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Office Returns get backtracked by Google, allowing remote working for employee

When it comes to employees returning to work in the office, Google is giving its employees many options as to where, how, and when they will return.

Google employees globally can continue doing their work till September.

After September, the employees can choose whether they want to come back to the pre-pandemic office of Google in a different city or if their role allows them, then they can continue working remotely, as CNN Business got told by the spokesperson of Google.

Office Returns get backtracked by Google
Office Returns get backtracked by Google

Furthermore, the spokesperson confirmed that on Wednesday, a note from Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, got shared by all employees, letting them know of the new policy that will start from 1st September.

According to Pichai, he assumes around 60% of the global employees of the company will return to their offices pre-pandemic for a few days a week. 20% will most likely remain working from home, while the other 20% will change to a different office location.

This plan is slightly different from their previous plan.

The previous plan was similar to the plan used by Uber;  the employees would have had to come into the office three days a week.

It got estimated that there are around 140,000 employees of Google from all around the world, and in 170 cities / 60 countries, the Google offices are closed.

Various huge tech companies are slowly putting their plans out in which employees would come back because many are not getting vaccinated, gradually reopening economies and possibly opening the road of people working again from offices after the two years of the pandemic.

Similarly, Facebook has also said that their employees will get given an option to work remotely unless they have a role in which they have to be in an office.

Twitter has said the same, giving their employees to work remotely permanently.

Furthermore, on Wednesday, Google also multiplied their annual allowance of work from anywhere to four weeks. This means that the employees will be able to use around 20 days a year absent from their main office. Enter your email to receive CNN’s nightcap newsletter.

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