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Easiest Video Editor For YouTubers – TunesKit AceMovi Review

Editing videos has always been a complex task, but it doesn’t have to be that way, especially if you use the TunesKit AceMovi video editing software. This is an easy-to-use software that does not require a lot of technical skills to use, and even beginners can edit videos using it. The software can help you create numerous unique, appealing, and compelling videos.

The AceMovi Basics

This is a comprehensive application that can serve numerous purposes. It could be used for screen recording and editing purposes. You can opt to import videos from your external storage media and manipulate them per your requirements.

The main area consists of a timeline near the bottom with a wide window at the top that could be used to review your video in real-time. Also, in this window, you can apply transitions, add your favorite audios to tracks and customize other edits in more detail until you become impressed.

The software has been designed with an easy-to-use interface that is easy to navigate through. If you are a beginner and have never edited any video before, you should be able to use this software. You do not need to be a pro in video editing to produce professional videos with this software.

Also, with any editing software, if you want to produce excellent videos within a short duration, you need to be efficient with the shortcut keys. If you cannot remember these keys, the software has a TourBox, a secondary controller that helps you retrieve the keys easily. This saves you more time and effort as it stores the most commonly used functions, and thus, it becomes easy to retrieve them.

Also, another compelling feature of the TunesKit AceMovi video editor is that it is available in both the Windows and Mac operating systems. These are the most commonly used OS, and thus it shows how flexible the software is. Also, you do not need a supercomputer to use the software.

With any version of Windows, from XP to the latest version and the macOS 10.8 to the latest, you are good to go. Also, you will need a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and 256MB of ROM. A screen resolution of 1024*768 will serve you perfectly while editing your videos. However, you need to remember that the faster the computer, the greater the performance.

The TunesKit AceMovi video editor comes in two versions that require one to purchase a license and the free version. Even though the free version can perform all the licensed version’s functions, it will apply a watermark on the final product. However, this is a great way to taste the software and determine if it meets your requirements before purchasing the whole package.

The TunesKit AceMovi video editor editing capabilities

Once you have downloaded the TunesKit AceMovi video editor software from their official website and installed it on your computer, you can now import your videos. This procedure is straightforward since all you have to do to click the import button, or you can use the record button to start capturing your monitor. Anything you import or record will appear in your media library. This is your store location in this software, and if you want to edit them, you can drag them to your timeline area and then customize it. If you have not finished working on it, you can save your project and come to it later.

A toolbar between the media library and the timeline contains all the tools to split, crop, and apply other basic formatting to the video. You are eligible to change the video position on the edit window, adjust volume, and fine-tune the color balance to ensure the video is impressive. Also, you could apply transitions and other animation effects. And when you are done with your editions, ensure you preview them before exporting and uploading them.

AceMovi Conversation and Formats

Once you have customized your video to suit your requirements, the last step is to create the final file. The software allows many output formats like MP4, MKV, MPG, and MOV. Also, you can opt to use popular mobile formats like the 3GP, 3GP-2, and OVG.

Pros and Cons of TunesKit AceMovi video editor


  • It supports all the major video and audio formats, thus giving users more choices to settle on.
  • It contains a free version that allows one to taste the software and knows how it functions before purchasing the licensed one.
  • It has been designed with an easy and user-friendly interface.


  • The free version performs all the functions that the licensed version can perform however it contains a watermark in all the videos.

Final thought

The TunesKit AceMovi software is among the best video editing suits. It has an easy-to-use interface that does not require an expert to use, and also it supports a wide range of output formats; thus, one is not limited. Furthermore, you can splice videos together and even conduct a split-screen presentation. It also contains a comprehensive library of stock materials that allows you to customize your videos to suit your demands.

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