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How to Edit Legend Entries in Microsoft Excel?

Do you not know how to edit Legend Entries in Excel? That’s why we are here; to guide you.

Whoever is not familiar or a newbie with the Microsoft Office app/software? It’s an app that combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint app in one place.

We use word daily and PowerPoint for presentations. However, Microsoft Excel is now becoming more popular. It’s more popular in the business world.

Why? Excel gets used to record, organize and calculate data and formulas. Furthermore, you can use it to create visual charts for your data.

What are Legend Entries?

Data in the chart gets understood easily, without any confusion by the use of Legend.

In simple words, Legend represents the entries in the chart or the graph. You will see it either on the bottom or right side of the chart or graph, by default.

The legend keys will represent a color individually to make the graph or chart clear, showing which color represents what. In much simpler words, it will show what each visual colored label means.

Legend names get automatically created using the content of the row and column. What if you get the legend names you don’t want? You can change/edit legend entries with your value to whatever you want. But how? Let us tell you.

How to add Legend Entries to an Excel Chart?

If, for some reason, the Legend doesn’t get added to your excel chart automatically, then follow the below step to add it:

  1. Click on the chart you created
  2. On the top, click the Layout tab and then Legend
  3. Select where you which the legend to appear in the chart
  4. The legend will appear

Changing Legend Name

Don’t like the Legend name and you wish to change or edit it? You can do that easily in two different ways.

First Way: Change The Series Name Using Select Data

  1. Right-click on the chart
  2. Click Select Data
  3. Click on the Series Brand A, then on Edit
  4. You will get the Edit Series dialog box pop-up
  5. Change the current entry of the series name to what you want
  6. The legend series name will get changed immediately.

Second Way: Change the Legend Name

  1. See which cell has the Legend name of the chart by click on the chart. Let’s say Legend name Cat got linked to the cells D2:D8
  2. The legend name is on D2. Therefore we click on D2 and change the leged name
  3. The legend name will immediately change.

The second way is an easier way to changing Legend entries, as it requires simple two steps.

How to Edit Legend Entries?

If you don’t like the default layout, format, or position of the legend, then you can change it to what you like. changing or Edit Legend Entries is easy to do, and you can do it by following the below steps.

To Change Position:

  1. Click on the Chart
  2. Go to the Layout Tab on the top
  3. Go to Legend
  4. Click on the position or place you want the legend to be on the chart.

To Edit Legend Format/Layout:

  1. Right-click the legend, you wish to change the format of
  2. Click on Format Legend
  3. You will get a Format dialog box
  4. Who can choose the format from the filling, border, color styles, and so on?
  5. Edit the format to your choice and click OK.
  6. The format will automatically get changed to what you selected.

How to Remove or Hide Legend Entries?

If you wish to hide or delete the Legend, then:

  1. Go to the Label Group
  2. Click on Layout Table
  3. Click on Legend
  4. Click on the NONE icon to hide the legend
  5. To remove, select the Legend Entry and click delete.

How to Change Labels On an Excel Chart?

The chart that you create in Excel has an X-axis and a Y-axis. The X-axis is horizontal, and that’s where the category goes. The Y-as is vertical, and that is where the Value goes.

To change the category name or the value, follow the below steps:

  1. Select the Cells that have the labels you wish to change
  2. Change the Labels and Press Enter
  3. The text will get updated in the chart.

Final Thoughts

This article aimed to give our readers a guide to edit, remove and add legends. Excel is becoming important for businesses. Charts and Graphs can get created automatically, but editing them to your liking is what a person needs to learn.

Therefore, knowing such things can help in the future and add to your skills. However, when deleting anything, make sure you think twice because once you delete something, it’s hard to retrieve back and most likely, you will have to start all over again.

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