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First Retail Store To Get Opened by Google

Twenty years ago, Apple opened its first retail store. Now 20 years later, Google is following in its footsteps.

On Thursday, Google announced that this summer in New York City it will open its first-ever retail store, which will get called Google Store.

The store will get located under its various offices in the neighborhood of Chelsia, and it will employ more than 11,000 people within the city.

The store will include the sale of many Google items like Fitbit devices, Pixelbooks, Nest, Products, and Pixel phones.

The concept is much similar to the Genius Bar of Apple.

Google Retail Store
Google Retail Store

Experts will get employed by Google to help them fix a cracked screen, troubleshoot problems, or assist with updates and installations.

This step got called an important step in the hardware journey in Google’s blog post.

In the blog post, they stated:

“Many customers still want to experience hardware before they buy it — and learn what it feels like, sounds like, and looks like in their hand or on a desk.”

Previously, Google said that its hardware sales are a business worth multi-billion dollars. However, the sales data for the hardware products have been kept a secret by Google.

Over the past years, Google opened hardware stores temporarily in cities like London, New York, and Chicago to allow people to view the products working, workshops, and purchases.

Many of the past Google’s pop-up locations proved to be fun and interactive, with doodle walls and a big screen with Pac-Man on display.

Google has always relied on many websites and retailed to get their products sold like Best Buy and Amazon.

However, Apple has had huge success in opening its retail stores all around the world, whereas many others struggled.

Microsoft attempted the retail store by making destination stores where people could check out their services, software, hardware.

However, last summer, it got announces that it will be shutting down its stores from all of its 38 locations and only concentrate on selling online.

The permanent New York City location of Google will be a few blocks away from the Apple Store.

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