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HIV Life Expectancy People Live Among HIV Guidance


The diagnosis of HIV is a horrible and horrible thing to take. And it is inevitable for you to feel curious about how long can HIV positive patients live. And what it is like to live as a HIV patient.

Given the statistics issued by CDC (the centers for disease control), people diagnosed with HIV now are enjoying much longer life expectations than those years ago. On one hand, it is the technology/medicine iteration that should be credited for. For another, HIV patients now have much positive perspectives on HIV matters, they take medicine regularly and makes things under control.

“What’s the life expectations?” The positive news is that with regular medicine and strict control of yourself, HIV patient can literally live as normal people. HIV expectations are influenced by so many factors. For example those who accept HIV therapy intime will have better conditions than those who fail to get an early therapy. Also, the intermingle of HIV virus is considered one of the most fatal reason for HIV patients.

Generally speaking, HIV still cannot be cured by now. But it can be utterly controlled and with good methods, any HIV patient can have ordinary lives just like any healthy guy.

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What Affects the HIV Life Expectancy?

Although relative medicines and methods can greatly surpress the harm of HIV, the conditions of each individual can make great influence on his/her live expectancy too.

  • Age
  • Immune System
  • Viral Load
  • Drug Tolerence
  • Behaviors/Habits

1. Smoking

Statistics conclude that smoking can harm your health and minus your life expectaion. It is because the HIV can increase the risk of some types of cancer – liver cancer, oral cancer, anal cancer and cervical cancer. And smoking can easily cover all these parts of your body.

It is estimated that HIV virus carriers can have as twice as the risks of mortality caused by cigarettes. And aproximatelly 12 years shorter life expectancy is seen on HIV smokers.

2. Irregular Treatment

The early treatment of ARTs have obvious influence on the Viral Load. And given that there are more than one ART choice out there for choices, you can consult your doctor to tailor make a plan for you and strictly stick to your plan IN TIME!

3. Feeble Physical Conditions

HIV’s condition has everything to do with your immune system. And to win the combat and claim a longevity, you need to work on your body build. Also, exercise is a good way to clear up your mind, and gain a positive attitude, which in return will do good to your condition.

4. Dangerous Love imate Practice

Practically you can have intimate with your partner, even without the protection of condom (which is not recommended though). Because with good control of your Viral Load, the virus in your body are hardly detectable and have no harm to infect a 3rd party. But when your HIV virus is not controlled well, and intermingled with another HIV patient’s virus. Things can become losing control.

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The world is changing fast. And HIV is under great control. With the suggestions provided in this page, peopel living with HIV can get a longer life expectancy.

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