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Call of Duty Modern Warfare “Dev Error 6068” Explained

The dev error 6068 on Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, is in the highlights. We’ll see “How to fix the “dev error 6068″ in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” in these well-researched and tested methods.

Who does not know of the Call of duty, modern warfare? It’s the most popular and loved first-person shooting game.

Whether you’re a gamer, a programmer, or a game creator, you might still face errors or bugs in a game.

Call of Duty is a triple-A game. Such games often advertise as invincible games from glitches, errors, or bugs, but that is not the case.

What is Dev Error 6068?

The question is, why is the dev error 6068 occurring in Call of Duty, Modern Warfare? You are probably frustrated if you are a gamer and face the dev error 6068.

If you want to know the reason for dev error 6068 and how you can solve it, you have ended up in the right place!

Continue reading and get the answer to your problem.
Modern Warfare Dev Error 6068

Reasons Behind Dev Error 6068 on Call of Duty

There are many reasons why the dev error 6068 might occur on Call of Duty, Modern Warfare.

The main reasons for dev error 6068 are:

  1. The error can sometimes occur due to server problems, mainly during double XP weekends.
  2. It can occur when a user uses an outdated version of the game
  3. It can occur if the GPUs or PC drivers are outdated.

What happens when the dev error 6068 arises?

Dev error 6068 will make your PC crash and turn the screen black. It will also prevent players from starting and playing the game. Most players who face dev error 6068 get frustrated because this error will cause the gameplay to close when 10 minutes into the game automatically.

Have you updated the files and driver, and are you still facing the dev error 6068?

If yes, read below for solutions you can try to fix the dev error 6068.

How to fix Dev error 6068 Error in Call of Duty?

We have the solutions below for users with updated files, drivers, and windows. However, if you have not updated the files, drivers, and windows, do that.

Once you update them and still face the error, follow the solutions we have below.

1. Change the VideoMemoryScale Value From the Game Folder

Modern Warfare, Call of Duty uses a lot of resources. VideoMemoryScale is `in charge of the VRAM and how much a game needs it.

Try changing the VideoMemoryScale to give your system some breathing room and terminate the dev error 6068.

You can modify it from the system files. How?

You can do it by:

  • Open File Explorer
  • Go to Documents/Call of Duty Modern Warfare
  • Look and open the Players folder
  • Look for the adv_options.ini file
  • Run this file using the notepad application to change the value from within
  • Look for the line that says VideoMemoryScale
  • The default number will be 0.85. Change it wither 0.5 or 0.55
  • Save the changes

Once done, restart the game and check whether dev error 6068 occurs. If it does, then try the next solution.

2. Force run the game with DirectX 11

The new and sturdy API (Application Programming Interface) for gaming is DirectX 12.

However, the latest ones do not mean it’s better. Dev error 6068 and other errors on systems can occur when there are corrupted files or inadequate hardware on DirectX 12.

You can solve this issue by making Modern Warfare operate on DirectX 11.

You can do that by:

  1. Open Battle.Net launcher
  2. On the top left-hand side, click on Options.
  3. On the menu options shown, select Game Settings
  4. On Game Settings, find and click on Modern Warfare
  5. Mark Additional Command Line Arguments
  6. On the text box which will pop up, type -d3d11

This method would help you get to the main menu if you could not see it before because of dev error 6068.

3. Lower your graphical settings

Many reports have shown that a system may cause errors like dev error 6068 when there is a lot of load on the system.

Two main parts of a system that make errors occur are:

  1. In-game
  2. Anything was operating in the background that used a lot of resources.

The first step to this solution is lowering all the settings.

How to do that:

  1. Go to the Graphical Settings part of Modern Warfare
  2. Click on Options
  3. Decrease the settings volumes to the lowest

4. We also suggest you turn off Ray Tracing. Why?

Ray Tracing puts a lot of load on your system and uses many resources, which can stress the system and cause the dev error 6068.

Another thing we would advise you to do is turn off every application running in the background. The less load you put on the system, the fewer errors you will face.

However, even after turning it to the lowest settings, the dev error 6068 still appears, then try other solutions.

Change graphics card to high-performance mode. A gamer will know that the best gaming visual experience gets given by Graphics cards.

However, using the card for better quality than performance can cause dev error 6068.

Changing the graphic card to high-performance mode will be different for NVIDIA and AMD cards.

However, before we tell you how to do that. You much ensure that you have the latest drivers for GPU to rule out the reason behind the dev error 6068 being a bug in the driver.

To change for AMD GPU:

  • Open the control center or AMD Radeon Settings
  • Go to Preferences
  • Select Radeon Addition Settings
  • Extend the Power portion
  • Select Switchable Graphics Global Settings
  • For the Graphics Settings, click High Performance
  • Click Apply

To Change for NVIDIA GPU:

  • Open the control panel of NVIDIA
  • Go to Adjust Image Settings With Preview
  • Select Use My Preference Emphasizing
  • Move the sliding bar to the left to get the best performance

Once done, relaunch the game and check if the dev error6068 got solved.

Ensure there are no Corrupted in-game files

If you happen to face dev error 6068 still, even after trying all the solutions above, look for any corrupted files that may be causing it.

During updates, corrupted files may appear in the files of Modern Warfare.

Deleting those corrupted files can help in removing errors.

There are two ways you can do that.

First way

You can uninstall the game and install it again.

We advise you to delete any files on your system after uninstalling the gaming before you reinstall it.

Second Way

If you don’t want to reinstall the game because of its storage and bigger size, then start repairing the game.

You can do it by following the steps below:

  1. Open the launcher of
  2. On the left panel, click on Modern Warfare
  3. Next to the Redeem a Code, there will be Options; click it
  4. From the dropdown menu, select Scan and Repair
  5. Follow the instructions that gives you to repair the files.

The second way scans all the Modern Warfare files and replaces the faulty ones.

5. Upgrade or Change Your RAM

Many users solved the dev error 6068 by upgrading their RAM.

Therefore, if you still face the error, why not change the RAM.

Many users use RAM that has a frequency below 3000 MHZ. If you’re one of them, then upgrading is the best option.

We suggest you use RAM with at least a frequency value of 3200MHz.

If you have a friend with a RAM with that frequency, try it out and see if dev error 6068 occurs. If it does, you will know the RAM is not the problem.

However, if the dev error 6068 does not occur, consider buying your own.

6. Contact Activision support

If you tried all the solutions we gave, and the dev error 6068 still occurs, then it is time for you to contact Activision Support. List all you have tried and the problem you face in a single support ticket.

Devs will pick your case and work on it. They will come up with or develop a solution that will solve the dev error 6068. They will ask you for details like the solutions you tried, when you tried them and when the dev error 6068 started.

Follow their advice and instructions, as it will solve the error.

Final Words

We hope the abovementioned solutions work for you like many other users. When playing Call of Duty, the dev error 6068 can get annoying and not let you play the game.

If you contact Activision support and their solution works for you, don’t forget to share with us and help other gamers. Let us know which solution worked for you or any other solution that works and we didn’t add.

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