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9 Most Expensive Laptops in The World 2022 Updated Rankings

Would you spend $5,000 for a laptop that costs more than any laptop in the world? Regardless of your age and whether you have a laptop or not, having one is now a need.

Laptops are used for many different purposes, including work, studying, or playing games.

However, why do people prefer laptops to computers or PCs?

Most Expensive Laptops in The World in 2022

Laptops are preferred because they’re portable and easy to carry anywhere. You can use the laptop anywhere, anytime, in the car, on the train, in the park, or at home.

The best things about laptops are how you can buy the most expensive laptops in the world, or you can buy the cheapest one you can find.

You don’t need to worry about the price of a laptop. You will find one that suits your needs. Laptops with more features will cost more.

What makes the most expensive laptops in the world?

The most expensive laptops ever made with unique features and materials, like diamonds or gold to give them an extra luxurious look.

We have made a list of the most expensive laptops in the world for you to look at and see what makes them expensive.

Most Expensive Laptops in The World
Most Expensive Laptops in The World

9. Acer Ferrari 1100 – $3,000

Let us start with a laptop that is 3,000 dollars, which is the Acer Ferrari 1100.

What makes it $3000?

The Acer Ferrari 1100 is lightweight and has a carbon chassis feature.

This feature makes it scratch-resistant, and who does not love that? So, you can use it anyhow, without the worry of getting scratches on it.

Furthermore, if you’re a gamer, you will love its 1280 x 800 pixel for gaming and video.  Is it not amazing?

It also has an 8-X DVD burner, 1.3 pixels webcam, and 4GB RAM.

It has a simple yet luxurious feature and overall outlook, which will make people buy it no matter its price.

8. Dell M6400 Laptop – $3,000

Another laptop that is around $3000 is the Dell M6400 Laptop.

This laptop is mostly suited for professionals because of its high=performance and scalability.

What are some of the features that Dell M6400 has?

Dell M6400 has an Intel Q43 chipset, great for business uses.

Furthermore, it gives you an e-SATA interface and 1TB storage space.

You can also do tasks like editing videos and doing various work related to engineering design, analysis, graphics, and animation.

These things require you to have a high-end laptop, which you can now do with the Dell M6400.

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7. Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS – $4,500

The Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS is one of the best and the most popular laptop that you can buy.

This laptop has a built-in quad-core processor.

Furthermore, it has 4GB RAM, which means you will get the high performance that you would like.

Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS sells for $4,500, making it the eighth-most expensive laptop in the world.

Alienware area 51 m15x – $5,000

Alienware Area 51 m15x costs around $5,000.

This laptop is for people who want a laptop that looks sophisticated and is overall fast to use.

Furthermore, it has an Intel Core-2 and a powerful RAM, which makes it have the high speed you want and making it quick in speed.

The newest version of this laptop has a 2.8GHZ Intel Core-2 Extreme X9000, 3GB of Ram, 1TB memory, and a display of 15.4 inches.

Alienware 51 m15x will give you the gaming experience that you will not have had before.

6. Rock Xtreme SL8 – $5,500

If you can spend $500 more than an Alienware laptop, and you want the laptop that has gotten considered the most powerful gaming laptop, then Rock Xtreme SL8 is a laptop you should buy.

This laptop is not only the most expensive laptop in the world but it’s the fastest one you can get.

It has many unique and amazing features, making it worth the buy for $5,500.

It has an Intel Core 2-Quad Processor and the RAM that you need for a powerful and fast performing laptop, which you can use comfortably.

You can perform many tasks and really fast using the Rock Xtreme SL8 laptop.

5. Stealth MacBook Pro – $6,000

If you’re a fan of Apple, then you would know that Macbook Pros are pretty expensive, and their price starts from $1,500 for a model which is 15-inches.

The Stealth MacBook Pro costs around $6,000, with an elegant look and novel features.

What makes this laptop the most expensive laptop in the world because of the unique technology it uses.

The unique technology is SofTouch, which makes it easy to use the touchpad and adds more protection to it.

Furthermore, it has a matte screen that is custom-made, 256 GB SSD, and 8GB RAM.

