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How to Protect Your Jewellery Shop from Theft

How to Protect Your Jewellery Shop from Theft: Unfortunately, jewellers are often the targets of the more violent types of robberies.

Protect Your Jewellery Shop from Theft

Thieves use a range of devious techniques to break into the shop and steal any jewellery or cash they can get their hands on. With the UK seeing over 400 violent or abusive incidents of retail crime every day, it’s crucial to know the facts.

Protect Your Jewellery Shop from Theft
Protect Your Jewellery Shop from Theft

What are the techniques used by thieves?

Learning the techniques most often used by thieves could help you prepare and protect your store. With the sharp rise in gold prices encouraging thieves even more, now’s the time to improve your security and awareness.

Here’s an overview of these techniques and our advice on what you can do to prevent them.

Distraction theft

Most often committed by groups or gangs, distraction theft is when criminals work together to overwhelm and distract sales staff in the store until one member of the gang is unattended and seizes that opportunity to steal.

Of course, your jewellery business could still be unlucky enough to be targeted by robbers, even if you have security measures in place. For additional peace of mind, it’s worth investing in a specific jewellers’ insurance policy to back you up in the worst-case scenario.

Smash and grab

Popular amongst opportunist robbers, this technique involves simply smashing the display window, taking the jewellery, and making a getaway. Since this technique doesn’t require elaborate planning, it’s easier to carry out.

You can help protect your store by installing armoured windows, doors, and a buzzer that rings to alert you whenever someone enters or exits.

Sneak theft

A sneak theft is similar to distraction theft but most often performed by criminals operating alone. They might ask to try on various pieces and attempt to pocket some without you noticing.

Providing training for all your staff to raise awareness of this type of theft is essential. You could also implement a panic alarm system so that any staff member can raise the alert if something doesn’t feel right.

Switch theft

Switch theft might be the most difficult type to detect, with sophisticated criminals subtly swapping genuine pieces for counterfeits, or fakes.

Perhaps the only way to bring this sneaky criminal to justice might be to install a high-quality surveillance system within your store, so you can replay footage and identify the moment that your jewellery was swapped and stolen.

Protect Your Jewellery Shop from Internal Theft
Protect Your Jewellery Shop from Internal Theft

Internal theft

Internal theft is perhaps the worst type of betrayal possible to your business: having assets stolen by one of your own employees.

Fortunately, implementing these security measures could reduce the likelihood of these vicious theft attempts happening to your store, and your insurance policy should prevent major losses.

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