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Joe Namath Net Worth – NFL’s Greatest Characters (2022 Updated)

What is Joe Nameth net worth in 2022. If you’re a fan of sports games, then you’d probably know about Joe Namath, who was an American football quarterback for the New York Jets from 1965 to 1969. If you know him then you would know about his remarkable achievements in the New York Jets football team.

Joe Namath Net Worth Reviewd in 2022

You may have heard of his famous nickname Broadway Joe. Joe Namath is not only a former footballer, but he’s an actor also.

Yes, a footballer and an Actor!

It’s got you thinking about Joe Namath’s net worth, age, height, weight, achievements, family, and movies, right?

We have you covered. Continue reading to get all the information you would want on Joe Namath!

Joe Namath Net Worth & Lifestyle in 2022

Joe Namath Net Worth: $29 Million
Date of Birth: 1943-05-31
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft 2 in (1.88 m)
Profession: American football player, Actor
Nationality: United States of America
Last Updated: 2022


Joe Namath Early Life and Birth/Family

Joe Namath was born on 31st May in 1943. He was born and brought up in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania.

Joe Namath’s parents are Rose and Jonas Andrew Namath; both were Catholics.

However, his parents got divorced when he was in the sixth grade. After the divorce, Joe Namath lived mostly with his mother.

Joe Namath has four brothers named John, Frank, and Robert. He also has an older sister, who was adopted, Rita.

He is the youngest of his siblings.

Joe Namath Career and Education

Joe Namath went to Beaver Falls High School.

In his high school, he was a football quarterback, basketball guard, and baseball outfielder.

Larry Bruno Coached Joe Namath at Beavers Falls High School.

After graduating in 1961, many offers from different baseball teams got sent to him. Joe Namath had a desire to sign with the Pirates baseball team, as Roberto Clemente was his idol.

However, his mother wanted him to get an education and go to college. Therefore he opted to play football.

Joe Namath got admission to the University of Alabama.

However, he went on to pursue a career as a professional footballer and left before graduating. You would think that this was the end of his education. However, that is not the case.

At the age of 64, he completed an external-class of Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama in 2007.

It comes to show that age does not matter in education!

Joe Namath Affair, Divorce, Relationship/Children

Joe Namath has been in many relationships.

However, when it comes to marriage, he only married once.

In 1983, Joe Namath met Deborah Titana Mays, when he was trying to become an actor.

Both met in a Voice Class. There was a 19 years difference between them. They got married in 1984. However, in 2000, they got divorced.

During their 14 years of marriage, Joe Namath and Deborah had two daughters, Olivia and Jessica.

Height and Weight

Joe Namath’s height is 1.88m tall (that’s around 6 feet).

He weighs 91Kg.

Football Career NFL’s “Greatest Character”

In 1962, Joe Namath started his football career at college.

He was the Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback, and in 1964 he played for the University of Alabama.

During that time, Bryant was his coach, and Howard Schnellenberger was his offensive coordinator.

Joe Namath then went on to play for New York Sets from 1965 to 1976.

During that time, he declined an offer made by Chicago Winds, the World Football League team. After the Jets released Joe Namath, he joined Los Angeles Rams in 1977.

On 12th May that year, he signed a contract with Los Angeles Rams.

However, he contracted with a huge loss and got benched for the season. After that Joe Namath retired from his football career.

TV Career

Joe Namath in 1969, hosted his show, The Joe Namath Show.

That started his career in acting. In 1970, Ann-Margret, Joe Namath, and William Smith starred in the Movie C.C and Company.

Later in 1978, he made an appearance on The Waverly Wonders.

Other movies where Joe Namath made an appearance are:

  • The Love Boat
  • Here’s Lucy
  • The Flip Wilson Show
  • The Simpsons
  • Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in
  • The Dean Martin Show
  • And Many Others.


Joe Namath was a two-time holder of titles like:

  • Second-team All-AFL
  • AFL Passing Yards Leader
  • AFL Most Valuable Player

In 1965, he got the title of Rookie of the Year.

In 1968, Joe became:

  • An AFL Champion
  • NFL Passing Touchdowns
  • Second-team All-Pro

For the years 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1965, Joe was an AFL All-Star. In 1968, Joe Namath was first-team, All-AFL, and AFL champion.

Joe Namath Net Worth

The estimated net worth since March 2022 is over $29 million. Joe Namath played football for more than ten years.

He earned it by signing with two teams and then joining the acting career.

Joe Namath fought the odds, coming from a not so settled family to achieve his dreams. Joe Namath is a champion and award-winning player of football.

Furthermore, one gets to learn from Joe Namath that education can get done at any age. At the age of 67, he decided he wanted a degree, and he got it.

Joe Namath achieved his dreams. Whether, it was in his football career, acting career, or education.

What does Joe Namath do for a living?

  • American football player
  • Actor
  • Businessperson
  • Promotional model

How many Super Bowl rings have Joe Namath gotten?

Joe Namath got one Super Bowl for the Jets during his career with them.

What two great achievements has Joe Namath gotten for the Jets?

Joe Namath got AFL Championship and Super Bowl for the Jets. Both are the only championships achieved by the Jets to date.

How many years did Joe Namath play for the Jets?

Joe Namath played for 13 years from 1965 to 1977 for the Jets.

Why did Joe Namath and Deborah get divorced?

The divorce got issued by Deborah. After 14 years, she said that the marriage was not working and that she was bored of it. Furthermore, there were speculations that one of the reasons was due to Joe turning into an alcoholic.

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