to the website and upload your file. You’ll get your converted PDF file in only a few clicks, no matter what operating system you’re using! 


You can try PDFBear.com to convert your file in any format into PDF. It is without a doubt one of the best file conversion programs available!


Follow these simple steps and try converting your Word file now!

  • Click the “Select Files…” button or drop-down files here to upload your selected file.

Once you select the file, the software will begin scanning your documents.

A message will appear at the window when your file is already finished converting into PDF.

  • Once finished, there are three options on how you want to do with your PDF file.
  1. You can click the “Download” button to save the converted file to your device.
  2. You can click the “Link” icon to copy the link and share it with anyone.
  3. You can click the “Mail” icon to send your converted file to anyone at your contacts.

Using Microsoft Word on Windows to Convert 

  • Open the document in Microsoft Word. To open the Word document in Microsoft Word, double-click it.
  • Select File. It’s in the Word window’s top-left corner. 
  • Click the Export button. This option is in the left-hand column. Several options should appear in the center of the window.
  • Create a PDF/XPS document by clicking the Create PDF/XPS Document button. It’s in the window’s upper-left corner.
  • Select Create PDF/XPS from the drop-down menu. This option is in the window’s center. A pop-up window appears because of doing so.
  • Choose a location to save the file. Click the folder where you want to save the PDF version of your Word file on the left side of the window.

The PDF is a different file format than the Word document. Thus, you can save it in the same folder as the Word document. You can also change the filename in the “Filename” text box.

  • Click the Publish button. It’s at the window’s bottom-right corner. This will save a PDF copy of your Word document to the location you specify.


To secure your Word documents, you can automatically convert them to PDF files. There are many ways to do so. Don’t settle for anything you search on the Web. PDF.com is a safe place to convert your file.

Many lawyers, government, and corporate institutions use this format. They do this to store and send confidential information. This format is ideal for resumes, brochures, e-newsletters, legal documents, and business proposals. Because the information included in such documents may be classified. We must keep them safe and secure. Only PDF can protect such sensitive information.

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