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Top JavaScript Frameworks to Use in 2022

Talking about JavaScript frameworks, they are a multi-paradigms language to support functional, asynchronous, and imperative programming. At first, JavaScript was used primarily for client-side purposes, but now it has expanded into server-side applications as well. It is used both for client-side and server-side programming.

JavaScript and its Use Cases

JavaScript can be defined as a programming or scripting language that helps developers to implement complex features on web pages. JavaScript or JS makes static content created with HTML and CSS dynamic like displaying content updates from time to time, scrolling video jukeboxes, interactive maps, etc.

Use Cases:

  • Implementing interactive web page behavior
  • Developing web and mobile applications
  • Game development
  • Simple web servers & back-end infrastructure

Top JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript Frameworks
JavaScript Frameworks

In today’s world, when we talk about website development, the JavaScript framework comes to mind instantly for organizations and programmers. You’ve probably worked on at least one of the JavaScript Frameworks on this list. Continue reading to find out more about these JavaScript Frameworks.

  • React.JS
  • Angular.JS
  • Vue.JS
  • Ember.JS
  • Backbone.Js
  • Polymer.Js
  • Meteor.JS
  • Mithril.JS
  • Express.JS
  • Next.JS


Angular.js is an open-source, powerful, structural, and efficient JS framework. This framework is operated by Google and is highly efficient for developing single-page applications or SPAs. It performs HTML extension and attributes interpretation for data binding.

Features of Angular.js

  • Angular.js holds the capability to develop offline and zero-step installation progressive web applications that are high-performance.
  • It is used to develop both native and desktop-installed applications across different platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Angular applications load quickly and deliver automatic code-splitting with component routers.


Vue.js is a progressive JS framework for developing UI on the web. This framework was first launched in 2016 and has proven its worth in the market. Vue.js is highly recommended for building high-end single-page applications or SPAs due to its dual integration mode. Vue js development services are often chosen to develop much reliable cross-platform app development.

Features of Vue.js

  • Vue.js utilizes creative and cost-effective DOM, i.e., Virtual DOM. Virtual DOM is a replica of the principal DOM element.
  • Vue.js offers data binding to manipulate or assign values to the HTML attributes.
  • It offers the users multiple methods for applying transitions to HTML elements whenever added, removed, or updated from DOM.
  • Vue.js facilitates HTML-based templates for data binding.
  • Simple and easy API and design.


React.js is the most popular framework that every JavaScript app development company recommends. Although it is not a full-fledged framework, it is often called one. In general, it is an open-source front-end library of JS that facilitates interactive UIs for SPAs specifically. React utilizes virtual DOM that allows fast rendering of components. It is supported by Facebook, the biggest community. Some key reasons to choose React.js involve its reusable components, saturated environments, strong community, and enhanced efficiency.

Features of React.js

  • React.js facilitates high-quality UIs across different devices.
  • Unidirectional data flow.
  • Easy to understand and code applications.
  • Efficient performance as it inherits virtual DOM.


Ember.js is an open-source JS framework that supports web application development. Ember.js is highly flexible and adaptable. By using Ember.js, you can achieve the whole development stack and other important tools. The programmers can build their application-oriented HTML tags by utilizing its components, backend architecture, and layouts.

Features of Ember.js

  • Ember.js is an open-source JS framework. MIT license.
  • Reusable and easy to maintain JS web applications.
  • HTML and CSS are at the heart of the Ember.js development model.
  • The best debugging tool is known as the Ember Inspector tool.


Meteor.js is one of the most widely used back-end development frameworks. This JS framework allows back-end development in lesser time with an easy learning curve. With meteor.js comes the flexibility to use one language across different locations.

Features of Meteor.js

  • Same code for app development irrespective of the platforms like Android, iOS, web, or desktop.
  • IDeVE (Isomorphic development ecosystem).
  • Open-source JS framework to develop real-time web applications.
  • Full-stack web app development features.
  • Live-browser reloading integration.
  • Offer packages for popular frameworks like Bootstrap, Backbone.js, etc.

These are the top 5 trending JavaScript frameworks that are changing the ways of app development in 2022. You can choose any as per your project requirements. If you need custom solutions, you can seek help from experts anytime.

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Best JavaScript Libraries?

With a vast range of features and functionalities, JavaScript libraries make website and application development easier. The followings are some best JavaScript Libraries:

  1. jQuery
  2. Bideo.js
  3. Chart.js
  4. Cleave.js
  5. Choreographer.js
  6. Glimmer.js
  7. Granim.js
  8. fullPage.js
  9. Leaflet.js
  10. Multiple.js
  11. Moment.js
  12. Omniscient.js
  13. Parsley.js
  14. Popper.js
  15. Three.js
  16. Screenfull.js
  17. Voca.js

What Are JavaScript Libraries Used For?

  • Data Visualization in Maps and Charts(Presenting these data in charts and maps)
  • DOM Manipulation(Document Object Model (DOM) represents a web page)
  • Data Handling(Easily handle any document)
  • Database(Effective database management)
  • Forms(simplify different form functions)
  • Animations(People love animations, and you can leverage them)
  • Image Effects(Add Different effects to images)
  • Fonts(any font they wish)
  • Math and String Functions(Adding mathematical expressions)
  • User Interface and Its Components(better user experience via web pages)

What Are JavaScript Frameworks Used For?

  • To build websites
  • Front-end app development
  • Back-end app development
  • Hybrid app development
  • Ecommerce applications
  • Build modular scripts, for example, Node.js
  • Update DOM manually
  • Automate repetitive tasks using templating and 2-way binding
  • Develop video games
  • Create image carousels,
  • Testing codes and debugging
  • To bundle modules

Useful JavaScript Tools

  • Slick
  • Babel
  • iziModal
  • ESLint
  • Shave
  • Webpack
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