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Comparison of the Best Browsers for Business

Browsers have been around for ages with the infamous internet explorer being the pioneer and paving the way for others in the market. As a business owner, you may be wondering what is the best web browser for you and your employees. What comes with the most features and the least maintenance to keep going and delivering excellent services in exchange for your needs.

Let’s approach the topic at hand by looking at some browsers and determine which one is worthy of becoming your official company browser.

1.  Google Chrome

Most web users are familiar with Google Chrome, the company’s browser. It has a nice look and loads pages quickly. Compatibility is no longer a problem as most websites target it. However, even well-crafted web pages can be broken by a browser update or by a particular site. It is definitely part of the very powerful Google suite of apps for your business.

As previously stated, Chrome excels on HTML5Test. It also aced the JetStream 2 benchmark, which measures modern web technologies’ speed. Chrome consumes more RAM than other Windows browsers, although that’s partly to preload content. It also spawns more programme processes than the others to isolate tabs, plug-ins, and frames from other domains on the page, ensuring stability.

Chrome no longer has a built-in VPN, sophisticated tab organizing tools, a cryptocurrency locker, Reading mode, a Share button, or a screenshot tool. That seems to satisfy most web users. Google just added tab groups and dark mode to Chrome on Android.

It’s definitely one of the best browsers out there.

2.  Mozilla Firefox

Firefox, an open source project from the Mozilla Foundation. The browser’s developer has been a staunch supporter of internet privacy. It also has a large number of extensions. Without Multi-Account Containers, you’d have to launch a private browsing window or another browser to sign out of all your web accounts and start over.

Mozilla’s browser is leading the way in HTML5 and CSS support, and it’s working on open-source AR and speech synthesis standards. Lockwise, the organization’s new password management tool, can generate complicated passwords, sync them across devices, and secure everything with a strong master password. That and the company’s VPN service are extras.

Let’s circle back to the Mozilla Firefox VPN feature. This one feature makes it the most secure browser out there. A Mozilla Firefox VPN will protect your data when you and your employees. Your data cannot be directly accessed by any user outside your organization if you use a VPN extension as powerful as that of VeePN. Go ahead and download the free trial to see the excellent compatibility between VeePN and Firefox.


Not enough? Firefox has a Pocket button in the address bar that lets you bookmark a page for later viewing. To read a page without being distracted by adverts and videos, click Reader View. Finally, the browser is very customisable, allowing you to rearrange the toolbar buttons to your liking and modify the window border patterns and colors

This one is definitely the best web browser to use for your business needs.

3.  Apple Safari

The default Mac and iOS browser is a good pick, however its interface is unique on both platforms. Safari was a pioneer in a number of browser features. For example, it was the first with a Reading mode that removed unwanted advertisements and video from web articles. Except for Chrome, all other browsers have had this capability since 2010.

With fingerprinting, web trackers can no longer identify you based on your system specs. Another benefit is the ability to substitute Facebook and Google as web account authorizers with Apple Sign in.

Big Sur brought a customized home page (like Edge), performance enhancements, and a new tab style. The above benchmark result attests to its speed.

If you own both an iPhone and a Mac, Safari integration makes sense because Apple’s Handoff function allows you to browse across devices. However, we haven’t encountered or heard of any severe site issues with Safari.

This is definitely one great company browser to have in your portfolio.

4.  Microsoft Edge

A new Edge has arrived. The Microsoft web browser engineers were tired of pursuing compatibility issues caused by site developers solely targeting Chrome.

Instead, they decided to use Chromium, the web rendering code from Chrome, in the Edge browser. Instead of fixing compatibility issues, they may focus on new features. Edge now runs on Mac OS X and previous Windows versions, as well as Windows 10.

Its HTML5Test result of supported web standards is towards the top. The exact scores are in the intro and table. Support for Dolby Digital, ObjectRTC, and the Screen Capture API sets Edge apart. In general, though, you won’t run across the same site incompatibilities that Edge users did in the past.

What new Edge features has the team been working on? The early focus was on privacy, customizing the start page, and the web research function Collections. Edge has an IE Mode for enterprise customers who still need Internet Explorer to run legacy products (like insurance and physicians’ offices), but this won’t be available to consumers.

Immersive Reader mode is another new addition. It can not only read web articles without distractions, but also read them aloud utilizing lifelike Neural Voices. Try this: It reads sentences rather than words, as we’ve come to anticipate from text-to-speech audio.

The Collections tool allows you to drag and drop web pages and images, add notes, and export the whole thing to Excel or Word. This functionality isn’t in the published version yet, but Microsoft claims it will be soon.

It’s definitely a pretty good option for being your company’s browser.

In conclusion, these are some of the best web browsers that you can use for your business. One thing you have to be super sure about is the compatibility of each of these with a VPN extension so your data is safe during usage at all times.

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