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How to Choose Best Drone for Teenager in 2021

There are several factors you must consider if you are buying a drone for teenager. The drone market is full of various options you can choose from, but buying the best drone for teenagers is not as simple as walking into a store and making a random selection.

If your teenager is a first-time user you’d probably be worried about safety. And of course, you would have a budget you don’t plan to exceed on your purchase since you have other necessary expenses to cover. But once you have determined your budget, there are other factors that will determine whether or not you will get the best product available within your budget.

Factors to consider when choosing the best drone for a teenager

If you are keen on getting the best drone for a teenager, you should consider the following factors as a buying guide to making your purchase:

GPS Lock

GPS lock in drones offers more stability, especially in poor environmental conditions. Getting a drone with a GPS lock will not only help guard against accidents and loss of drone control, it will also help prolong the life span of the drone. And this minimizes the risk of buying replacements so soon after your initial drone purchase.


Bear in mind that you are buying a drone for a teenager and not a child. And a teenager is likely to enjoy using a drone that does more than just flying around. Look out for intelligent features your teenage recipient is going to enjoy using when making a product choice.

User Friendliness

A complicated drone is very likely to ruin the fun for your teenager. So buy something they will find easy to use and control. Instructions should be clear and simple to follow to allow for easy manipulation, especially when it comes to getting the drone back home.


One of the fun aspects of drone use is the ability to take pictures and videos with your drone during flight. Buy a drone with high camera quality so that your teenager will enjoy putting whatever photography skills they might have to good use. A good camera also means good visual navigation during operation.


You should choose small and lightweight drones for easy handling and use by your teenager. A drone’s quality is not determined by its size, so there is really no need to buy something that cannot be easily moved or carried about. And this is a necessary factor to consider, especially if your teenager is a first-time drone user.

Best drone for teenager recommendations

 The Mavic Mini

If you are looking for a good recommendation to get started with, you should check out the Mavic Mini.

The Mavic mini is a small-sized drone with special features that make it suitable for first-time drone users. The product can be folded and placed in your pocket when not in use and does not require registration in many countries.


The Mavic mini offers the following features for a great user experience:

  • A 3 axis gimbal with a cameral pixel of 12Mp, which can take videos in 2.7k
  • Control range of up to 4km
  • Built-in GPS and downward sensors for improved stability
  • Intelligent flight modes like Helix, Circle, and Quickshots
  • HD camera for clear pictures and videos
  • The machine can fly for up to 30 minutes per charge

You should know that this drone does not have a follow-me mode and neither does it comes with an obstacle avoidance feature. But this is your go-to drone if you are looking for the perfect drone for a teenager that is just getting to use the drone for the first time.

Potensic T25

If you are looking for something cheaper, you should check out the Potensic T25. This product has good video and picture quality, a good flight time, intelligent flight modes, and can even be paired with virtual reality goggles.

The drone also offers the following features:

  • A user-friendly interface
  • A GPS lock

One of the downsides of the Potensic T25 is poor calibration, but the product is definitely worth its price.
Drone for Teenager


Buying a drone for teenagers or even any product at all requires a proper consideration of certain factors. And if you skip on considering these factors, you will end up buying a drone you teenager will not enjoy using, and wasting your hard-earned money.

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