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What is Jeffree Star Net Worth 2021? Things to Know

Jeffree Star Net Worth

Do you know Jeffree Star net worth? How much do you know about Jeffree Star? If you are a fan of Jeffree Star then it’s only right that you get to know about him.

Jeffree Star is a popular makeup artist, a beautiful You-Tuber, singer, songwriter, model, and internet celebrity. Jeffery is most recognized for his fashionable get-up, which is quite unique. But how did he become all of these? And how much has he made so far from getting into these various niches?
Jeffree Star Net Worth

Jeffree Star Early Life

His real name is Jeffery Lynn Steininger, but he is popularly known as Jeffree Star, which is his stage name. Jeffery was born on November 15, 1985, іn Оrаngе Соuntу, Саlіfоrnіа. But his father died when he was only 6 years old.

Jeffery had been different from the other kids from childhood. He enjoyed wearing his mother’s makeup and would try to convince her to let him wear makeup to school. Although this gradually decreased after he got into high school. But Jeffery had an interest in makeup and fashion, and he was always keen on learning. He decided on his career path from the early age of 13 and decided to follow his dreams since he didn’t have money to go to colleges anyway.

When he left high school Jeffery moved to LA and did small jobs in music and makeup to support himself. He found his way into the industry and connected with celebrities who subsequently gave him makeup jobs to do.

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Jeffree Star Career

Jefferey Star is most popular as a makeup maven, but he was first recognized on MySpace as a musician. Jeffery developed a strong fan base on MySpace and subsequently became one of the most popular unsigned artists on the media platform.

He was encouraged by the Peaches band drummer, Samantha Maloney, to make a career in music and he started out as a vocalist in electronic and pop. He collaborated with Nicki Minaj to do a single titled “Lollipop Luxury” and the song became a hit. Jeffree Star also released his first and only album “Beauty Killer” in 2009. Jeffery has made several tours and has worked with several artists.

Jeffree Star was reportedly signed to Konvict Muzik in 2010 but tensions between him and Akon reportedly frustrated him and his music career in general. He reluctantly left the music industry in 2010 and used his savings to launch his own cosmetics brand.

Jeffery’s cosmetic brand hit off almost immediately after he launched Jeffree Star Cosmetics (JSC) in 2014. The brand sells vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics and started out with only 3 liquid lipsticks. These products have now become the brand’s signature products and are available in over 100 shades.

Jeffrey Star Cosmetics launched its eye shadow palettes, which were named after Jeffery’s album, Beauty Killer, about two years later. And all products launched became very successful. Other palettes that have since been released by the brand include Thirsty, Blue Blood, and Blood money. The company’s biggest release at a time was the Jawbreaker Collection, which was done in collaboration with Shane Dawson, a fellow You-Tuber.

Jeffree Star Relationship

Jeffree Star has always been clear about his sexual preference as gay. And he has reportedly been in relationships with several men, although there are no public records of these relationships. Jeffery is said to currently be in a relationship with Nathan Schwandt, and the duo lives together in Calabasas, California.

Jeffree Star Net Worth

Jeffree Star Net Worth as of the beginning of the month is estimated to be from $200-$250 Million. Jeffree Star Net Worth in 2019 was just around $50 Million, which goes to show that the celebrity artist has done well for himself in a short period of time.


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