Recently, I tried wireless chargers for my mobile smartphone. I was really excited about my new purchase as it would free me from all struggles involved in using other wired chargers. There must be fewer wires in today’s world and wireless chargers are a game-changer.

But unfortunately, this gadget did not worth my excitement. It was a lot slower than my expectations. Moreover, it had bright LED lights that would light the entire room at night. Consequently, I wondered whether I could find better chargers than this in the market.

Hence, I surveyed the market and found some really good chargers for which I decided to write a review on them so that you can also get some help if you are thinking of buying a wireless charger.

Best Wireless Chargers For Your Smartphones in the Modern Era

Wires create so much mess everywhere. Wires can turn a beautiful piece of gadgetry into an eyesore of tangled wires. Some problems are more annoying than slower speed such as tangled wires!!

That is why all the sectors of the technology industry are introducing the latest and innovative ways to replace wires with wireless gadgets, such as your earphones, your PS4 controllers, phone chargers and many other devices are now wireless.

This article contains a detailed review of about ten wireless chargers, some are those which people asked me to check and some are those which I picked to check whether they are as good as they claim to be or not. Some of the useful detail of the top ten wireless chargers in the market is discussed in this article.

You can also find a guide for buying at the end of the article. The guide includes some useful points about which features of wireless chargers must be checked while comparing two different chargers. This information can be used to analyze any charger available in the market.

RAVPower – Best for techies

The RAVpower charger is certified by Qi, which, means that it can be used with multiple devices, including the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, the iPhone X, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S9, S7+, and the Note 8.

But honestly, it is not as good as it looks to be as its speed is not much fast compared to other chargers in the market. There are really better chargers than this one out there.

The fastest a wireless charger charges your phone at the rate of 15-watts, whereas the lowest charging speed of some of them is at the rate of 3.5-watts.

Having said that, iPhone devices like the 8, 8 Plus and X, are charged by the RAV power at the rate of 7.5-watts. This means that its efficiency lies in the middle of the range of 3.5-15. Whereas, from all the devices I checked, almost more than half of them charged Apple devices at the rate of 5-watts or even lesser. No charger charged faster than 7.5-watts, hence if RAV power is not the fastest charger then it also not that bad.

Samsung devices are charged faster than Apple products because of the difference in their designs. Compatible Samsung devices like the Galaxy S7, S8, S9, and Note 8, are charged at 10-watts by RAV power. From our below-given list, it is faster than three, slower than one, and as fast as five chargers.

What I Like

RAV power chargers have advanced designs, which I like about them the most. They have some very innovative designs which are never seen before.

You can buy it for nothing more than to possess a really cool gadget and show-off to others.

The RAV power is designed in such a way that it gives out heat 15% faster than other chargers of similar prices. I do not like hot phones or chargers while charging process as I am afraid of getting them blown away.

Some of the common problems like overcharging, overvoltage, and overcurrent do not occur with RAV power and protects your phone from such mishaps.

Choetech – Best for frequent use

Choetech has a pretty interesting approach to wireless chargers. Their aim was to make a charger that would be multi-purpose and can perform different tasks, and they delivered what they said.

As suggested by the name, Choetech designed the QI Fast Wireless Charging Stand as… well… a stand. In this way, you can easily use your device while charging. Other designs in the market include mats and pucks. It becomes much easier to use your phone at an upright angle, contrary to lying flat on your desk.

What I Like

The most liked fact of this charger is that it is a stand that allows you to keep your phone in landscape mode or portrait mode. In this way, you can use your phone in either way you want.

Secondly, it has a LED strip at its back which tells which charging mode it is on. On standby mode, the LED glows blue, whereas it lights green when the phone is charging.

It charges the compatible Samsung devices (the Galaxy S9, S8, S7, S7 Edge, S6, and S6 Edge, and the Galaxy Note 9, Note 8, and Note 5), at 10-watts, which is great work. The battery does not drain too much if I use my phone while charging.

The charger comes in an attractive and unique design. It might be assumed that, as it is a wireless stand for charging, the area allowed for charging will also be restricted to a small range. But, the charger comes with two coils and allows a wider range of charging area than predicted. The phone will still charge whether you place it in landscape or portrait mode.

Seneo – Best case-friendly charger

Seneo has over 2 million customers, which makes it the world’s top brand. Like every other brand, Seneo claims all of its customers to be satisfied, hence I decided to check out their Qi-Certified Wireless Charging Stand, and decide whether they successfully satisfy me or not.

The design of this gadget is really cool and glossy. From my survey, I saw most of the charging stands have only two distinctive features with the same design. The first is the number of charging coils it has and their arrangement which defines its size. The second feature is its LED light which tells the charging mode of the phone. This charging stand was almost like the others, but its glossy black surface made it attractive and more refined than others.

What I Like

Seneo turns out to be a good charger with those 2 million satisfied customers!! Like most of the chargers, Seneo also has two modes, 5 watts, and 10 watts. But in the case of Seneo, the story does not end with the number of watts.

