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3 Erectile Dysfunction Exercises That Are Beneficial For Your Health

Erectile Dysfunction Exercises

Erectile dysfunction exercises have become very common among men these days. Well, the main reason for the dysfunction is lack of exercise. If you properly perform pelvic exercise daily, it mainly targets the pelvic bottom parts that are termed as pubococcygeus.

These parts extend from the pubic bone to the tailbone and also provides support to the pelvic organs. When there is a weakness in these muscles, the blood food reduces to the penis, which causes erectile dysfunction.

Conducting the pelvic workouts daily will increase the strength, power, and will also improve the tone of the pubococcygeus. You can perform the following exercises for 4 to 6 weeks to feel notice in yourself.

Activating Muscles of Pelvic Floor

This simple exercise is very beneficial for your Erectile dysfunction (ED) health. It makes you learn to trigger your pelvic floor muscle so that it can work accurately and become more erectile. Below all the steps are given that you can follow and perform this exercise.

  • Lay down on the floor properly make yourself comfortable, by bending your knees, and flatten your feet on the floor and the arm sides by sides.
  • Breathe out and press the pelvic floor muscles correctly for a count of three. Then, breathe in and release on the count of three.
  • Take it easy and spend your time and try to recognize the muscles of the lower pelvis. Because during exercise, it is quite simple and easy to contract other muscles instead of pelvic muscles

Sitting Pelvic Floor Activation

In this erectile dysfunction exercise, you have to settle with your arms at the side, your paws should be flat on the ground/floor, and the hip should be width apart.

Well, you need to apply a similar technique that you have used in the above-given exercise. Activate the pelvic muscle for a count of three and then release the pelvic muscle on the count of three.

Make sure your other body muscles like the muscles of the stomach, legs, and buttocks don’t make a contract.

Standing Pelvic Floor Activation

This is the standing pelvis floor activation exercise, and in this exercise, you have to stand straight, and your arms should be by your sides. However, your feet and hips should be wide apart.

Then again, you have to use the same technique that you have used in both exercises. You need to activate your pelvic muscle for a count of three, and then release the muscle on a count of three.

Now, you have to be very sure that your stomach and your leg muscles should not contract during the exercise.

Once you become comfortable with these Kegel exercises and find ease in performing them three times a day, you can further add more exercises to your workout plan to make your movement better.

These erectile dysfunction exercises are very beneficial for you because they will help you reduce stress, anxiety, and make you more confident during sexual activity. So, don’t miss out on these exercises!

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