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Best USB-C Powered Adapters for Iphone 12

Did you hear that when you buy the new iPhone 12, you will not get the power adapter with it? That is why we have composed a list of USB-C Powered Adapters the ones that we admire the most for the new iPhone 12.

USB-C Powered Adapters for iPhone 12: Our Choices

Anker PowerPort Aton III, 60W USB-C PD

Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.28 x 1.12 inches

Reasons for preference:  The best chargers are at times the simple ones, hence our pick of this Anker Powerport Aton III charger. It is a tiny charger that will not only fit in your pocket or bag conveniently but also provide proper charging to your iPhone or laptop. It is simple with nothing fancy or extra on it, but it still is a charger that we would recommend whether you need it for traveling or for routine use.

Apple 30w USB-C

Dimensions: 2.64 x 1.26 x 3.27 inches

Reasons for Preference: The most basic charger one can get from apple is its new 20W USB-C power adapter. This charger is not only extensive but also the heaviest one on our list. You can’t use it to charge your laptop and can only charge one device, but at the price of $19, it’s ideal to use it as a general family charger. When tested, we found that it will not charge fast than the 18W plug, but you do get it $10 cheaper. Even though it’s full price is not bad for its value, but we would have liked it more if Apple had an offer to give iPhone buyers the adapter at half the price.

Aukey Omania GaN 60W Dual USB-A/USB-C PD

Dimensions: 2.05 x 2.05 x 1.18 inches

Reasons for Preference:  One of the top names when it comes to USB-chargers and being in the lead of the GaN push is Aukey. Aukey has several options that one can choose from. However, the Omina Charger is one that you will not regret. You can charge a laptop and a phone collectively. When you use a USB-A lighting adapter that you get with the iPhone 12, you get a charging of 12W, and if you use a USB-C, then you can charge fast with a full 20W. Furthermore, no need to pack a bulky MacBook Pro adapter as this adapter gives a 60W max output.

Choetech GaN 100W Dual USB-C PD

Dimensions: 2.68 x 2.6 x 1.34 inches

Reasons for Preference: The vast adapter that we tested is the Choetech 100W. It is a bit more than 2.5 inches, yet nevertheless smaller than the 16-Inch MacBook Pro, 96W power adapter we get from apple. You get two USB-C ports that give 45W per device when using to charge two at the same time. It weighs 3.5 ounces, making it much lighter than some 60W charger (even some we have on this list). You get a lot of charging juice without having to carry much weight or size.

Eggtronic Sirius 65W USB-C PD

Dimensions: 2.71 x 1.99 x 0.77 inches

Reasons for Preference:  One of the most unusual designed adapters we tested is the Eggtronic Sirius 65W USB-C. It challenges the laws of physics with its lateral folding prongs and a slender shape. It’s not only easy to put in your pocket or bag because of its thickness, and it’s easy to use when the switch is behind a sofa, table, or desk, with less space in between.

Aukey Omnia Mini 20W

Dimensions: 1.75 x 1.13 x 1.13 inches

Reasons for Preference: Are you missing Apple’s little 5W power adapter. If yes, then you will love the Aukey Omnia Mini. It gives you 4X the speed of charging with the same dimensions as Apple’s 5W power adapter. Instead of using the tech of gallium nitride like many small adapters, it uses a “revolutionary-sleek and compact design” to give not only more power but also provide the ease of being a small charger. Even though it is heavier than the Power Arc, we didn’t notice any hotness when charging heavy loads. e

Spigen Power Arc 20W Arc-Station Pro

Dimensions: 1.56 x 1.36 x 1.09 inches

Reasons for Preference:  From the various gallium nitride chargers that got highlighted in this, the smallest one is Spigen’s Power Arc 20W. The Apple’s prior 5W adaptor (measuring at 1.74 x 1.01 x 1.03 inches) is a bit smaller than this one, but it does charge 4x faster, no matter which cable you use, whether it is a USB-C lightning one or Magsafe. The down-sized fold-up adapter makes it easy for you to put it in your bag without it taking too much space, and it also means that when you plug it in, it will not take more space, and you can plug other things on the power strip.

Anyone who brought the new iPhone 12 will have noticed the much slimmer size box than the other. Why? Because the power adapter, which is the bulkiest item, is not there anymore. Whether you buy an iPhone SE for $399 or an iPhone 12 Pro Max for $1.399, Apple will not include the charger anymore, and you will have to get your own.

You can definitely use your old adapter and cable you have, but it’s ideal for you to upgrade if you’re using the old Apple 5W adapter. Instead of an adapter, you now get a USB-C-TO-Lightning cable with all iPhones, so you only need to purchase the right adapter.

View the Wattage 

When you are looking to buy a new charger, the first and most important thing to consider is the amount of wattage you want and whether it will supply that much. The 5-watt chargers, provided with iPhones, for many years by Apple, were somewhat good-enough and took around 2.5 hours to fill your phone battery. However, that was only fine for models that didn’t have fast charging support like iPhone 5 and earlier ones. However, the newest model iPhone 12 can handle 20watts charges. If you have the right adapter, you can charge the iPhone 12 battery in an hour at the most.

We would recommend you to get a 20-watt USB-C charger. Honestly, it’s hard to find it, and if you can’t, then you would want to get one that can give the most to charge your device fast. Ensure the USB power delivery gets supported by the adaptor, which you can find with many other company chargers.

Verify the Size and Specs 

If you have an apple charger, you would know that they are light, small, and portable. However, many other companies make chargers that make the apple ones look bulkier. Whys that? Well, it’s because of the gallium nitride (GaN), the newest charging tech, allowing adapters to only be more power-efficient but also smaller in size.

Many charger manufacturers are now placing the inside silicon of the power adaptors with gallium nitride, making a huge difference in the size. For example, the adapter that you get with the 13-inch MacBook Pro is 35% larger than the Anker PowerPort Atom III, even though both give out 60-watt charging. If you are buying one of the models from our list, they all are GaN, apart from the Apple adapter, then you will not have to worry about the technical details. However, if you are buying apart from our list, then ensure to check such specifications and dimensions.

Calculate the Ports

As you may know, apple adaptors only have one port to allow charging for one device at a time, but it’s not like that with all. Many adaptors from other companies have built-in multiple ports in a single adaptor to charge multiple devices at a time. If you will be charging more than one device regularly, then an adapter with more than two ports, it’s what we would recommend. Depending on your requirement, you can get an adapter with a combination of USB-C and USB-A.

Prongs: folded or not?

After deciding the power you want and how many ports, you need to ask yourself, Do you want the prongs to be able to fold or not? Some chargers have the feature of folding prongs so that the adaptor stays protected, and any other items that you place with it in your bag do not get scratched or broken. However, Apple’s 20W charger and various others have unfolded prongs. You might not realize it, but it makes all the difference when using it to travel.

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