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Nathan Fillion Weight Loss (Best Diet That Led to 50-pound Weight Loss)

Nathan Fillion Weight Loss Journey

Are you in awe at Nathan Fillion Weight loss, like we are? Do you wish to find out how Nathan Fillion lost his weight?

The question everyone is thinking about despite the debate that is going on is, how did Nathan Fillion lose weight?

Nathan Fillion’s weight loss is in light, with confusion and many debated amongst the fans.

Nathan Fillion is an actor who has been in the gossip because of him gaining and losing weight.

Nathan Fillion was born in Canada on 27 March 1971.  He is an American and Canadian actor.

Nathan Fillion is a known actor who many know for his role on Firefly as Captain Malcolm and on Castle on Castle as Richard and on The Rookie as John Nolan.

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Debate Regarding Nathan Fillion Weight Loss

On September 24, 2019, the season 2 trailer for The Rookie launched, which put fans in confusion regarding Nathan Fillion.

Later, on Twitter, he posted a picture with Mark Cuban. This picture made fans wonder what was going on, and many went on to ask him if everything was fine with him.

The fans are divided.

Some fans believe that Nathan Fillion’s weight loss makes him look attractive and younger.

Some say that Nathan Fillion’s weight loss makes him look older and may not be losing weight in the right way.

In light of this debate, Nathan Fillion, who is on Twitter, spoke out to his fans regarding his weight loss.

Nathan Fillion tweeted his weight loss methods, diet plans.

If you want to know how Nathan Fillion loses weight, continue reading for his weight loss exercise and diet.

How Much Was Nathan Fillion Weight Loss?

Nathan Fillion is at the highlight of every outlet and magazine because of his weight loss.

Many have noticed that Nathan Fillion losing weight not only made him more attractive, but it also has given him a lot more publicity.

When it comes to how much Nathan Fillion lost weight? There is no comment from him.

However, many fans seem to speculate that he lost nearly 30 pounds.

Nathan Fillion is on social media and is now sharing more of his weight loss methods.

Nathan Fillion has made it clear that he is against technical or surgical methods of reducing weight.

Nathan believes that natural therapies help.

When we say natural, we don’t mean weight tea loss or pills.

By natural therapies, he means following doctors’ and trainers’ advice.

The doctor helps by giving you the most suitable diet, and trainers help ensure your doing the right type of exercises to lose weight.

How Nathan Fillion Lose Weight?

The question is, what was the secret of Nathan Fillion’s weight loss? How did he manage to lose weight and get more attractive, with glowing skin?

The secret is that he follows a strict diet plan and gets regular exercise, and works out.

Furthermore, Nathan Fillion walks whenever he is free between working to help him burn few extra calories.

Nathan Fillion ensures he gets the best advice when it comes to dieting.

Nathan Fillion’s trainer gave him many diet plans, including vegan, keto, and blood, to help him lose weight.

The trainer also helps him in getting his exercise, helping him not only lose weight but also stay fresh and stress-free.

One thing you will notice in the regime of Nathan Fillion’s weight loss, the fact that he did not take supplements, or shakes, or weight loss pills.

He used the combination of the right diet and exercise to help him lose weight and give him clearer skin and make him more energetic.

You’re probably wondering what these exercises are and diets.

We have that information for you below.

Exercise Followed By Nathan Fillion

When it comes to losing weight, Nathan Fillion ensures that he exercises and not only concentrates on dieting.

Nathan does yoga every day. That not only gets him hungry, but he’s also gained the trust of his body.

The yoga that he does has helped him in the action scenes by making the body reliable.

The other thing that he does daily is swimming. Swimming seems to help Nathan Fillion get hungry and allow him to eat fresh carbs at a time.

Nathan Fillion does other types of exercises also, like cycling. Cycling maintains his brain and mood.

Apart from Yoga, Nathan Fillion has also shown interest in meditation. Nathan Fillion says it helps him to stay fresh and clear.

Like many other celebrities, Nathan Fillion also does home workouts.

Nathan also walks whenever he gets time, even if it’s between shooting scenes, as it helps to burn calories.

Diet Plan of Nathan Fillion for Weight Loss

Many different outlets have shows that Nathan Fillion does not like following diets.

However, Nathan Fillion understands that diet is important to maintain and lose weight.

The doctor advised against supplements and proteins to Nathon Fillion.  Instead, he got advised to eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

Nathan Fillion has taken food like pasta, dairy products, and sugars things from his diet because they make you gain fat.

Furthermore, avoiding these types of food helps Nathan Fillion maintain his insulin and sugar levels.

Nathan Fillion also follows the keto diet.  In the Keto diet, he can only eat proteins and limited carbs.

Keto dieting helped Nathan Fillion lose extra fats and also help maintain insulin levels.

By eating fresh fruits and healthy food with workouts, Nathan Fillion not only loses but also maintains weight.

Many fans were interested in Nathan Fillion’s weight to loss process because his weight loss was seen and appreciated by many.


Why did Nathan Fillion lose weight?

Nathan Fillion has not yet said anything regarding his weight loss journey or why. However, his fans have many speculations on this topic. Some say Nathan Fillion lost weight for his role of the officer in The Rookies because his bad eating habits and no workout made him unhealthy. While some say, Nathan Fillion is losing weight because he did not get a role on The Suicide Squad.

Is Nathan Fillion sick?

No, but many fans speculated that he looked sick. However, many said he looked more attractive and younger.

Is Nathan Fillion’s Weight loss because of The Suicide Squad?

The answer regarding his role is not yet definite, as to whether he is losing his weight for the movie The Suicide Squad set to release in 2021 or not.

Did Nathan Fillion use any supplements to lose weight?

No, Nathan Fillion sorted out his diet and his workout routine. He is against weight loss supplements and surgeries.

How much weight has Nathan Fillion lost?

The exact number is not known. However, fans believe he lost around 30 pounds (that’s 13kg).


Nathan Fillion, even though he’s an actor, is living proof that natural therapies, like diet and exercise, helps to lose weight.  He’s not only lost weight but looks fresh and happier.

His goal is not to lose weight but also to maintain health and his weight. If you wish to lose weight, follow what Nathan Fillion has been following, as he shows that the combination of exercise and diet helps.

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