4. Voodoo Envy H171 – $8,500

The fourth laptop on our list, which is one of the most expensive laptops in the world is the one from Hewlett Packard, Voodoo Envy H171.

The fully specked version you can get for $8,500 and the less specked one you can get for $4,500.

If you get the fully specked version, you can choose from 24 colors and 14 tattoo designs.

Furthermore, it has a 1.3-megapixel camera, 4GB RAM, and a Twin NVIDIA graphics chipset.

The Voodoo Envy H171 has a 17-inch screen.

Choose the color and design you like and get that one.

3. Ego for Bentley – $20,000

Are you a fan of Bentley?

If you are, then you would love the collaboration that Bentley and EGO did.

The collaboration was for the laptop EGO for Bentley, costing $20,000.

Do you know that they made only 250 pieces to ensure its exclusivity remains?

What do you get in the most expensive computer/laptops in the world?

You will get a leather exterior that has gotten hand-decorated with diamonds. Yes, diamonds.

Furthermore, it has a chrome handle built-in and has ‘Knurling’ (the company trademark) engraved on it.

It’s decorated with white gold and has a Bentley logo right in the middle.

It has an overall elegant look. It high in performance, as 12 keys direct to access applications like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, webcam, and so on.

It has great storage capacity and is efficient. Does it not sound amazing?

2. Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook – $355,000

What would you think of buying a laptop that costs $355,000?

Insanely… luxurious?

Who was insane enough to make such an expensive laptop?

The Tulip E-Go Diamond Notebook got by by Tulip under the brand E-Go Life-Style B.V.

The white gold and diamond used to design this laptop are what makes it so expensive.

The use of Diamond and white gold makes it the second laptop which is the most expensive laptop in the world.

Furthermore, it features a DVD burner, a 12-antiglare display screen, and a webcam.

It also has 2GB RAM, 2.0 Bluetooth, and a 160GB hard disk.

1. Luvaglio – $1 Million

The most expensive laptop in the world, which comes first on our list, is the Luvaglio.

How much does it cost? Are you ready to hear the price?

This laptop costs $1 million. Yes, a million dollars.

The question is, what makes it the most expensive laptop.

This cost allows you to customize the laptop to however you would like it. It means you can choose the design, the material, and the specifications you want on the laptop.

Another thing that it allows you to choose from rare colored diamonds for the power button.

It features a level of technology, specification, and features that are not matchable.

Lastly, for security, it has a fingerprint scanner, so only you use it and no one else.

Would you consider buying a laptop that costs a million dollars?

Other Expensive Laptops

  • MJ’s Swarovski and Diamond Studded ($3.5 Million USD)
  • MacBook Air Supreme ($500k USD)
  • Tulip E-Go Diamond NoteBook ($355k USD)
  • MacBook PRO 24 Karat Gold ($30k USD)
  • Ego for Bentley ($20k USD)
  • Rock Xtreme SL8 ($18k USD)
  • Voodoo Envy H171 ($8.5k USD)
  • MacBook PRO Marble Edition ($7.5k USD)
  • Asus ROG Mothership GZ700 ($6.5k USD)
  • Alienware 18 ($5.4k USD)
  • Alienware area 51 M15x ($5k USD)
  • Lenovo ThinkPad W700DS ($4.5k USD)
  • Razer Blade 15 Studio ($3.8k USD)
  • CUK HP Omen 15t ($3.1k USD)
  • Dell M6400 Laptop ($3k USD)
  • Acer Ferrari 1100 ($3k USD)
  • Alienware Area 51M ($2.9k USD)
  • MSI GE66 Raider ($2.7k USD)
  • Acer Predator Triton 500 ($2.5k USD)
  • CUK MSI GP75 Leopard ($2.3k USD)
  • Razer Blade Stealth ($2k USD)

Final Thoughts

After looking at our list of the most expensive laptops in the world, would you consider buying such an expensive laptop, no matter what features or design it offers?

These laptops actually get you thinking about whether spending such a huge amount on a laptop is worth it or not. We would personally buy a house than a laptop that costs that much!

Let us know if you think it’s worth buying such an expensive laptop.

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