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List of Best Smartwatches For Kids and Fitness Trackers

Smartwatches are not necessarily for adults only; rather the market has a complete range of smartwatches for kids featuring games and learning development, which make them worthy of investment in them. Some of the best smartwatches for kids have some fitness trackers in them too.

These are very helpful in keeping your kids active during holidays instead of playing games while lying lazily in bed.

TOP 7 Smartwatches For Kids and Best Fitness Trackers

While looking for a good kids’ smartwatch you can check for different features in it, which range from completely entertainment purposes to effective learning exercises such as the LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker or the VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch.

Fitbit has launched its two latest editions for kids are Fitbit Ace 2 and Fitbit Ace. These are very useful gadgets to motivate your children to stay active and track their activities.

Moreover, some of the kids’ smartwatches incorporate GPS trackers for the safety of kids. The tracker helps the parents to monitor the whereabouts of their children and keep a check on them.

The following list has something amazing for everyone, scroll down to know more.


Fitbit Ace 2 motivates the kids of the age of 6 and above to learn healthy things and build a habit of spending a healthy time with family and friends. To protect the watch from the hyper activities of kids all day it comes with a bumper to protect its screen and has a swim-proof design.

Ace 2 comes in different kid-friendly and fun colors. It has a variety of catchy features for kids to keep them motivated and interested which includes animated clock faces, motivating challenges, and colorful avatars and cover photos to personalize their profiles within the Fitbit app. Furthermore, with the Fitbit family account, parents can stay on top of their kids’ activities.

GARMIN vivofit JR 2

This Garmin kid’s smartwatch has a wide range of exciting functions which adds a little bit of adventure every day. The watch is durable and can be used as wanted. You can also win points for doing daily tasks. The idea is these can then be traded for treats; hence it motivates your children to brush their teeth or perform other healthy activities.

The color screen and strap are customizable. The soft and stretchy design of the strap makes it comfortable to wear all day. The VivoFit Jr 2 does not require charging because its battery life lasts up to a year. The battery time seems to be more like 6-7 months and may vary depending on use.


Fitbit Ace is a great way to encourage and motivate kids to get moving. The main feature of this slim kid’s smartwatch is to track daily steps and the fun part is that it provides rewards and badges for achieving certain goals.

You do not have to worry about your child ruining their gadget in the rain as it is water-resistant hence you can easily use it in water also. The battery life is of almost 5 days so that it can be worn all week to school without charge.

If all of the family members have Fitbits, you can set a family account to easily monitor the activities of your children. The children have the choice of 10 funky clock designs to customize their watch.


VTech has introduced an ultimate smartwatch for kids that integrates a number of exciting features and does not get too heavy on your pocket. The features of the watch include a camera for takings photos, a tracker, and a variety of games and apps.

The watch has about 50 3D-effects both digital and analog clock faces- depending on your preference. You can customize your kids’ smartwatch by downloading your favorite games and apps.


This kid’s smartwatch is more like a smartphone tied on the wrist. This kids’ smartwatch has features almost like an adult smartwatch. It has several apps, a camera for photos and video, the ability to send messages, a media player, an activity tracker, and a hands-free kit for use with a smartphone.

You have two choices for personalizing your straps in this watch including a thermal color changing the strap. The 256MB memory of the watch can be expanded to 32GB so that providing you a wide space to store lots of apps and media of your choice on the device.


This smartwatch from LeapFrog provides you with a virtual pet, just like the good old Tamagotchis from the 90s. You can feed and power your pet by completing activities or exercise to gain points.

This watch includes a full curriculum that will teach your child basic skills to tell time and the importance of nutrition. There’s a range of games to play but the parental controls will allow you to limit the time your children spend playing so that they can focus during school time and bedtime.


This watch is not less than a blessing for the parents of young children. As you cannot allow smartphones to your child at a very young age and also fear of losing contact with them while they venture out on their own. This watch is the solution to your worries as it comes with a GPS tracker through which you can allocate and access your child anytime from anywhere.

You can also restrict specific areas where you do not want your child to go by setting an alarm on the watch. Hence whenever the child will enter such a restricted place you will be notified. The watch can also be used for making calls, messages and has a camera to take photos.

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