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Helen Grace De Niro – Robert De Niro’s Youngest Daughter Bio, Age, Childhood, Education, Net Worth, Parents, Facts

Helen Grace De Niro is the daughter of Robert De Niro, an American actor. Helen’s father is recognized for a number of all-time great American films including Taxi Driver, The Irishman, Goodfellas, Joker, and The Godfather among others.

Let’s take a closer look at how Robert has impacted his youngest daughter’s life thus far. You may learn much more about Helen’s family, childhood, education, and other aspects below.

Helen Grace De Niro’s Bio (Parents, Childhood, Education)

Robert De Niro delivered his first child at the age of 68 years old. Taxi Driver actor Warren Beatty and his former spouse Grace Hightower have a new baby girl via surrogate.

Robert and his former wife, Grace Hightower

It’s the second child for the couple. The family also had a boy named Elliot De Niro (born March 18, 1998) who was born with rare heart defects.

Despite a kid being born with a silver spoon, Helen’s childhood appears to have gone awry.

The majority of the kids, by age seven, have already established their futures. And, at the age of seven, what did our little Helen know? The divorce of their parents was a hatred-filled event.

Yes, just at the time of Helen’s education, and all of her parents’ Robert and Grace’s schooling, there was a great deal of commotion.

Helen Grace, the youngest De Niro sibling, reunites her parents as they co-parent their kid.

Helen’s mother and father are squabbling for joint custody of their newborn daughter, according to DailyMail.

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Helen Grace De Niro with her mother, Grace Hightower

In regards to their co-parenting of Helen Grace De Niro, Robert noted, “I honor Grace as a wonderful mother and ask for privacy and respect from all as we proceed to develop our roles as partners in parenting.”

How old is Helen Grace De Niro? Age, Birthday, GrandParents

Helen Grace De Niro was born on December 23, 2011 on Friday. She was a healthy 7 pound, 2-ounce girl at the time of her birth according to HuffPost.

Robert’s daughter Helen Grace celebrated her 8th birthday on December 23 last year in 2019.

The 8 years old girl is the granddaughter of Robert De Niro Sr., and his wife Virginia Admiral. Both of her grandparents were an American painter.

Helen Grace De Niro’s Parents Married Life

Robert De Niro met Grace Hightower in 1987, when she was a hostess at a Mr. Chow restaurant in London.

That was the start of their romance, but it took ten years for them to get married.

Her father and mother married on June 17, 1997, in fact. At first, everything was perfect in their marital relationship.

They eventually had a son named Elliott, who was diagnosed with autism. The parents feel that vaccines altered their kid overnight, triggering his autism.

‘Grace and I have a son on the autism spectrum, and we feel it is critical that all of the issues surrounding the development of autism be openly discussed and investigated,’ Robert De Niro stated in 2016.

Robert filed for a legal separation after two years of marriage; nevertheless, the agreement never came to fruition.

Robert was still ambiguous about his marital connection with Grace in our opinion.

After renewing their marriage vows in 2004, Helen’s father and mother were eventually reunited. It was at this time that Helen Grace De Niro came into the world.

Unfortunately, Robert re-filed for divorce under the pseudonym “John,” officially disconnecting their 21 years of married life in New York on December 13.

Robert’s, like onscreen love, has a deeper devotion to his youngest daughter. Robert was photographed with his eldest daughter Helen Grace De Niro on Wednesday, April 24, 2019, in New York City after several months away from home with Helen’s mother.

Now, it appears the young lady is fortunate to have a kind father who keeps her out of the public eye and focuses instead on her studies and education.

How many baby mamas does Robert De Niro have now?

Robert De Niro had a crush on Grace Hightower as well. Robert De Niro married actress and singer Diahnne Abbott on April 28, 1976.

Diahnne has appeared in Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy.

Helen Grace De Niro

In 1988, the couple decided to go their separate ways after spending twelve years together and raising two children.

Furthermore, Robert had two children with his previous girlfriend before marrying Grace. He was seen in a relationship with former model Toukie Smith for over ten years. From 1988 to 1996, the pair dated for eight years.

Robert De Niro had three baby mamas, but none of them were living with him at the same time.

Helen Grace De Niro’s Siblings

Helen is a fortunate woman to have five siblings from various parents. Robert’s first marriage with Diahnne resulted in Drena De Niro and Raphael De Niro being Helen Grace’s eldest siblings.

Julian and Aaron Kendrick De Niro are Helen’s half-brothers, as Helen was born from a relationship between Julian De Niro and Toukie Smith.

Elliot De Niro, her mother, and her own father are all responsible for the state of Charlotte’s mind.

What is Robert De Niro’s net worth?

Kate Winslet and Robert De Niro are the only parents to have ever appeared on the list. As of this writing, De Niro’s net worth is $500 million. This youngest daughter certainly gets the best out of a guy with such a wealth.

It’s only a matter of time for Helen Grace De Niro to discover what she becomes from her father’s wealth. It’s only a question of when before we find out exactly what she grows up to be.

We hope the lucky charm you a successful future career and education, wishing you all the best!

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