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Passwords 101 – Choosing A Good Password And Remembering It

Passwords can be quite a hassle. With the advancements in technology, privacy has become a serious matter, one that can’t be compromised. Ever since the rise of the internet, information has been stored over cloud servers and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This gave rise to the security policies of famous platforms we know.

Even though securing your information seems like a walk in the park, it’s a bit more difficult than that. Choosing the right password and then remembering it is okay for one forum or platform but what if you’re using multiple platforms? In this article, we’ll show you how to choose a good password and remember it.

How to Choose a Password?

Depending on the value of the information you’re trying to protect, a password needs to be unique and strong. To choose the right password, one needs to not only think about something hard to guess but to make sure that it is something personal that they aren’t likely to forget.

Whatever you think of can work. However, it’s better if you think of something meaningful. This is because it’ll be easy to remember for you as spur-of-the-moment ideas aren’t going to stay in your memory. You need to think of something that’s not predictable and isn’t easy to crack. Try not to go for easy things such as your pet’s name because these are quite predictable.

When choosing a password, you have to keep in mind that it should be something you rarely forget even if you have a dodgy memory. Try choosing a long password, one that involves special characters and numbers as well. The more you mix numbers and symbols with letters of the alphabet, the harder it is to crack. You can combine a couple of meaningful things, such as your pet’s name along with your date of birth.

Managing Your Passwords

Once you’ve chosen a good and strong enough password, you’ll need to remember it. Problems arise when you keep different passwords for your platforms but if you use the same password for every platform, it can be quite risky. If it falls into the wrong hands, you may risk losing all your accounts or information from multiple platforms. Therefore, it’s a much better idea to be versatile in choosing passwords.

There’s also another issue at hand. Let’s say you have different passwords for different accounts. How will you remember all of them?

This can cause a lot of stress as you won’t know which password goes where. You can tackle this by using various applications that help you generate as well as manage passwords. Tech experts at PassCamp suggest choosing an application that remembers your passwords for you so you can access them at any time. Certain platforms or applications can help you save multiple passwords and generate unbelievably strong passwords. Also, choose an app that allows the secure sharing of passwords.

How to Make a Strong Password?

A strong password doesn’t necessarily mean a long one. Even long passwords can be weak sometimes—if the same numbers, alphabets, and characters are used. Passwords such as “qwerty” and “123456789” are common passwords and make it easy for hackers to get to your information. A strong password is long and complex enough that it’s difficult to crack. It needs to be something uncommon and unpredictable. Ensure that the password you choose isn’t less than 4 characters as hackers don’t take much time cracking extremely short passwords.

A good tip for generating strong passwords is using both uppercase and lowercase letters. Along with this,  you can use combinations of words and numbers. The alphabet letters, both lower and upper case combined with numeric digits generate a strong and unique password that is extremely difficult to figure out. Keep in mind that the majority of platforms do not allow the usage of spaces in passwords. For some platforms, you can’t use special characters either.

Passwords need to be unique and uncertain. Predictable ones can easily be cracked and your privacy can be invaded. In order to perfectly generate a password, you can either use an app that generates passwords and remembers them for you or follow a few tips to generate a strong password yourself. Make sure not to use your name, address, or something similar as a password.

Make a Strong Password

Managing passwords can be troublesome, especially if you have versatile passwords for multiple platforms, as it’ll be difficult to remember and manage them. Luckily, with the tips above,  you can choose a method that makes things easier for you, while keeping your data safe.  Remember to be creative with your passwords and use symbolic representations of things that have sentimental value. Lastly, ensure you don’t use your family name or birthday as your password—the goal is to think of something that even the people who know you well won’t be able to guess.

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