As mentioned above in the article, you will know that the Samsung Galaxy phones and tablets charge at 10-watt mode including the S6 onwards and the Note 5 onwards.

Hence, leaving the 5-watt mode of charging for iPhone devices, this includes the 8, the 8 Plus, and the X. 5-watt is considered as a lower charging rate. Though, Seneo claims their charging speed to be faster than other 5-watt chargers. They also compare the speed of their 5-watt chargers with some 7.5-watt chargers available in the market.

Pleson – Best value for your money

Some of my mates gave pretty much good reviews of Pleson’s Ultra Slim Qi Wireless Charging Pad, so I decided to give it a try and borrowed it from a friend.

.And I have to say that, if you made a graph of the wireless chargers in this list with affordability on one axis and great features on the other, then Pleson’s pad would sit as a blip above the best-fit line.

What I Like

The charging rate of Pleson differentiates it from other brands. The Pleson charger provides you with a gigantic charging rate of a maximum of 13.5-watts, which is 1.4 times faster than other chargers of the same price.

All the social media junkies or those who frequently use their phones need a charger that can charge their phone at a super-fast speed or manage heavy use of the phone while charging. But for Pleson, one has to wait for the charging to finish before using it, but it can charge a phone almost within an hour.

I also liked the feature of the LED light that turns green to indicate the charging mode of the phone. The charging light seems to be a very simple and little thing in the device, but everybody does not do that. A QC 3.0 adapter or the original adapter of the Samsung phone also has to be used.

But let me tell you that I not only like the Pleson’s LED light but its design too. Different wireless chargers come with different ways to notify people about their phone’s charging conditions, such as beeps, blinking of light, etc. but these beeps and blinks become the most irritating thing in entire world when I am working or sleeping. But Pleson does not have any beeps or blinks, or you may say that it has much decent LED design.

Samsung – Best for Samsung users

How could it be possible to not include in this article, the exclusive chargers by Samsung themselves? Samsung has an expensive range of chargers. From Samsung, being the inventor of wireless chargers, some really great and efficient features are expected from it to provide.

Some people might apprehend that as these chargers are manufactured by Samsung so it can only be used for Samsung products. But Samsung has not done this; they have created chargers that are compatible with all Qi-enabled devices.

The unique and innovative design of this charger has really made me awestruck. The design includes two discs coming together at an almost perpendicular angle, and that it looks like a cross between a puck and a stand.

What I Like

The most loved feature of this charger for me is that they have also added the characteristic of using the phone in landscape mode or portrait mode during the charging process. Hence, it means you get the advantage of using as many phones as you want while charging and it won’t slow the charging speed. Samsung wireless chargers also come in puck designs, but they do not provide this facility, whereas the stand version of the charger can compete with any versatile charger out there.

These chargers also have a very considerate and useful component of the fan, which continuously dispenses heat while charging. This feature liberates you from the fear of overheating your phone or charger while charging.

Another interesting thing about this charger is that it has to charge a rate of 9-watts. Hold-on before you develop any other thought, I must tell you that these chargers still charge faster than others. I really don’t understand how they made their 9-watts charger work like a 13.5-watt Pleson charger, but this actually how it wonderfully works. I took a test on this charger and charged a Samsung phone while using it and GPS was also kept on throughout the charging process, but it still fully charged the phone in the very best time.

Ellesye – Best for warranty

Every charger manufacturer tries to provide something better than others and filly a spot left by them. In Ellesye’s case, the main focus is on reliability. They have so much trust in their wireless chargers that they are offering a lifetime of warranty on them.

What I Like

There are three coils in the design of this charger. The number of coils a charger has is important as it provides more real estate to the charger. This means you are not restricted to place your phone in one fixed perfect position to charge your phone and you can also keep it in either landscape or portrait mode.

Most of the wireless chargers are compatible with limited models of Qi-enabled devices, but Ellesye is the most versatile charger I have seen. There are chargers that are exclusively for Samsung or iPhone products, but this charger has a wide range of compatibility. It can charge an XPERIA XZ2, Nexus 4/5/6/7, Nokia Lumia 1520/1020/920/928, MOTO Droid Maxx/Mini/MOTO Turbo 2, HTC Droid DNA, Blackberry Z30, or pretty much any other Qi-enabled phone, including some LG phones. Hence, you can easily buy this charger for any of your phones without fearing that whether it will be compatible or not.

One great feature which makes this charger really good is that it will charge your phone through 4mm thickness. It is very case friendly and can charge your phone with the phone cover on. You only have to remove any metallic or magnetic cover from the back that interrupts charging.

Kuppet – Best for users with both Apple and Samsung devices

This is also one of those good wireless chargers that possess great functions and has an attractive design too. As it is a universal charger and Qi-certified, hence it can charge any device that is Qi-enabled. It is quite reasonably priced also.

What I Like

All Qi-enabled devices can be charged by this charger, easily. I can say that the versatility of Kuppet is the same as that of Ellesye. A number of different types of chargers can be charged through it, including Samsung Galaxy S7, S8, S8 Plus, Note 5 and Note 8; iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X; Google Nexus 4, 5, and 6; and any other Qi-enabled device, such as the range of Motorola Droids, the Nokia phones, LG phones, and so on.

