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GogoPDF: Hassle-free Tool to Convert PDF to PNG

PDF to PNG: PNG is the short name for Portable Network Graphics, created by Thomas Boutell in 1994. It is a form of image file ideal for web design. It provides a semi-transparent image or clear background.

As compared to other image files, the PNG takes more space. Thus, it is not recommended for devices with low specifications. Professionals prefer using it because of the detailed images. It works well with CMYK models but not with printed materials.


There are several pros of using the PNG format, which is why a lot of designers use them. But the thing is, there are times that you will need to convert PDF to PNG or other file formats, like PDF, into PNG. Lucky for you, there are some easy ways to do this, thanks to GogoPDF! Read on to know more.

How do we change PDF files to PNG?

To convert PDF to PNG, there are many imaging formats to choose from. However, as stated, PNG is the most commonly used format and preferred by many. That is the reason we should have to know the conversion process.

First, know your operating system

PNG prefers some operating systems. For Windows users, PNG is most compatible with Windows 10, 8, and 7. For Mac or apple users of the operating system, PNG is compatible with macOS 10.14, 10.13, and 10.12.

You can always check your operating system in the settings of your computer or laptop. Try to find your Operating system and check if it will be compatible with PNG formats. PNG is compatible with various browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and others.

Check the best PDF to PNG Converter

The key to having the fast and legit way is by getting the best conversion on any website. are many conversion websites you can find online. One is the GogoPDF that offers a precise, fast, user-friendly conversion. Using this online PDF to PNG converter ensures confidentiality. It allows privacy to users as it readily deletes the converted product every time the users sign out.

Drag or drop the PDF file

After having your trusted converter, the first step with the conversion process is to check the drag or drop portion. Using drag or drop allows the user to choose the folder where your PDF file is saved and drag it on the website.

Start the scanning process

This online PDF to PNG converter ensures that all uploaded files are virus-free. That is why they always run their virus scanner before the conversion process. If there is a virus found in the scanned file, the website will allow your file to be virus-free as it readily deletes the threat in the system.

Wait for the conversion

Be sure that while converting, you need to connect to the internet. Please be aware that conversion time may take seconds to a couple of minutes depending on the file size.

Re-check your file

Though the PDF to PNG converter is very precise with conversion, take the time to check your converted file. Scan the images if they have complete information from the texts of PDF.

Check if there are blurred images. If it contains graphics, try to see if it compressed the images with an incorrect layout. You may however do some final touches with the converted file. Like the transparency or opacity effect of PNG, you may try to check these features with the converted file.

What are its features?

Some of its significant features are 24 RGB color palettes, images in grayscale hue, and different displaying backgrounds which users can choose on the internet. The 24 RGB will allow the platform to develop a faster-interlaced GIF which was a difficult task compared to other image formats.

There are also gamma correctors in the format that can edit the brightness of some display images. Also, the transparency feature of this application is called opacity. This opacity feature can be controlled in the application itself.

What are the uses of PNG?

Not only photographers or artists who want to increase their captured images can use PNG. It can be used by webtoon makers or cartoonists with photos in the line of their illustrations and comics. PNG is also bearable when making presentations in PowerPoint, excel and when including images in Word or PDF documents.

For those in the printing business, PNG is better used because it does not alter the quality of the images when printed. Even with the scanning process, this format works best with no hassle. This is the reason that scanned copies of PNG format are much clearer than any image format.

For engineering and architectural works, PNG is the ideal app to use to achieve better results. It can be clearer to understand and input in charts, graphs, architectural plans, and the blueprints of engineers.

Advantage of PNG than another Image format

PNG has added a feature where users can support a lot of colors in the editing. It has a transparency feature that can compress digital images along with other images. The quality of the image is in high definition despite the compression.

Users can do some color editions in the contrast and brightness of an image. It can be a perfect tool for those users who love to edit their images. This is for the reason that on this program, one can sharpen the edges and may add contrast or can lessen the brightness of an image.

Another great use of PNG is to compress one or more images in one context without having a bigger size of memory. It does not lose the quality of each compressed image too. Thus, many can use PNG formats rather than JPEG and others.

In Conclusion

PNG is the most common image file used in the online world. For printing, scanning, architectural, and blueprint jobs, PNG is the key to attain high-quality images. The helpful features of PNG justify why many people prefer using it. To make the necessary PDF file conversion to PNG, the best tool at hand is GogoPDF. Try and see for yourself how it can help you preserve the quality of the images.

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