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Forex Tickmill: Online Forex Trading

Forex Tickmill is a standard MetaTrader broker with a restricted variety of tradeable assets. Tickmill’s VIP and Pro accounts offer highly competitive commission-based pricing for professionals.

Is Tickmill safe?

If we’ve to rate trust score of forex Tickmill then it’ll be 83 from total of 100, Tickmill is a lower-risk organization. Tickmill is not a publicly listed company and does not provide banking services. Tickmill has been approved by one tier-1 (high trust) agency, two tier-2 (medium trust) regulators, and tier-3 agencies (low confidence). The Financial Conduct Authority, a tier-1 authority, oversees Tickmill (FCA). To learn more about the Trust Score, click here.

Offering Investment Opportunities

Tickmill offers CFDs on currency pairings, indices, commodities, bonds, and cryptocurrencies, with 85 tradeable symbols. There are at least 62 futures and options marks available, all of which can be managed through a separate dedicated account. The table below outlines the many investment options offered to Forex Tickmill clients.

Cryptocurrency trading is also one of the available options at Tickmill through CFDs, but not through immediate trading of the underlying (e.g., buying Bitcoin). Regular traders from any broker. Corporations, as well as U.K. residents, are not allowed to trade crypto CFDs.

Prices and commissions

Tickmill is a broker that offers 3 different types of accounts to its users: Classic, Pro, and VIP. Online Forex Tickmill is designed for active and VIP traders who want to take advantage of the industry’s lowest-cost brokers.

Classic or Basic type: In basic account type brokeres will ask about bids and there is no fees until the goal is completed across the broker’s market. The classic account is entirely commission-free. On the other hand, the Classic account has significantly larger average spreads than the two different account types offered by Tickmill.

Spreads: On Tickmill’s Pro account for September 2021, an average spread for the EUR/USD is 0.07 pips. It’s important to mention that when you add in the R.T. commission equivalent of 0.4 pips ($2 per side), the total cost is 0.47 pips. It’s also worth mentioning that during normal market conditions, Tickmill records usual spread information (when spreads are narrower).

A per-trade commission is charged on Pro and VIP accounts, which is then applied to the lower existing spreads. The Pro account will be perfect for most traders due to its low commission rate, low-cost feeds, and availability of 75 items and 62 currency pairs.

Tickmill’s VIP account has a minimum balance of $50,000, but traders who pick it will benefit from its cheap commissions of $1 each standard lot (100,000 units) or $2 per Round-Turn (R.T.) – and effective spreads of 0.27 pips after commissions. The Pro account requires only a $100 deposit, but commissions are doubled at $4 each round-turn standard lot.

Online Forex Tickmill offers great 3-tiers of rebates for active traders, with the first tier offering $0.25 per standard lot (up to 1,000 standard lots per month) and the third tier offering $0.75 per standard lot (for more than 3,001 standard lots per month).

Other active platforms for trading

With the introduction of TradingView and MT5 from its U.K. and E.U. business, Tickmill confirms its standing as a multiasset broker. For UK users only there is CQG platform for trading options for online forex traders. With its lack of a unique venue, Tickmill has made significant progress in growing its platform offerings, putting it in direct rivalry with the industry’s top brokers.

In simple words forex Tickmill is a broker that provide a dedicated platform to MT4 and MT5 users for forex trading as meta-trader options. The CQG platform is accessible for futures and options (for U.K. traders). In contrast, TradingView – a famous web platform noted for its sophisticated graphing – can be linked to your forex Tickmill account (although I could not do this during our testing).

Trading add-ons: F.X. Blue’s Advanced Trading Toolkit bundle includes several necessary add-ons, and Tickmill has also added Autochartist connectivity. Tickmill also offers VPS hosting, a handy tool for algorithmic traders.

The analysis further into Market

Tickmill’s market research service is competitive, and it continues to improve year after year. Tickmill still falls short of industry titans like I.G. and Saxo Bank in in-depth, personalization, and overall quality.


Tickmill’s educational content is practically on pace with what the rest of the industry offers. forex Tickmill provides access to an extensive library of archived webinars, but it lacks a diverse selection of instructive films and articles.

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Finally, some thoughts.

As Tickmill is offering trading facilities in one place so users don’t have to go anywhere else for their online forex trading, anyone who want to trade can use Forex Tickmill with well-known F.X. and CFD options to have a high volume and balance account. Online Forex Tickmill also offer extra great experience as MetaTrader to it’s users for copy-trading, with many account types with suitable pricing structure.

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