Kuppet claims its charger to be a ‘Fast Charge’, whereas it only provides charging at the rate of 10W. 10 watt is not bad at all rather it is quite good but not the highest of all.

So to validate their claims, I charged an iPhone and a Samsung phone with this charger.

For the iPhone, the charging speed was amazing as it fully charged the phone in just 2 hours max. Moreover, I was constantly using different apps on the phone, watching videos and my GPS was also on while charging. It is a very efficient charger with amazing speed that can charge an iPhone in just 2 hours with such heavy usage alongside. The same was the fast speed and proficiency for the Samsung phone as well. While charging the Samsung phone, I constantly used YouTube, made videos, and other apps but it did not lose its effectiveness in quickly charging the phone and performed well as other good 10 watt chargers.

You can definitely find faster chargers for Samsung phones but it is the most versatile charger for mixed devices on this list.

Anker – Best for versatility

Anker is a famous, wireless, and wired, charger brand with over customers of 200 million. Here in this article, we’re going to review the Anker Wireless Charger which is a Qi-certified Wireless Charging Stand. I like the fact that its charging components are quite efficient. Along with its glossy and innovative design, the components of this charging stand are also very advanced which adds a plus point to it.

What I Like

The first thing I like about this charger is its speed for my iPhone. Being an only 5-watt charger, the company claims that their charger can charge your phone faster than other 5-watt chargers in the market. That is a good speed for my iPhone and its battery will be fully charged within 2 hours.

Anker sells its wireless charger in both stand and puck design. I don’t think anyone would buy a puck if a stand is also available there, as stands are very convenient and pucks are not.

This charging stand is compatible with different phones, including Nokia Lumia phones, Samsung Galaxy phones, iPhones, Yota phones.

Yootech – Best for adaptability to different phones

Now, this is the charger that tries to satisfy all the needs of everyone and is pretty reasonably priced too. The only major setback of Yootech is that it is a wireless pouch and not a wireless charging stand. But before passing any judgment let us consider its good and not so good features first.

What I Like

As the Samsung Galaxy, iPhones, and other phones have different power needs, hence I decided to search for a wireless charger that could cater to the needs of all types of phones by providing different charging rates accordingly. And, here is Yootech doing exactly what I was looking for. The charging rate of Yootech for Samsung Galaxy is 10-watts, for iPhones is 7.5-watts and any Qi-enabled charger is charged at the standard rate of 5-watts. The charging rate provided to all three types of phones is as good as any other device. And this changing rate for Apple products is not less than any other charger on this list.

This puck is of only 0.45 inches thickness. It comes with an intelligent temperature controller that gives you a cooler charging experience as compared to other chargers of a similar rate.

Unlike most of the other chargers, this wireless charger is sleep-friendly. Commonly every other charger has that irritating loud beeps and bright blinks for indicating charging modes, which means that you cannot sleep or think in a room where such a device is placed. But fortunately, Yootech is free from any such irritating features. When the charger is properly connected to your phone its green LED light will flash for only 3 seconds and lights for only 16 seconds after recognizing the phone. Once its charging mode is on the light will turn off itself until the phone is completely charged which I think is a very thoughtfully designed wireless charger and other brands should also consider it.

Nanami – Best for ergonomic design

Coming to this point you would notice that I prefer stands over pucks because of their ergonomic design. The Nanami chargers also have ergonomic designs. For charging speed, Nanami provides you with two charging modes; one is the fast mode for Samsung Galaxy phones. They have not mentioned the exact speed of their modes but I myself experimented with a Samsung phone and found its speed to be around 10-watts.

The other one is the standard charging mode for iPhones and Qi-certified devices and should have a speed between 5-watts and 7.5-watts. After experimenting with my iPhone, I would rate its charging speed to be 5-watts, but I can surely say that is faster than any other 5-watt charger with efficient charging. You can also use apps that consume less power while charging your phone at any of the two modes.

What We Like

The most the fact of any wireless charger is that it is a stand with an ergonomic design. I can use my phone while it is charging and also place it in any mode, either portrait or landscape, providing me an opportunity to take full advantage of it. The design of the charger includes 2 coils and easily detects your phone and does not restrict you to place your phone in any fixed position.

To prevent any slip or fall, the charger has four rubber feet underneath which make it stable.

This wireless charging stand allows your phone case to be up to 5 mm thick, this limit makes it very case friendly. If your phone case is less than 5mm or of 5mm thickness, your phone will surely charge. However, the case thickness of less than 3mm is optimal and will increase your charging speed.

The charger comes with some pretty intelligent multicolored LED lights to indicated different things through different light colors. The LED light will turn solid blue in standby mode, green for charging mode and a blue light will continuously flash for one second if the phone is not properly placed for charging. The same will happen if any metallic or magnetic object is placed nearby and causing a disturbance in charging.